The 3 Key Stages Of Video Production – Plus, The Top 25 Video Production Agencies Of 2019, According To DesignRush

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55 percent of consumers watch videos online each day – and DesignRush determined the leading key video production stages that ensure a successful video and the leading video production companies that can execute them.

“Although there are only three main stages to video production, brands shouldn’t be fooled – executing them well can be tough,” says DesignRush Founder and Executive Director Gabriel Shaoolian.

Studies show that 55 percent of people view videos online every single day.

What’s more, multimedia content is one of the best-performing digital marketing tactics, too. In fact, research from Google found that almost 66 percent of consumers receive purchase ideas from videos.

However, creating the perfect video takes a special set of expertise and a specific set of steps., a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, delved into the three key stages of video production and determined how businesses can ensure they are successful in those stages.

The three main video production stages are:

1. Pre-Production

Video pre-production includes all of the tasks leading up to the shoot. This includes:

  • Creating a concept.
  • Storyboarding.
  • Writing a script.
  • Casting the video.
  • Creating a schedule for the shoot.
  • Creating a call sheet for the people needed at the shoot.
  • And more!

The key to successful pre-production is an organized and effective producer. This person (or team of people) will take the lead in organizing all team members, acting as a project manager of sorts. Luckily, the best video productions companies typically offer comprehensive pre-production services and expert producers.

2. Production

Production entails that actual creation of the video, whether that is physically filming something, designing the animations, or something else.

Producers are yet again instrumental in production – particularly for actual in-person shoots. They keep track of the tasks that need to be accomplished, coordinate team members, and ensure they day runs according to the schedule created in pre-production.

3. Post-Production

Finally, post-production involves finessing and polishing the video into a final product. Typical post-production tasks include:

  • Editing and sound mixing.
  • Creating drafts, reviewing them, and editing them accordingly.
  • Distributing and marketing videos.
  • And more!

Post-production often takes several weeks or more to complete satisfactorily.

“Although there are only three main stages to video production, brands shouldn’t be fooled – executing them well can be tough,” says DesignRush Founder and Executive Director Gabriel Shaoolian. “Each stage has its own unique checklist and best practices that should be followed to ensure the entire video process is organized and the final product is beautiful, successful and delivered on time.”

DesignRush’s Agency Listing section features the top local and global video production companies. Some of the top video production agencies from around the world include:

1. Blue Giant
Blue Giant create incredible images and tell unforgettable stories. That’s their thing. Working with some of the biggest brands and greatest storytellers on earth has taught them one thing: The difference between good and awesome is the last 2%. That’s what separates Blue Giant from the rest.

Visit Blue Giant at:

2. A.W. Media

From their roots providing media for the adventure sports world, A.W. Media has grown to be a full-service video production company. For 10 years, they provided creative direction, photography, and video content for a successful adventure sports magazine, "Breathe Magazine," in Canada and the US. During that time, they provided creative and original content for various clients, with branded content and video production as one of their key distinguishing factors. Because of this, A.W. Media understands the importance of messaging and what it means to work in today's content-hungry landscape. They deliver a polished product on budget and on time, and operate on the principle that if their clients look good, they look good, too. All of this is based on a foundation of trust and a desire to keep experimenting with and improving their craft.

Visit A.W. Media at:

3. Animdan Media

Animdan Media serves its clients all over the nation and different industries, although they have a large number of clients in the PR and Communications industry. Their animated videos will simplify services for clients’ customers, tell a brand story, or even create new ways to showcase the creativity and empathy of a brand.

Visit Animdan Media at:

4. Argos Productions

Argos Productions is a full-service video production company working with businesses and individuals all over the world to deliver breathtaking visuals. They specialize in personal storytelling and event content creation.

Visit Argos Productions at:

5. Brazilero Animation Studio

Back in 2014, three founders decided to fuse their combined knowledge and experience in animation, marketing, and sales. Together, the trio created Brazilero Animation Studio. Currently, their team consists of 14 people and it is run by Alex, Valentin and Cristina. Alex is their Chief Animator with over 12 years in film and animation, Valentin is the Associated Partner and CEO with over 8 years in Business Development and Cristina is their Creative Producer, with over 7 years in Design and Marketing. Brazilero Animation Studio’s rare mix of creativity and marketing experience continues to set them apart – it’s something that runs in their blood and has helped their customers rack in thousands of views. They proudly provide collaborative and creative solutions, backed by full support throughout every step of the production process.

Visit Brazilero Animation Studio at:

6. Camera Crew Germany

Camera Crew Germany aims to meet the demands of a growing number of producers whose working language is English and who want to shoot in Germany and neighboring countries. They are based in Frankfurt with affiliates in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Leipzig, Stuttgart and many European countries such as Switzerland, Austria, Denmark and Scandinavia, France, Great Britain, Italy, etc. They have a wide network of multilingual crews on call 24/7 who speak the same language as the client to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation. They cater to each client’s request and no job is too big or too small for them!

Visit Camera Crew Germany at:

7. Cartoon Media

Since 2012, Cartoon Media has specialized in premium quality Whiteboard and Explainer videos without premium prices. All of their animated video packages are fully 'done for you', and they use their marketing know-how to write a powerful script and storyboard for your animation video that engages target customers, drives them to a website, and converts casual viewers into buying customers. Their highly-skilled cartoonists create quality custom cartoon images based on your storyboard. Cartoon Media never uses clip art or templates, so brands can be assured that their Whiteboard Animation Explainer videos won't look like anyone else's (especially your competitors). Cartoon Media will source a professional voiceover artist with a native accent of the client’s choice for their animation video.

Visit Cartoon Media at:

8. Dublite Productions

Dublite Productions understands that engaging with a client’s advocates and influencers through relevant conversations will push a brand to new heights. This means that winning over the hearts of the consumer demands provocative content that pushes the limits, starts conversations and creates lasting impressions.

Visit Dublite Productions at:

9. Fenchel & Janisch Film Production

Known on YouTube as FenchelJanisch, Marcel Fenchel and Moritz Janisch are a team of two professional filmmakers working mostly in the commercial film industry. Fenchel & Janisch are the brains behind – and sometimes the faces in front of – the camera. With their headquarter based in the German metropolis of Frankfurt, they are passionate about creating filmmaking tutorials for YouTube. However, the main part of their job is to present their clients' products and services in commercial and corporate videos.

Visit Fenchel & Janisch Film production at:

10. Glass Eye Productions Inc.

Glass Eye Productions’ ideal customer is any company that needs a well-produced commercial or video content. They pride themselves on creating a high production value utilizing the best camera and audio gear and packaging it all at a reasonable price as well as supporting it with an experienced and hard-working crew.

Visit Glass Eye Productions Inc. at:

11. Helium Films USA

Helium Films is a San Diego based Video Production Company with an international reach. With offices in the United States and in France, and a great deal of experience in the business and communication world, they offer a broad range of affordable, high-end creative services to corporations, creative agencies, and networks. They produce live-action commercials, web promos, animation, VFX, corporate, and branded content.

Visit Helium Films USA at:

12. Highlight Films Israel

Highlight Films is the leading film, TV and video production services company in Israel. Since 1998, their one-stop-shop provides a fluid and virtually unmatched service, all throughout Israel and the Palestinian areas. They can supply camera crews, research, logistics, security, or anything else that a brand’s production may need. They provide all production services for international TV, film and video productions, including documentary films, corporate videos and news reports, filmed in and around Israel. Additionally, they have extensive experience in specialties such as aerial filming, time lapse, VR 360, Imax and 3D.

Visit Highlight Films Israel at:

13. KreativElement

KreativElement is a group of passionate, creative marketers based in Omaha. They look at marketing as an opportunity to tell stories that foster recognition and brand loyalty. With the latest technologies and techniques, they use social media, web design, SEM/SEO, and videography to create dynamic, shareable content and represent each brand’s unique qualities in the best possible light.

Visit KreativElement at:

14. Panoptica Films

Panoptica Films is a full-service creative video production company specializing in soup-to-nuts production and delivery of advertising, promotional, industrial, and original video content. They have worked with both established and emerging brands from a variety of backgrounds and have helped raise over $200,000 for startups and nonprofits with their video content.

Visit Panoptica Films at:

15. Perfect Chaos Films

Perfect Chaos Films creates culture videos, event videos and product videos for corporate video use and documentary videos for professional associations. These are scalable, from small to large projects. Perfect Chaos Films also offers full package solutions from concept to delivery.

Visit Perfect Chaos Films at:

16. Persian Magic Art Group

Persian Magic is a group of award-winning independent film and video professionals, specialized in the film and video industry. Thanks to the wide range of expertise on their team, Persian Magic is able to produce all types of films (fiction, documentary, commercial, music video). They also provide comprehensive, turn-key production and location support services for overseas filmmakers, producers and production companies on their shoot in Iran. They can help brands shoot their film here or they can produce the "Iran Segment" of their film on the client’s behalf.

Visit Persian Magic Art Group at:

17. Red Hawk Films

Red Hawk Films is an award-winning production company that provides end-to-end solutions for corporate video productions, commercials, multi-camera live event coverage, documentaries, music videos, narrative film projects, and marketing content. They are a team of highly experienced, dedicated filmmakers committed to providing their clients and collaborators with excellent service and thoughtful compelling visual storytelling.

Visit Red Hawk Films at:

18. Refilmery

Refilmery is a full-service video and photography production company based in the Flatiron district of New York City. They specialize in humanizing any brand through cinematic storytelling about their employees and their customers. Capturing empathy is what inspires Refilmery – they love stories that bridge world-views. Their client base comprises tech, finance, publication, and enterprise segments.

Visit Refilmery at:

19. Ripple Animation

Ripple is an animation studio with offices in New York and Mumbai. Their sole purpose is to create animated product and service videos for businesses. They work with large conglomerates, mid-size companies and startups across the US, India, Singapore and the Middle East. As companies and brands begin to see ROI on video assets, the need for a reliable partner to produce quality content at scale, on time and on a budget has become a very real one. Ripple serves as such a partner for its clients.

Visit Ripple Animation at:

20. Studio Hippo

Like their namesake hippo, Studio Hippo exhibits the perfect balance between fierce and friendly. They are intensely focused on creating compelling stories that help brands educate, empower, and entertain their audiences. Studio Hippo is hardworking, trustworthy, and like to get things done. But they also wholeheartedly believe that work doesn’t have to be so much work. Humor, hugs, and high-fives abound at Studio Hippo. From concept to creation, each and every step of the journey is bursting with energy and enthusiasm.

Visit Studio Hippo at:

21. 10 Forward

Social Media has grown to become an integral part of how businesses of any size present themselves to their customers, and building a community around brands can provide businesses with an important edge in a crowded or competitive market. They have worked for over 5 years as a Social Media Agency in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, they have found that social media has intrinsically challenged the traditional relationship between businesses and consumers, and smart businesses are leveraging every opportunity in the digital marketing landscape, particularly social media, to meet business objectives.

Visit 10 Forward at:

22. 337 Video

337 Video is a Cleveland, Ohio area team of creative visionaries seeking to improve brands, businesses, or ideas through the power of video. They pride themselves on their strong abilities to make an idea come alive from pre-production to post. 337 specializes in corporate videos, short-form documentaries, narrative films, promotional videos, and everything in between.

Visit 337 Video at:

23. Video Parachute

Working with a video production company shouldn’t be difficult. Video Parachute’s dedicated team works hard to make sure that the video production process is a hassle-free experience. Whether brands know exactly what they want their final product to look like or need some help with the creative direction, each client’s marketing and training videos will be tailored to match their brand, meet their goals, and inspire their audience.

Visit Video Parachute at:

24. Welcome Productions

Welcome Productions has shot and produced videos all over the United States and the world, from a small factory in Maine to a big factory town in mainland China. They produce, shoot and edit everything, including commercials, corporate presentations, sales videos, meeting openers, event coverage, instore reels, PR recaps, instructionals, post-production fixes, full length episodic, and more. They owe all of their success to their growing and ever-expanding list of great clients, large and small.

Visit Welcome Productions at:

25. Z-Channel Films

For more than 20 years, Z-Channel Films has refined their storytelling skills through award-winning documentary films distributed on Netflix, DirecTV, and PBS, and through docuseries broadcast on major media networks like The National Geographic Channel and the Discovery Channel. Today, they continue to make films while using their storytelling skills to help brands, corporations, and nonprofits advance their goals through video.

Visit Z-Channel Films at:

Brands can view the best video production agencies by rates, expertise, experience, case studies, reviews and more on DesignRush. Users can easily filter to compare video production firms and find the top video production companies who can create effective multimedia that grows brands effectively.    

About DesignRush: is a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies.

DesignRush features the top agencies around the world, including the best Video Production Companies, Digital Agencies, Logo Design, Digital Marketing, Website Design, eCommerce Web Design Companies, and more.

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