The 37 Best California Website Design Companies of 2019, According To DesignRush

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DesignRush researched and determined the best web design agencies throughout California who can design and develop professional platforms., a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, researched the best California web design firms that can design and develop professional websites that drive results.

Some of the top web design agencies in California include:

1.    Advertise Robot

Advertise Robot is revolutionizing the world of Online Marketing by offering services like no other company. They are the only marketing agency in the world as of now that guarantees clients to get on the first page of search results within three months – or they don’t pay. They are also the only agency in the world that provides a FREE custom website to all members, saving them up to $10,000. Advertise Robot notably offers unique PBP (pay-by-performance) plans where clients only pay for results. But contrary to normal thinking that such an agency should be charging a fortune, Advertise Robot is actually one of the most affordable agencies in the world, with prices starting at only $199 per month. This is highly comparable to companies that charge around $2,400 to $3,000 for the same service.

Visit Advertise Robot online at

2.    App Makers LA

App Makers LA is a full-service mobile application development company, concentrating particularly on software development and website design across all platforms. Abiding by the mantra that technology serves as the catalyst that provides the platform to transform imagination into relation, they are devoted to assisting individuals and businesses, of all sizes, at any stage of the process. The experience that App Makers LA has garnered collaborating with a plethora of businesses enables them to confidently guarantee that they will be able to accommodate any requests proposed by clients. Their programming team, which specializes in multiple languages such as Objective-C, Swift, C++, and Java, has consistently developed software that more than adequately captures all of their clients’ technological innovations.

Visit App Makers LA online at

3.    BL3NDlabs

BL3NDlabs build products, platforms, and brands for funded startups and Fortune 1000 companies that invest in the digital future. They work with organizations large and small— from beauty to logistics, healthcare to finance. They are industry & technology agnostic. BL3NDlabs focuses on the problem first, then defines design & technical solutions. BL3NDlabs was born out of a love of technology and design. With a team of award-winning designers and technologists, they use their expertise in user-centered design, agile development, and data science to drive meaningful results and change industries. They’re a full-stack digital product firm. BL3NDlabs builds best-in-class user experiences with solid, scalable tech.

Visit BL3NDlabs online at


Brandastic is an Orange County Marketing Agency focused on business growth for its clients. They partner with their clients in SEO, PPC, Web Design, Development. They specialize in E-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento and Big Commerce.

Visit online at

5.    FRW Studios

FRW Studios—a damn fine design studio based in Dana Point, CA— successfully brings ideas to life for companies locally and globally. As a boutique studio, they fill that space between freelancers and big agencies. Providing the reliability, professionalism, and reputation of a larger firm, but without the high prices and costly overhead. Combining forward-thinking ideas with a sensible design approach, FRW Studios creates websites that help clients build their brand with thoughtfulness and authenticity. Whether businesses are starting from scratch or need a site that reflects their current marketing strategy, FRW Studios will work together with them with the common mission of supporting their business goals.

Visit FRW Studios online at

6.    Campaign Creators

Everyone is pretty good at selling awareness services and hyping up their vanity numbers, but few companies want to commit to actually trying to produce results that hit the bottom line. Campaign Creators takes on the hardest job in marketing, the middle of the funnel. They tackle the issue of converting awareness that their clients already have and turning it into conversions and ultimately revenue. Campaign Creators started in 2010 as a full-service digital agency. Today, they are hyper-focused on providing marketing/sales funneling services by harnessing the power of marketing technology.

Visit Campaign Creators online at

7.    Cofa Media Inc

COFA Media creates experiences that are attractive, simple to use, and drive results for companies. They are not a typical web development agency. Sure, Cofa Media ins is strong on branding and design, but they are really focused on making things work for every client’s audience and their business.

Visit Cofa Media Inc online at

8.    CognitiveClouds

CognitiveClouds helps top startups and companies build remarkable web, mobile and tablet products. The products they build help early-stage startups raise millions and established companies crush their sales targets. They’re among a handful of companies who can turn simple sketches into fully-featured products that work on any device. CognitiveClouds designs, architects and develops elegant software products. They use modern technologies like iOS, Android, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Golang (Go), Scala, Node.js and AngularJS to build robust mobile and responsive web products. They utilize design-driven development principles, agile development methodologies and cloud communication tools to build custom software that’s crafted to solve unique business problems.

Visit CognitiveClouds online at

9.    Digital Operative

Digital Operative is a full-service digital agency specializing in eCommerce. They understand that their customers' customers browse, compare and transact within an omnichannel world. They pride themselves in developing growth strategies for emerging brands and refreshing stale customer experiences for lifestyle brands. Their approach to brand strategy brings the customer's voice to the foreground to establish a true understanding of their needs/desires. By understanding this, Digital Operative is able to layer their strategy, experience design, marketing, and technology capabilities to deliver solutions that engage, educate and drive some type of transaction. Their core services include digital brand strategy, experience design, digital marketing, development, optimization, testing, and more.

Visit Digital Operative online at

10.    Edenspiekermann

Edenspiekermann is an independent global creative agency. They help transform organizations by creating experiences, products, and services that earn a spot in people’s lives. From Fortune 50 to entire cities and everything in between, they help clients challenge the status quo in their industry. Together, Edenspiekermann defines and executes digital strategies that combine design, content, and technology to create relevant brand experiences. Their independent ownership and 40 year legacy of successfully transforming brands and businesses center around collaboration, a personal approach, unbiased advice, and focus on establishing long-term partnerships.

Visit Edenspiekermann online at

11.    Flat 6 Concepts

Flat 6 Concepts is a boutique luxury branding agency based in Beverly Hills, California. They specialize in the luxury sector and offer a multitude of services, including logo/brand identity development, eCommerce website design and development as well as apps, print and digital advertising. Flat 6 Concepts has nurtured and has ongoing relationships with clients largely drawn from the worlds of hospitality, property, travel, leisure, fashion, and high-end consumer products. Flat 6 brings market intelligence and finely-honed creativity to each project they undertake.

Visit Flat 6 Concepts online at

12.    Geekbears

Geekbears is a boutique web and mobile development agency based in Silicon Valley. They specialize in building web and mobile apps for ambitious entrepreneurs disrupting an industry. They have assembled an agile team of software engineers and designers to help fellow entrepreneurs fulfill their visions. Whether brands working on their MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or already have an existing product, Geekbears believes in the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship and will work diligently to help clients build and scale their product.

Visit Geekbears online at

13.    Goldlilys Media

Goldlilys Media LLC provides strategic brand consulting and web development services since 2013. They are a team of designers, developers, and marketing experts who have complementary skills to help businesses improve and grow online performance. The team creates a plan from the Discovery session that will go through the Design, Development, Testing, and ongoing maintenance phases. They offer services such as branding strategy, user experience design strategy, website development, web application programming, and more.

Visit Goldlilys Media online at

14.    Jolly Good Media

Jolly Good Media believes that when agencies treat their clients less like projects and more like partners, the web gets simpler, small business grows faster, and answers are just a phone call away. They are a tight-knit team that takes a full-service approach with their clients. Where other digital agencies see just another project, Jolly Good Media sees an opportunity to manage and grow each client’s digital presence over a long period of time.

Visit Jolly Good Media online at

15.    Leap Design Studio

Leap is a digital product and service studio. As a semi-remote company located in SOMA, San Francisco, they prefer to work closely with clients to better understand their problems. Leap was founded to help product-driven startups focus on solving human problems and customer needs at the forefront. They are working with some of the most proven founders to solve problems and design solutions. Leap Design Studio believes that everyone is able to contribute and that problems are solved collaboratively. The know that breakthrough ideas require collaboration.

Visit Leap Design Studio online at

16.    Mangrove Web Development

Mangrove Web Development is a diverse, international, creative team of designers and developers. They use their design and technical expertise to empower environmentally conscious, social justice-oriented, purpose-driven clients and enable their businesses to grow, compete, and thrive. Their expertise is in WordPress development, allowing all clients to have full control over editing and maintaining their sites. Mangrove Web Development is also a certified B Corp, committed to "using business as a force for good."

Visit Mangrove Web Development online at

17.    Margaux Agency

The Margaux Agency is a modern branding and social media marketing agency for companies looking to increase their profits and connect with customers. They strive to meet the fast-paced technology demands in marketing for a tech-savvy audience. They aim to support modern businesses with affluent millennials through strategic branding and modern marketing, by crafting brands that attract and websites that sell.

Visit Margaux Agency online at


MaxAudience is a strategic brand and marketing consultancy with online lead generation and conversion at its core. They assist medium and large-scale businesses with precise, high ROI, marketing campaigns that deliver inspiring results. At MaxAudience, the results are seen in a matter of months. They know that improving a business is the name of the game and they aim to do it quickly. Their team members have contributed to legendary campaigns such as the launch of the GM Mastercard, known as the most successful credit card launch of all time. In addition, the MaxAudience team has generated over one million direct inquiry leads over the last few years alone.

Visit MAXAUDIENCE online at

19.    Metamins

Metamins is focused on creating high loaded web solutions and mobile applications, as well as developing IoT technologies for various markets. The company deals with a variety of technologies as a partner of choice for innovation-oriented companies providing best-in-class R&D services. They pave the way for their clients to the fingertips of users through exquisite developments and complex technologies. They are always there to share their view and expertise on any matter that’s important to their clients. Metamins deals with a variety of technologies being a partner of choice for innovation-oriented companies. They create solutions from the ground up and are constantly putting their effort into perfecting and supporting them. Metamins is a trustworthy software R&D partner for data-driven businesses. They are the force behind web and mobility solutions around the globe.

Visit Metamins online at

20.    Mindera Software Craft

Mindera Software Craft builds high performance, resilient, scalable software systems to empower global businesses. They focus on three main areas: product development, performance testing and scalability, and technology development and consultancy. Mindera Software Craft builds and operates software products from concept through design, architecture, development and production operation and maintenance. Through the testing process, they help to isolate and resolve bottlenecks to ensure each client's system is scaled appropriately and can handle peak loads. They can also rapidly expand a brand's engineering teams by using their on-site and remote services. In addition, Mindera Software Craft can build complete software delivery teams to tailor each client’s specific needs, be it a specific technology or development process.

Visit Mindera Software Craft online at

21.    Mint Design Agency

Mint Design is a full-service agency specializing in web design and SEO. So many people have had a bad experience with a web developer, or have heard about someone who has. Mint Design Agency truly strives to prove that it's not always that way. Every person that is associated with Mint Design is a hard worker with strong ethics and provides the highest quality work

Visit Mint Design Agency online at

22.    Moonstone Interactive

As a San Francisco bay area internet marketing firm, Moonstone Interactive’s reputation has been built on results. They offer responsive web design with enterprise-level quality. And their emphasis is on “responsive” for rapid ROI that clients can count on. In fact, Moonstone Interactive is a bay area website design firm that is an award-winning expert for website development and Search Engine Optimization. Businesses can trust their 20 years of expertise to get their website built and start attracting new clients 24/7.

Visit Moonstone Interactive online at

23.    Natalie Minh Interactive

Natalie Minh Interactive (“NMI”) is a Fitness Branding Agency, offering fitness marketing services to help clients increase online visibility, credibility and business growth. Their 20+ in house team with a specialized understanding of the fitness market and skillset to make their company’s image stand out in the crowd. They don’t just develop digital strategies, they create relationships. So, they partner with clients to maximize their business potential online.

Visit Natalie Minh Interactive online at

24.    Newman Grace Inc.

Newman Grace Inc. is an integrated marketing communications and design firm in Los Angeles specializing in digital and traditional marketing campaigns for growing and entrepreneurial brands. For more than 20 years, they have used their proprietary F.O.C.U.S. Branding™ process to help clients identify and exploit key competitive advantages in the market place.

Visit Newman Grace Inc. online at

25.    95Visual

95Visual is a Los Angeles based web design and web development firm that specializes in branding and web design to create a strong base for business growth. Through sustainable marketing plans and support services, they ensure that their business will thrive. 95Visual is run by creative professionals, and fueled by coffee & tea. From website design to backend development, their dedicated in-house team has a heart and talent for all things digital.

Visit 95Visual online at

26.    Ozan Karakoc Design Studio

Ozan Karakoc Design Studio (OK) offers top-notch and turn-key design solutions that reflect an organization’s values, differentiate its brand and persuade its clients. They achieve this by being honest and responsible, questioning the status quo, improving it if needed, respecting others, promoting principles, and caring about design as much as business. OK aims to help purpose-driven organizations reach their true design potential and to make the world a more beautiful place. They believe that good branding and effective advertising require more than being a service provider. It requires listening to the client, understanding needs, proactively questioning opportunities and doing all those with genuine care.

Visit Ozan Karakoc Design Studio online at

27.    POP Interactive

As one of the most experienced web design, development and marketing firms based in San Francisco, POP Interactive offers a full range of services for the implementation and marketing of business-to-business and e-commerce sites. These services include web, responsive and mobile site design and development; web application development; WordPress site design & development; website maintenance; site marketing; and, social media integration. In addition, they offer corporate identity and logo design services to start-ups and established companies. POP works with small to mid-sized companies and organizations located throughout the US, as well as with local companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. They specialize in a broad range of industries including technology and software, e-commerce; legal; staffing; medical and healthcare; financial, insurance and business services; and commercial real estate.

Visit POP Interactive online at

28.    Propane

Propane is a digital experience and platform agency. They work to augment marketing and digital transformation initiatives. Their services include brand strategy, content strategy, creative design, digital experience, development, and connecting marketing ecosystems. At heart, Propane is a strategic and creative agency rooted in delivering well-conceived solutions across the entire marketing ecosystem. By developing a deep understanding of the way consumers engage with a brand (when, where, how and with what goals in mind), they create authentic experiences, campaigns, and platforms that simultaneously advance their clients’ objectives while offering utility and true value for consumers.

Visit Propane online at

29.    Ridini Entertainment Corporation

Ridini Entertainment Corporation has over 20 years of solid public relations and marketing expertise in a variety of industries including health and wellness, government, education, sports, food & restaurant, fashion & beauty, entertainment, non-profit, and Fortune 500 & 1000 companies. They help clients achieve their business goals with individually crafted, targeted public relations/marketing campaigns and branded collateral that make a difference and that translate into higher visibility for maximum impact. Ridini Entertainment Corporation excels at developing and executing award-winning content for their diverse clientele — from customized newsletters, videos, and podcasts to branded websites, social media pages & campaigns, and special events.

Visit Ridini Entertainment Corporation online at

30.    Robert Sherman Programming

Robert Sherman Programming has 20 years of experience in computer programming. Their specialties include C#.Net 2003-2017 ASP.Net 1- 4.5, Ajax.Net, JavaScript, HTML, XML, TSQL, SQL Server (all versions), Oracle 9.0, 10.0, MySQL, ChartFx, Crystal Reports, ActiveReports, itextSharp PDF programming, LINQ, jQuery,IIS Smooth Streaming, RETS Programming, Bootstrap and much more.

Visit Robert Sherman Programming online at

31.    SiO Digital

SiO Digital is a creative inbound marketing agency based in Downtown Los Angeles and San Diego. SiO reinvents the digital marketing world by combining mathematics with inbound marketing called iNBOUND iNTELLIGENCE. They focus on attracting customers through a dynamic smart content approach by creating tailored, relevant and helpful content— not interruptive. It is the marketing that people love with a smart leads acquisition and sales intelligence closing approach. SiO is in total control of the business ROI by using artificial intelligence and a high level of mathematics but also able to forecast it with 80 percent accuracy.

Visit SiO Digital online at

32.    SPINX Digital

SPINX Digital – based in Los Angeles – is an agency of innovators in creative digital marketing & website design. They build AWESOME digital masterpieces for clients. SPINX Digital’s team of innovators and digital marketers in tech and design bring skills above and beyond the ordinary to every project. Their Los Angeles web design and development team is involved in professional B2B and B2C web design and development, mobile applications, digital strategy, user experience, advertising, social media, content management systems, and email marketing initiatives.

Visit SPINX Digital online at

33.    Spiral Scout

Spiral Scout is a full-service digital agency that offers web design and development services to clients in San Francisco and around the US. They have years of experience developing applications in PHP, Golang, Javascript, Python, Node.js, and AWS. Over the history of their company, they have built many projects, from complex eCommerce systems to digital asset management systems to distributed enterprise systems using a "microservices" approach. Spiral Scout has collaborated with a wide range of clients — from idea-stage startups to Fortune 100 companies. Whether they needed a simple-to-use website, a groundbreaking mobile app, or a custom solution, Spiral Scout wants their clients to feel comfortable putting their business in their hands so they can put it in the hands of millions of their customers.

Visit Spiral Scout online at

34.    Storm Brain

Storm Brain is a digital agency specializing in online digital marketing campaigns, brand strategy, design, web and ecommerce development, as well as services related to the implementation of creative marketing strategy. They uniquely communicate who a brand is and why they are important, create maximum conversions, drive business growth and profitability, and visually get noticed with mind-boggling design. Their core service specialties include Branding, Brand Identity, Creative, Photography & Video, Content, SEO, PPC, Online Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Amazon Marketing, Email Marketing, UX/UI Website Design & Development, HTML5, ecommerce, WordPress, Shopify, and more.

Visit Storm Brain online at

35.    The Spectrum Group Online

The Spectrum Group Online is a digital marketing agency. They only use reputable and repeatable strategies for lead generation, SEO, PPC, blogging and much more. The services they offer include Website Design & Development, Content Strategy & Creation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices, Search Engine Marketing, Online Sales Strategies, and more. They help their clients create a vision for their online marketing, develop a strategic plan based upon their revenue goals, and then seamlessly deliver.

Visit The Spectrum Group Online online at

36.    UpTrending Group, LLC

UpTrending is a strategic digital agency specializing in delivering high-value results for high-growth companies and organizations in the technology space. They partner with their clients to create and implement digital solutions that have an immediate and lasting impact on their bottom line. UpTrending Group, LLC believes investing in people delivers the highest returns, partnerships encourage success, building and implementing a flexible, repeatable process, and that all work – big or small – should be done with purpose.

Visit UpTrending Group, LLC online at

37.    Velvet Media & Marketing

Velvet MM is a Los Angeles based marketing, social media & web design agency, delivering an elevated marketing experience to businesses and individuals. They provide a free initial assessment of each potential client’s current presence online and custom design a marketing plan to maximize the brand's presence. Their specialties include website design, SEO, social media management, blogging services, content creation, branded collaboration and influencer crash courses, influencer marketing, and more. Velvet Media & Marketing simplifies social media marketing for clients, and they offer a full suite of related services from content creation to post & strategy execution. Their web design team offers a smooth & turn-key website experience for clients, designing and creating beautiful content optimized websites.

Velvet Media & Marketing online at

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