Lilysilk Adds Two New Styles To Its Silk Sleepwear Collection, Offering More Choices Than Ever adds two new styles to the company’s large selection of silk sleepwear, and offers silk scarves as gifts to sleepwear purchasers.

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silk robe for women

silk robe

We are a firm believer of the long-tail effect.

Desert Haven, TX (PRWEB) December 12, 2013, the leading online retailer specializing in luxury high-end Mulberry silk bedding ware and sleepwear, has recently announced the addition of two new styles in its collection of men and women's sleepwear, namely the women's sleeveless silk pajamas and the men's long lapel collar silk robes, expanding the company's already-large sleepwear selection even further. has committed to developing their product lines in the past year, and the result is showing up through their ever-expanding page listing of silk merchandise. Silk pajamas seem to be one of the main focus at the moment. According to company CEO Mike Lee, Lilysilk has added a total of 17 new styles of silk pajamas, silk gowns, silk nightshirts and other types of sleepwear including men's silk shorts and pants in 2013 alone, almost doubling its sleepwear selection.

"We are a firm believer of the long-tail effect", said Mike when asked about the rapid expansion, "It's true we have our core products in luxury silk bedding ware, but we are not going to ignore the possibilities of the tail - our pajamas."

Both styles are available in 6 different colors including classical colors like black, white and violet. The men's and women's have different shades of red, with the women's being the brighter rouge and men's having the darker claret. Customers can choose among Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large presets for size, or customize the product with their own desired measurements. The size chart and customization utilities are both available on the product information page, and customers are encouraged to read the size chart first to find out if they need customization at all.

To promote the sales of the newly added sleepwear items, is rewarding customers who purchase any sleepwear from the company's website with a gift silk scarf worth approximately $60. For details on this promotion, customers can visit Lilysilk's official website at



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