September is Self-Improvement Month – The Undiscovered Goddess Offers Her Top Tips on How to Achieve ‘Wise Awesomeness’

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For Self-Improvement Month, author and radio show host Michelle Colston (aka The Undiscovered Goddess) shares her tips on how to examine feelings to improve one’s self and discover what she calls “wise awesomeness”.

Michelle Colston, author of “The Undiscovered Goddess” and host of The Undiscovered Goddess on

Michelle Colston, author of “The Undiscovered Goddess” and host of The Undiscovered Goddess on

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In honor of September’s Self-Improvement Month, Michelle Colston, author of “The Undiscovered Goddess” and host of The Undiscovered Goddess on, is offering up her top six tips on improving yourself. Clever, cheeky and insightful, she gives advice without sugar coating things – she tells it like it is.

The Undiscovered Goddess’ Ridiculously Easy Tips to Feeling Your Way to Wise Awesomeness:

1.    Forget the story in your head (i.e., “This [person, place, thing] always makes me feel [angry, torn down, like crap]”). The story is BS and will invariably lead you to create more negativity—for you and everyone else. Not exactly the goal we’re going for here.

2.    Pay attention to sensations in your body that are relative to your emotional state. Angry? Check for tightness in the chest. Vulnerable? How’s your belly doing? Let your attention go to your limbs, your face, your pinky toe—wherever there is something going on that usually isn’t.

3.    Allow yourself to sit with those sensations and experience them without judgment. Here’s that tip again in less “spiritually realized” terminology: feel the feeling—emotional and physical—without telling yourself it is bad, or wrong, or that you should “get over it.” Invoke The Beatles and just “let it be.”

4.    Acknowledge that your power lives within your choice, then ask yourself some questions: “What am I choosing to believe right now?” “What am I holding onto?” “What am I resisting?” Find out if you’re choosing to suffer. Chances are…um, yeah. You’re totally choosing to suffer.

5.    There is always wisdom in the present moment—like, all the time. So what does that mean? It means there is something wise going on within you and around you, guiding you towards a specific lesson or experience. Even if you’re screaming mad, try to find gratitude that your blind fury is leading you to your Bigger Self. Thank you blind fury!

6.    Last but not least, always remember that as long as you hold onto old emotions, they can’t move on to create space for new ones. If you’re not creating new space, you’re not creating new experiences. And if you’re not creating new experiences…well, my friend, it’s kind of hard to stand firm in your Wise Awesomeness.

About Michelle Colston
Michelle Colston is a mother, writer and all around American neurotic. What first began as a hobby, writing irreverent jokes and “Get to Know Your Friend” emails, has developed into a full-fledged vocation. Michelle draws inspiration from the simple experiences of daily life: womanhood, friendship, a perpetual identity crisis and wrangling three children, a messy house and a writing career–all while trying to refrain from using the F-word excessively. She is the author of “The Undiscovered Goddess,” host of the new internet radio talk show of the same name, and is currently studying Woman’s Issues & Gender Studies at the University of Massachusetts while working toward her Life Coaching Certification. For more information, visit, like The Undiscovered Goddess on Facebook and follow on Twitter @McGoddess.

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