uFluidix Expands Their Portfolio of Coatings for Microfluidics to Meet Increasing Demand

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Microfluidics experts, uFluidix, expands their portfolio of coatings for microfluidics cartridges, chips and devices to meet demand for a wider range of diagnostic applications and detection strategies.

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Microfluidics technology is a vital component of diagnostic testing and microfluidics manufacturer, uFluidix, is at the forefront of the industry. Following a major expansion in 2020 which saw the company double manufacturing capacity, uFluidix marks 2021 with continued growth and anew portfolio of channel coatings available for microfluidics devices.

While the medical industry has seen the introduction of point of care microfluidics diagnostic tests for more than two decades, the past year has seen a sharp increased in approved on-site or in-home COVID-19 diagnostic test kits, and many more are emerging. Beyond the realm of health care diagnostics, microfluidics also has several commercial uses such as gene sequencing and micro-RNA production, and delivery applications such as vaccines and therapeutics.

It is clear, the demand for microfluidics devices will continue to grow as its range of application expands. This is a welcomed prospect for a microfluidics manufacturer, but it comes with a problem; the majority of test cartridges are made of polycarbonate, PDMS, polypropylene, PET or other plastic. The inner surface of these plastic microchannels must be durably coated to ensure accurate and reliable testing results. In the not-so-distant past only a few hydrophobic or hydrophilic formulas existed to fulfill the needs of microfluidics, but as the application of microfluidics expands there is an increased demand for unique microchannel coating formulations. This is where uFluidix surpasses industry competitors, they’ve proactively invested in the evolution of microfluidics applications.

“Our clients with unique microchannel coating needs can now enjoy a quicker manufacturing timeline thanks to our expertise, portfolio of coating options, and expanded manufacturing facilities” says Dr. Cristina Martin.

The uFluidix team of scientists and engineers know the latest advances in surface science concerning microfluidics, and the company has extensively expanded its portfolio, and capacity to apply newer formulations of microchannel coatings. This, coupled with last year’s expanded manufacturing capabilities, puts the company at the cutting edge of the microfluidics industry, ready and able to meet growing demand.

More About uFluidix:
Leaders in the custom fabrication of microfluidic devices made of PDMS and thermoplastics, uFluidix has confidential cleanroom production facilities, fully equipped with state-of-the-art, custom-made manufacturing equipment, and uses proprietary processes to produce affordable and high-fidelity microfluidic chips. In addition to providing fabrication services, uFluidix has proven its value as a full-service development partner to the creators of microfluidic solutions.

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