The Most Successful Content Marketing Strategies Of 2019 – Plus, The Top 25 Content Marketing Agencies, According To DesignRush

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91 percent of B2B marketers and 86 percent of B2C marketers believe that content marketing is a key component of successful digital marketing strategies. DesignRush rounded up the leading content marketing tactics and the top content marketing agencies that can produce them effectively.

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Studies show that content marketing cultivates three times more leads than other forms of outbound marketing, but it costs 62 percent less to create. -- DesignRush Founder and Executive Director Gabriel Shaoolian.

Studies show that 91 percent of B2B marketers and 86 percent of B2C marketers believe that content marketing is a key strategy to achieve meaningful business growth.

But with the digital world constantly evolving, the most effective content marketing strategies are always shifting. What worked in 2015 may not be effective in 2019., a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, uncovered the best content marketing strategies of 2019. Each tactic is proven to attract online consumers, build brand awareness, and increase revenue.

The top 5 content marketing strategies of 2019 are:

1. Podcasts

Podcasts are an increasingly popular form of content marketing – in fact, monthly podcast listeners in the U.S. has grown 24 percent year over year, according to Edison Research.

A branded podcast enables businesses to reach a valuable audience that may not be consuming other branded content, such as social media or blogs. Plus, research shows that 27 percent of men and 24 percent of women have listened to podcasts within the past month.

In order to create a successful podcast, brands should follow these simple steps to develop a strategy:

1. Create one overarching topic to discuss
2. Determine a specific goal to achieve
3. Decide who will host the podcast and whether or not to have guests
4. Understand how to release the podcast to the public through websites and/or podcast hosting platforms
5. Take the time to research and write podcasts before they are recorded
6. Don’t forget to include calls to action and detailed show notes with links to the brand’s site

2. Blogging

More than half of all marketers believe that blogging is their top inbound marketing tactic.

In addition, research proves that blog posts help businesses generate significantly more organic site traffic – sometimes nearly 4 times more traffic!

Consistent blogging achieves several brand objectives, including:

  • Improved SEO optimization
  • Service and product promotion
  • Content for social media channels
  • Market authority positioning
  • Increased brand awareness
  • And more!

3. Video Marketing

Video marketing empowers consumers to connect with brands and retain information more readily, which ultimately cultivates brand growth.

In fact, consumers can remember 65 percent of the visual content that they view three days later. Plus, 64 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase a product online after viewing a branded video.

Video marketing can also bolster other marketing efforts. For instance, videos are up to 50 times more likely to foster organic traffic than word-driven content.

Videos can be produced for a variety of platforms, including:

  • Websites
  • Social media
  • Online ads
  • Video ads
  • Video streaming sites
  • Traditional commercials
  • Viral marketing campaigns
  • Immersive emerging technology
  • AR/VR devices
  • Mobile apps
  • And more!

4. Social Media Marketing

86 percent of users want to see authentic content from brands on social media – and posting regularly on social networks is a great way to achieve this.

In addition, 87 percent of digital marketers use social media to push their content to consumers, making it the most popular medium.

Brands can post the following content on their social channels to boost brand visibility, reach new customers, and drive traffic to their website:

  • User-generated content
  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Images
  • Product or service information
  • Sales and promotions
  • Interesting and relevant information
  • Content from professional partners
  • And more!

5. Search Engine Optimization

Over 67,000 searches are conducted on Google each second – and when brands optimize for SEO, they can capitalize on the information that consumers are already looking for in order to find valuable users within their target audience and increase organic traffic.

As mentioned, many additional content marketing tactics can improve search rankings, such as blogging and video marketing.

Common search engine optimization best practices include:

  • Keyword optimization in blog posts
  • Properly optimized Titles, H1s, H2s, and H3s
  • High-value images with alt image tags
  • And more!

“Studies show that content marketing cultivates three times more leads than other forms of outbound marketing, but it costs 62 percent less to create,” says DesignRush Founder and Executive Director Gabriel Shaoolian. “If there is one digital marketing tactic that is nearly guaranteed to provide a return on investment, it’s content marketing. Both established brands and growing businesses should invest in it.”

DesignRush’s Agency Listing section features the top local and global content marketing companies. Some of the top content marketing agencies from around the world include:

1. Youtech

As a modern full-service agency, Youtech combines the best qualities of both digital and traditional marketing and advertising to effectively refresh and re-energize their clients’ businesses from every angle. They are never stagnant, and by constantly improving their own business model, Youtech stays at the top of their industry, which allows them to put their clients at the top of their industries, too.

Visit Youtech at:

2. Content Flip

Content Flip was created out of a need for affordable content writing that is all written in the U.S. Every brand knows that content is king. Content Flip fills a gap in the marketing industry. At most agencies, content is either cheap or high-quality, but not both. But Content Flip's goal is to provide high-quality content at a price that anyone can afford. Whether potential clients are a small business or have a personal blog, Content Flip's unlimited content writing service will fulfill their content marketing needs.

Visit Content Flip at:

3. Content Development Pros

Content Development Pros creates amazing content for small to midsized business, as well as some of the biggest agencies in the US. Over the years, they have completed over 50,000 unique projects that include article writing, blog writing, blog management, web copy, search engine optimization, web design and development, social media marketing, infographics, explainer videos, and more!

Visit Content Development Pros at:

4. Altitude Marketing

Altitude Marketing, a full-service integrated marketing firm, serves the unique needs of technology-oriented B2B companies. Altitude Marketing is headquartered in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, near Philadelphia, Princeton and New York, and within driving distance of Boston and Washington, D.C.

Visit Altitude Marketing at:

5. Captains of Industry

Captains of Industry is a marketing consultancy dedicated to supporting challenger brands. They aim to help organizations who see the world differently and aspire to move markets and mindsets grow. Captains of Industry provides insight-driven, audience-targeted branding and marketing experiences—the kind designed from inception to educate, foster intimacy, awaken possibilities, and reach people when and where they are most receptive.

Visit Captains of Industry at:

6. CGT Marketing LLC

Modern brands are in the midst of a new marketing paradigm. The fast-paced world we live in is being driven by population shifts, technology, and changing buyer attitudes. But now, brands’ prospects can find their competitors in seconds. And as a result, many of the standard marketing and advertising methods that agencies have used for years are ceasing to work. It’s time for a new perspective – and CGT Marketing can provide it.

Visit CGT Marketing LLC at:

7. Chatter Buzz
Chatter Buzz is a tech-creative digital marketing and advertising agency headquartered in Orlando, Florida, with over 25 digital marketers experts in lead generation and brand awareness. Chatter Buzz is comprised of a fervent group of creatives, strategists, technologists and shakers and movers are driven to find new ways to create connections between brands and consumers. From big ideas to final products, Chatter Buzz is always exploring what could be, so they can start making it a reality today.

Visit Chatter Buzz at:

8. Custom Creatives

Brands can trust that the Custom Creatives team is always up to speed with the evolving digital marketing and social media landscape. Custom Creatives experts are constantly learning, executing, testing and refining as they go to build a sales funnel that brings their clients more predictable leads 24/7.

Visit Custom Creatives at:

9. Growth Hackers

Growth Hackers is a digital marketing and growth hacking agency. They help businesses from all around the world grow by building their online brands, assisting them in driving qualified traffic to their site, generating leads, improving their conversions and increasing their sales. Growth Hackers offers services like web design, content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, paid advertising and email marketing. They evaluate the success of Growth Hackers agency through the success of their clients. In other words, Growth Hackers succeeds because their clients succeed. Growth Hackers goes further than traditional online marketing. They are data-driven and growth-driven. Growth Hackers has developed unique, cutting-edge growth strategies that they apply on top of digital marketing.

Visit Grown Hackers at:

10. HammaJack

HammaJack takes a data-first approach to solving their clients’ digital needs. With a flexible and consistent approach, they will help brands understand their data and digital assets (such as their websites, social media channels, and customer databases), and help provide brands with a cost-effective and efficient solution to get them more of what they want.

Visit HammaJack at:

11. inSegment
inSegment is located at the heart of one of the most innovative technology hubs in the world: Boston. Working across strategy, creativity, and a meticulous engineering process, they pride themselves on bringing clients quantifiable, high-impact marketing results. inSegment provides its clients with the most innovative digital marketing solutions in the market today, accomplishing client goals while delivering a maximum return on investment.

Visit inSegment at:

12. JSL Marketing

JSL Marketing is a creative marketing agency based in Dallas, Texas, with offices in Grapevine, Texas, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Grand Haven, Michigan. The JSL Marketing team is passionate about serving clients in their local markets, and they are dedicated to building better brands online by harnessing the power of each brand’s individual and unique “why.”

Visit JSL Marketing at:

13. Madison/Miles Media

Madison/Miles Media is one of the nation’s top content marketing agencies, with a focus on inbound marketing, publishing, web design, and advertising strategy and sales. With more than 50 years of combined industry expertise, Madison/Miles Media’s leadership team has worked in every corner of the communications world—long enough, in fact, that they remember when content marketing was still called “custom publishing” – and “brand publishing” before that.

Visit Madison/Miles Media at:

14. Magnificent Marketing

Magnificent Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency with a specialization in content marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, and advertising and search engine optimization. Magnificent Marketing helps companies to create full marketing plans as well as help to fill in any specific gap that brands may need help with. Magnificent Marketing also strongly believes in helping to educate everyone, which they do through their Magnificent Marketing Podcast.

Visit Magnificent Marketing at:

15. Major Tom

Major Tom is a full-service interactive agency that’s been purposefully built to help clients thrive in today’s increasingly complex marketing landscape. With offices in New York, Toronto, and Vancouver, Major Tom has a team of more than 85 specialists covering the full spectrum of strategy, marketing, development, and creative.

Visit Major Tom at:

16. Mash World

Mash World Agency is one of the top-ranking digital agencies in Jordan, with a big portfolio across several sectors and multiple industries in the MENA region. Mash World takes pride in their contribution to the enrichment of business ecosystem by providing a set of services that help businesses stand out among the crowd, acquire more traction and provide value to more customers and stakeholders altogether.

Visit Mash World at:

17. Mediablaze

Mediablaze is a digital agency with unrivaled content marketing expertise. Its mission is to use an expert understanding of content, platforms and performance marketing to help brands embrace change, connect with audiences and grow. Mediablaze was founded in 2010 by a team of journalists and consumer technology specialists who saw how the digital landscape was augmenting people’s lives and reshaping the way brands connect with consumers.

Visit Mediablaze at:

18. MediaBuzz

MediaBuzz is a creative Berlin-based content marketing company that specializes in inspiring people. It was founded by Danilo Polidori. MediaBuzz’s goal is to create and distribute editorial content that informs, inspires and strengthens the positive perception of their customers’ brands and, consequently, generates positive SEO and better rankings. They pay particular attention to the distribution of content and choose their publishing partners with great care. MediaBuzz aims to develop strong, trusting partnerships with their partners, and this is crucial to meeting the expectations of both parties, advertisers, and publishers.

Visit MediBuzz at:

19. Meira Productivity

Meira Productivity is an award-winning marketing agency specializing in integrated marketing communications. They help brands to develop plans with concrete and measurable results. Meira Productivity stands by their technological know-how, choosing the best tools for each situation. Carlos Meira is a professional with more than 20 years of experience in marketing and corporate communications at leading companies such as Reuters and Microsoft, among others.

Visit Meira Productivity at:

20. Olive Group Strategic Marketing Agency

Olive Group Strategic Marketing Agency, LLC is a strategic marketing firm that specializes in helping businesses find the right strategy to build their presence online. Olive Group believes in a better way to do business marketing. Based around the concepts of client partnership and business integrity, Olive Group utilizes a unique marketing strategy with each client that allows them to understand what each client needs, why they exist, who they are truly targeting, and what executions need to take place to make those strategies come to life. Olive Group exists to make the life of their clients’ business better.

Visit Olive Group Strategic Marketing Agency at:

21. Osmond Marketing
Osmond Marketing is a full-service content marketing organization. Founded by Dr. Amy Osmond Cook, Osmond Marketing has five core competencies: Content, public relations, design, web services, and G Suite. As a Google Partner, Osmond Marketing provides a comprehensive suite of business and marketing services for their clients of different industries and sizes. They have found particular success with healthcare and technology verticals.

Visit Osmond Marketing at:

22. ProfileTree

ProfileTree offers services ranging from website design and development to SEO and content marketing to design, social media, video production, video marketing, and beyond – especially for YouTube Marketing, chatbots, and Alexa voice skills. ProfileTree essentially provides any service that helps build a brand online and generate sales for their clients.

Visit ProfileTree at:

23. S&G Content Marketing

S&G Content Marketing has a team of content marketing experts that come from nationally recognized newspapers, top-tier magazines, Fortune 500 powerhouses, and cutting-edge tech companies. They were voted as one of the top 3 content marketing agencies in NYC and they have also been named as one of the top 50 global content marketing agencies for four years in a row by the Content Marketing Institute.

Visit S&G Content Marketing at:

24. Speaks Marketing Group
Speaks Marketing Group offers high-impact marketing campaigns designed to drive results. They are a full-service agency specializing in event marketing, sales enablement, customer success, communications, public relations and more. Their guiding principles center around building relationships and creating maximum value for their clients. Speaks Marketing Group has experience planning, marketing and managing all size events, such as internal summits, partner events, sales events, President's clubs, and more. They aim to deliver business growth through quantifiable marketing programs that create strong leads, support sales initiatives and drive brand awareness.

Visit Speaks Marketing Group at:

25. Toast Studio

Toast Studio is a content agency and a television production company. They create digital and television content properties that are audacious and non-conformist, custom-built for the creation of solid and engaged audiences. Founded almost 20 years ago, Toast Studio is a content agency with a team of content marketing experts at the center of hundreds of media and marketing creators. The company assists brands and advertisers with content strategy, production, deployment, and amplification across both digital and traditional platforms.

Visit Toast Studio at:

Brands can view the best content marketing companies by average hourly rate, case studies, portfolio, experience, reviews and more on DesignRush. Users can easily filter to compare leading content marketing firms and find the best content marketing agency that can create effective strategies to grow their brand effectively.    

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