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Following the November 25th Entertainment Weekly article entitled “’Doctor Who’ Ratings Break BBC America Record”, announced its list of top four television shows boasting a cult following in the United States.

Entertainment Weekly published an article on November 25th, titled “’Doctor Who’ Ratings Break BBC America Record.” The article revealed that over 2.4 million Americans tuned in to watch a “Doctor Who” special, a record-breaking number for the television show. Following this publication, acknowledged televisions shows with a cult following in the United States, including the aforementioned “Doctor Who.” The list offers four of the most popular television cult classics, ranging from fifty years ago to the present.

James Hibberd of Entertainment Weekly took to his keyboard this week to announce that BBC America had broken a record on November 23rd. On the 23rd, a 50th anniversary special for “Doctor Who” aired, bringing in an initial audience of 2.4 million people, and leaping up to 3.6 million after the special’s second showing. The show’s viewership was almost triple in the United Kingdom, topping out at over 10 million viewers. These impressive numbers are rumored to have landed the special in the Guinness’ Book of World Records.

Following the success of “Doctor Who” among American audiences, revealed four cult classics in television, including the aforementioned success story:

First up, names “Doctor Who.” Despite having a regular fan base in its native country, “Doctor Who” is considered to have a cult following in the U.S. due to the highly devoted nature of fans and failure for the television show to truly permeate mainstream American culture. Though the show’s star power continues to rise, it has been firmly established as a television cult classic in the U.S.

Second, offers “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” The television show, based on the film of the same name, boasted a loyal following during its seven year run, and continues to hold a solid fan base nine years after the show’s end. Notable is the development of a comic book series intended to placate long-time fans devastated by the show’s close and wrap up any loose ends from the series finale.

Third on’s list is “My So-Called Life”, a short-lived television show starring Claire Danes. The show, aimed toward young adolescent females, continues to hold a solid fan base, some who have loved the show since its one-year run, others who have discovered the show long after its run and appreciate its emotional depth and solid attempt at realism in adolescence. Though fans initiated a web-based attack on ABC in an attempt to prevent the show’s cancellation, “My So-Called Life” was eventually cancelled, despite the final episode’s cliffhanger ending.

Fourth and final on’s list is “Arrested Development”. A show heavy in dialogue, family trappings, and mocking the rich, “Arrested Development” attracted many fans. Using a unique composition, the show functions as a sort of glimpse into the everyday goings-on of the Bluth family—even when those goings-on are mundane or don’t appear particularly noteworthy. These characteristics, in addition to numerous other quirks, were largely responsible for the show’s cult following. Due to its loyal following, “Arrested Development” eventually returned with a fourth season released on Netflix, in order to lead into a film of the same name and characters.

James Hibberd is a senior writer for Entertainment Weekly, composing articles focused on television news and reviews. Entertainment Weekly is an online and print magazine offering the latest news in the entertainment industry, including celebrity news and gossip.

Following the publication of the “Doctor Who” special’s resounding success in America, announced its list of top four cult classics in television, including the “Doctor Who” series. In order to qualify as cult classics, these television shows must boast significant fan followings, though the shows themselves may never have reached mainstream success. The cult classics included “Doctor Who”, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “My So-Called Life”, and “Arrested Development”, all but one of which have been cancelled, prompting swift backlash from fans eager for more seasons. To watch these and more cult classics, recommends readers check out for the best deals and packages in dish TV.

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