Trivedi Science™ Announces the Beginning of Their Science Research to Create Highly Effective Pharmaceutical Drugs with Minimal Side Effects

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Trivedi Science™ is on the verge of creating highly advanced pharmaceutical compounds with the potential for a longer shelf life, greater solubility and bioavailability, increased drug efficacy, reduced toxicity and sustained drug release by applying a new phenomenon from nature—The Trivedi Effect®.

Trivedi Science
With these astounding results and the impressive compilation of supporting science research, human health care is highly anticipating the impact The Trivedi Effect® will have on Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals and the rest of the world.

According to Professor Donald W. Light from Harvard University's Center for Ethics (June 27, 2014), prescription drugs are the fourth leading cause of death in the world. Medical Science is becoming increasingly aware of the limitations and dangers of current pharmaceutical drugs available on the market, such as chemotherapy drugs to treat cancer, Prozac for depression and antibiotics used to treat bacteria that are quickly evolving to become increasingly resistant to current drugs and medicine.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health states that current drugs available on the market either have problems in terms of high toxicity, poor solubility, bioavailability and permeability, or are quickly being metabolized and excreted by the body’s biological systems [1 (July 5, 2012). Therefore, in order to create sufficient therapeutic effects, the drugs need to be administered in high (and often very toxic) doses. Even so, once the drug enters into the body there is no guarantee that it will reach the intended site of action, leading to exposure to the toxic effects of the drugs with very limited therapeutic impact. Even if the drug does reach the intended site of action, there is no certainty that the drug will have a sufficient impact. However, Trivedi Science™ is beginning new studies which, based on their previous successful scientific studies in the areas of Materials Science and experiments on pharmaceutical and nutraceutical compounds (available at, show that The Trivedi Effect® may be able to address all of these issues and alter pharmaceutical and nutraceutical compounds to reduce their toxicity and greatly increase their shelf life, bioavailability, solubility and system of drug release, leading to minimal side effects, lower doses and greater biological receptivity with full therapeutic impact.

Since discovering The Trivedi Effect® in 1995, Mahendra Kumar Trivedi started Trivedi Science™ to research, test and prove the impact of The Trivedi Effect® on living and nonliving materials, which has compiled into a hefty number of nearly 4,000 scientific studies in different fields of Life Sciences and Materials Sciences, such as agriculture, biotechnology, microbiology, genetics, cancer and materials science. Their impressive collection of science research has also led to many publications in international scientific peer-reviewed journals, and they currently have many more publications that have been confirmed and are underway. All science research and publications are available at

Based on the results in Materials Science and The Trivedi Effect®’s capability to transform everything on the cellular, molecular and atomic levels, Trivedi Science™ is expecting extraordinary results in the areas of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical compounds, which may provide a permanent solution to the most prominent needs of the current market of drugs and medicine.

Mr. Trivedi has announced that Trivedi Science™ is promoting further testing and research in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical arena, especially for anticancer and antibiotic drugs, and has already found over 7 different U.S. FDA approved laboratories to begin the process of experimentation, research, analytics, mice model studies and preclinical trials. This could lead to new, advanced and highly effect pharmaceutical drugs and nutraceutical drugs without any of the current hurdles the drug market now faces. It will be a true revolution for Medical Science and human health care.

Mahendra Trivedi and his wife, Trivedi Master™ Dahryn Trivedi, are already making a profound impact in the human wellness industry through their company Trivedi Master Wellness™ and their Master Wellness Programs™: Trivedi Master™ and CEO of Trivedi Global Inc., Alice Branton says that Trivedi Master Wellness™ has been able to address the issues of over 200,000 people worldwide in a way that no other model of medical health care or alternative healing modality has done before. People are reporting that The Trivedi Effect® has beneficially changed their whole totality, everything from increased finances, better overall health, deeper and more loving relationships to better business opportunities, increased mental clarity, mental and emotional health and the rapid decline of psychological, neurological and many other physical disorders that Medical Science has found no effective or currently known cure. Thousands of client testimonials are available at

With these astounding results and the impressive compilation of supporting science research, human health care is highly anticipating the impact The Trivedi Effect® will have on Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals and the rest of the world.

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