Cushing Law Offices Share Commercial Vehicle Collision Tips

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Michael Cushing, a personal injury attorney at Cushing Law Offices, offers the top four reasons why it is not only necessary to hire an attorney, but the right attorney when injured in a motor vehicle collision with a commercial vehicle.

Michael Cushing

People need to get an attorney right away or risk losing valuable evidence. It cannot be understated how important it is to getting the right attorney and getting them on the case quickly.

“First and foremost in all commercial vehicle collision cases, time is of the essence,” said Michael. “People need to get an attorney right away or risk losing valuable evidence. It cannot be understated how important it is to getting the right attorney and getting them on the case quickly.”

There are federal and state regulations that require commercial motor carriers to maintain certain records for a period of time; however, if no action is taken, these records can be destroyed. Additionally, there are electronic recording devices on commercial vehicles that track the vehicle, speed braking and other information that is imperative to determining how and why the collision occurred and whether the driver acted appropriately.

“Second is determining who is responsible,” said Michael. “One such case that perfectly illustrates this is that of actor/comedian Tracy Morgan who was seriously injured in a 2014 collision involving a truck driver. An August 12, 2015, article states the truck driver’s fatigue -- exacerbated by his decision to drive 12 hours to work before he even started his 14-hour shift -- likely caused the accident, which also killed comedian James McNair.”

In collisions involving commercial vehicles there are potential claims that are not just against the driver; there a number of other entities that may be responsible in addition to the driver, including his/her employer, etc. Having the right attorney is necessary to make sure that all the responsible parties are named in a suit.

The third point involves experts. Attorneys with experience in commercial motor vehicle collisions have access to the experts that are necessary to prevail in litigation. In order to be successful, experts are necessary and they need to know the code of federal regulations: how to interpret drive logs and inspection reports, extract and interpret electronic (black box) information and perform accident reconstructions.

“Lastly, the federal government has implemented special rules and regulations for how commercial vehicles are to be driven and maintained,” said Michael. “People need an attorney who is familiar with these regulations to investigate whether the driver, his/her employer, etc., are driving, operating and maintaining the vehicles in compliance with these regulations.”

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