The Holistic Sanctuary Seeks to Eliminate Heroin Addiction Amidst National Crisis

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Overdoses Doubled and Tripled in Certain States in 2012

Heroin addiction is a global epidemic, which shows no signs of abating, particularly if the first – and often only – means of response is enrollment in a conventional drug rehab center.

The Holistic Sanctuary announces its ongoing effort to permanently end addiction to heroin, among other illicit substances and opiates. This success comes in response to increased deaths in specific states (Florida, Illinois and West Virginia), where heroin-related overdoses have nearly doubled or tripled. According to NBC News, deaths caused by heroin increased by more than 89 percent in Florida compared to the year before, according to the state medical examiner’s report.(1) In Illinois, according to the Chicago Tribune, heroin is no longer limited to poor communities with crime problems, and the victims come from all walks of life, including athletes, homemakers and grandparents.(2) And, in West Virginia, heroin overdoses tripled, based on an extensive report from the state’s Department of Health and Human Resources Health Statistics Center.(3)

Along with additional research from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), in which there is powerful evidence concerning an overall opiate crisis, the statistics reveal an exponential increase in addiction to these drugs. The CDC states: “Enough opioid pain relievers (OPR) were sold to medicate every adult in the United States with the equivalent of a typical dose of 5 mg of hydrocodone every 4 hours for 1 month, a 300% increase in the sales rate over 11 years.”(4) This rise in distribution of OPR is concomitant with increasing rates of drug overdose death and chronic, non-medical use of OPR.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) further illustrates the severity of this problem, confirming that “4.2 million Americans aged 12 or older (or 1.6 percent) had used heroin at least once in their lives. It is estimated that about 23 percent of individuals who use heroin become dependent on it.”(5) Complicating this addiction is the high risk of contracting HIV and hepatitis C (HCV). These diseases are transmitted through contact with blood or other bodily fluids, which can occur when sharing needles or other injection drug use equipment. (HCV is the most common blood-borne infection in the Unites States.)(6)

And finally, injecting heroin may also cause abscesses (a painful skin inflammation) that, in turn, may result in blood poisoning.(7) This additional warning comes from the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), which has a section dedicated to “Heroin Facts,” where individuals can read a summary of the history about – and the brief legalization of the use of – heroin. The site details the origins and worldwide epidemic concerning opiates in general and heroin in particular.

Given the international threat of heroin addiction and the marked jump in dependency within the United States, The Holistic Sanctuary offers a clear contrast – for healing the brain and eliminating addiction – than a conventional drug treatment center. At the latter, approximately 4,000 physicians are eligible to prescribe buprenorphine to patients.(8) This form of “treatment” has its own severe side effects, including: Cravings, fever, nausea, vomiting, papillary dilation, insomnia, distress and irritability, muscle pain and the potential for serious abuse, resulting in death.(9)

For Johnny Tabaie, “Johnny The Healer,” (see also the Founder of The Holistic Sanctuary, permanently ending addiction to heroin is part of an original and all-natural brain healing treatment, which quickly stops withdrawal symptoms, cravings and associated conditions. Thanks to his safe, exclusive effective solution, known as the Pouyan Method, Johnny identifies and corrects the true culprits of addiction, repairing and rejuvenating brain cells damaged from chemical abuse.

Also, he does not classify – and he does not approach – addiction as an incurable disease. In fact, he has a series of inspiring, unsolicited video testimonials of guests, which prove there is an alternative – a compelling one – to the so-called relapse-to-rehab revolving door of physical, emotional and financial distress. Viewers can see these inspiring accounts at:

“Heroin addiction is a global epidemic, which shows no signs of abating, particularly if the first – and often only – means of response is enrollment in a conventional drug rehab center. These facilities rely on antiquated and ineffective treatment modalities, which reinforce a false philosophy – that addiction is an incurable disease. Even worse, the use of prescription drugs (and their associated and possibly lethal side effects) is the front-line therapy at these centers, creating new – and more dangerous – forms of dependency, without solving the underlying problem of heroin addiction. The Holistic Sanctuary is, in comparison, the one place where we unify the mind, body and spirit – so a patient can heal their brain and heal their life. Those benefits are essential for permanently ending addiction,” says Mr. Tabaie.

Prospective guests can further review the incontrovertible proof of The Holistic Sanctuary’s efforts involving the repair, restoration and rejuvenation of the areas damaged from addiction by clicking Pouyan Method Brain Scans (

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The Holistic Sanctuary is the home of the exclusive, all-natural and proprietary Pouyan Method, which enables patients to permanently end a variety of addictions. Unlike conventional drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, which have rates or failure or relapse among patients, The Holistic Sanctuary offers a customized protocol with the amenities of a 5-star resort. We seek to stop addiction without prescription medication or the use of 12-step programs. Nor do we classify patients as victims of an incurable disease. Our therapies focus on healing the brain, so a patient can heal their life. For more information about our innovative techniques, founding principles and testimonials from former patients, please visit


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