Andrew Eli Warren, Author of The Countershaded Ibex, Creates an Israeli-Syrian Political Thriller Pulled from Today’s Headlines

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The Countershaded Ibex, by Andrew Eli Warren, combines Israeli-Palestinian intrigue, Biblical history and an incredible imagination to create a spellbinding tale of the secrets contained in the Copper Scroll. With continual excavations in Israel, archaeologists find bits and pieces of what could be the greatest treasure ever hidden originating in Herod’s Temple.

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The Countershaded Ibex

'Much of the book is factual or at least based on facts...The Copper Scroll, unlike all the other Dead Sea Scrolls, is a list of locations where vast treasures have been buried,' said Andrew Warren.

Andrew Eli Warren announced this week that his political thriller, The Countershaded Ibex, will be followed by an explosive new novel within the next three months.

The Countershaded Ibex, Warren’s first published novel, has gained international attention due to its timely content surrounding the lost treasure of Herod’s Temple. On September 10, in a dig just outside of the Temple wall, a large gold medallion and 36 coins were unearthed, according to the lead archaeologist on the site, Dr Eilat Mazar from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Although the gold was later verified as coming some 400 to 700 years after the destruction of the Herod’s temple, the find was, nevertheless, remarkable being one of the largest finds of gold in Israel.

Warren’s book, while filled with the fanciful thoughts of another Raiders of the Lost Ark treasure, was carefully researched on site in Israel and in Rome at the Vatican. Even though the characters are fictional, the story itself offers accurate history which has been well documented. Additionally, the book mentions a fictitious terrorist group, which is based on actual present-day groups well known in the region and around the world.

“Much of the book is factual or at least based on facts. Neturei Karta, the organization that is mentioned in the book, is very real and very scary. The Copper Scroll, unlike all the other Dead Sea Scrolls, is a list of locations where vast treasures have been buried,” Warren said in a recent interview.

While The Countershaded Ibex could be classified as an historical fiction, the true essence of the book is woven with a mysterious murder leading back to the Vatican. Even the name invites intrigue—a countershaded ibex is a mountain goat indigenous to the Judean hills of Israel, which even when in plain view it is invisible to most people. With more twists and turns than the road leading to Masada, Warren crafts a tale that is both believable and entertaining. And like many great fiction masterpieces, the romance between two of the main characters adds to the charm and likability of the story. It can be purchased on Amazon.

Andrew Eli Warren was born and raised in Bucharest in communist Romania. His family moved to the United States when Andrew was 17 years old. Writing was his passion, even as a child, but he put it on the back burner and became an engineer to please his parents. It wasn't until he was in his mid-40s that he really began to hone his skills. He has since published a fable called “Brushes” and a short story “Mendoza.” For more information about Andrew, or The Countershaded Ibex, visit his web site at

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