Survey Reveals Maryland’s Top Three Debt Consolidation Loan Providers

Maryland's top debt consolidation companies revealed by Best Debt Consolidation.

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Best Debt Consolidation Loans

Our objective in doing this survey was to identify those debt consolidation providers that could be trusted to help people become debt free

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) May 21, 2014

Many Marylanders are struggling with big debt, which can be very difficult to overcome. While there are numerous debt consolidation loan and debt relief providers available online, some of them are basically con artists. Some residents have paid these companies thousands of dollars only to learn after a few months that none of their debts had been resolved. For this reason, the company recently analyzed the debt consolidation loan providers available in Maryland to determine which of them could be trusted.

In analyzing these companies used six criteria – the fees charged, customer service, customer satisfaction, debt solution alternatives, business ethics and financial standing. It found that the top three debt consolidation loan companies available to Marylanders are National Debt Relief, American Debt Enders and CuraDebt.

In releasing the results of this study, a spokesperson for said, “We know that many Marylanders are struggling to repay their debts. Our objective in doing this survey was to identify those debt consolidation providers that could be trusted to help people become debt free. We are aware of the fact that there are companies online offering debt relief that are nothing short of scam artists. It is our hope that the results of this survey will help Marylanders choose an honest and ethical company that can truly help them with their debt problems.”

It is believed that there are several reasons why residents of the state are facing increasing problems with debt. For one thing, the state's average credit card debt is $5345 per borrower, which is somewhat higher than the national average credit card debt of $5235 per borrower. The state's overall unemployment rate is reasonable but Baltimore is having problems as its unemployment is currently at 10.3%. In addition, Marylanders are facing the rising costs of food, fuel and housing, plus the fact that many of them are not very skilled personal finance managers.

On a more positive note, nearly 70% of Marylanders on their own homes and the state's average credit score is 687, which would be considered "good."

The company ranked the best for debt relief by is National Debt Relief. It was given the number one rating due to a number of factors, including the fact that it has regularly maintained an A rating with the Better Business Bureau and because it charges its customers nothing until it has settled their debts to their satisfaction and provided them with payment plans, which they had approved.

National Debt Relief was also given high marks because it charges its customers nothing upfront and provides them with debt consolidation programs custom tailored to their individual needs. also rated National Debt Relief number one because it has a very liberal cancellation policy. If one of its clients becomes dissatisfied with its services for any reason, that person can cancel out of his or her program and will not be charged anything. In addition, customers of National Debt Relief reported that they were almost always "very satisfied" with the services that they had received from the company.

The company ranked second best by is CuraDebt. It specializes in helping customers who owe more than $10,000 in credit card debts. It has a strong working relationship with the credit card companies so is almost always able to deliver on the promises that it makes to its clients. CuraDebt offers its customers flexible programs designed to help not just with credit card debt reduction but also with student loans, defaulted loans and tax debts.

Ranked third best by is American Debt Enders. It has been in business only for about seven years but has already built a reputation for helping individuals and families that have more than $5,000 in debt obtain help through custom-tailored debt consolidation programs. The company's debt counselors are trained to handle almost all types of credit problems in addition to just credit card debts. The company also says that its counselors are often able to even help customers improve their credit scores.

Maryland residents who would like to learn more about these three debt consolidation loan companies should go to