TRIBUS Announces DocuSign Integration, Along with Other New CRM Updates

TRIBUS is excited to announce a recent integration with the leading electronic signature service DocuSign, along with additional updates to its email marketing campaign platform and calendar functionalities that work to increase productivity across brokerages.

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This integration is going to make agents’ and brokerages’ lives easier by leaps and bounds and we couldn’t be more thrilled to play a role in that.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) August 01, 2014

TRIBUS is excited to announce new updates to its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, including a recent integration with the leading electronic signature platform, DocuSign. In addition, updates to calendar features and email marketing functionalities make TRIBUS CRM as seamlessly integrated as ever.

“We’re beyond excited to be working with DocuSign from directly within TRIBUS CRM,” says TRIBUS Director of Strategy Eric Stegemann. “This integration is going to make agents’ and brokerages’ lives easier by leaps and bounds and we couldn’t be more thrilled to play a role in that.”

After purchasing Cartavi last year, DocuSign became the most efficient and secure way to send and receive important documents. In the on-the-go culture of real estate agents, being able to cut out unnecessary steps of the paperwork process is a key component to any brokerage’s success.

TRIBUS is thrilled to be able to offer its clients an easy-to-use DocuSign integration directly within the CRM. Having the best of task management capabilities with the ease of electronic documentation all in one convenient location ensures that agents’ time is used efficiently.

“It's exciting to be the very first CRM to connect directly into the DocuSign transaction room,” says TRIBUS Director of Client Projects Katie Ragusa. “Now there's one fewer outside system for real estate professionals who use the TRIBUS CRM to have to log in to.”

In addition to the DocuSign integration, TRIBUS is excited to offer a new drag-and-drop email builder to make creating email marketing campaigns a cinch. The email marketing module allows users to choose between three types of campaigns, including text only, HTML and a builder that makes it easy to drag and drop to create your own look and feel.

“Email marketing really is an integral piece of any marketing plan, so we’re very excited to introduce these enhancements to our clients,” explained Rachel Rusnak, TRIBUS’ Director of Marketing. “Sadly, many real estate professionals sacrifice valuable relationships by falling out of touch with prospective and past clients, but email marketing is a great tool to ensure that doesn’t happen.”

In order to keep real estate agents focused and organized, TRIBUS did an overhaul to its calendar functionality, which allows team members to easily share meetings and appointments amongst colleagues. Agents can pin tasks and view a full-page calendar broken down month-by-month.

“We look forward to having our clients work within the CRM with these new and exciting updates and hope we can continue to make their lives easier,” Stegemann concludes.


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