Used Ford Taurus Transmission Added to Automatic Gearbox Inventory for Sale at Preowned Transmissions Company

Used Ford Taurus transmission is now sold online inside the inventory at the company. These units are offered in different builds for Taurus owners and other buyers to purchase easily online.

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Ford Taurus Transmission
Ford is known for innovating technology for its engines and transmissions and we're helping to carry over this technology with the used condition assemblies for sale online.

Baton Rouge, LA (PRWEB) December 19, 2013

The Ford Taurus remains one of the best-selling units created in the Ford Motor Company lineup. Transmissions for this popular brand of vehicles can now be purchased online through the Preowned Transmissions company. This automatic used Ford Taurus transmission inventory now for sale can be reviewed at

The 1986 introduction of the Ford Taurus as a luxury sedan by Ford helped to make this vehicle one of the top selling brands in the North American auto industry. Multiple transmissions were used in the development of the Taurus due to innovations in technology. The original AXOD was the first gearbox used in 1986 and this unit is included in the inventory now for sale.

"Ford is known for innovating technology for its engines and transmissions and we're helping to carry over this technology with the used condition assemblies for sale online," said a source from the company.

The development of electronic transmission controls has made it possible for automakers to provide a smoother shifting process compared to the standard manual shifting requiring drivers to produce force for shifting gears.

The arrival of the Taurus transmissions is improving the resources that car owners, engine mechanics and junkyard owners have to find units no longer in active production.

"The units that are now sold online feature the AXOD-E, 4F50N, AX4N and AX4S to help any buyer locate the right transmission code for a Ford Taurus," the source confirmed.

The gearboxes that are currently acquired for consumer sale by the Preowned Transmissions company feature validated mileage and are evaluated to maintain the company reputation as a quality resource. A warranty program has been introduced to protect each transmission for sale against unforeseen problems.

The Taurus gearboxes now announced for sale include this new level of warranty coverage for all buyers. Units that are quoted in sale price online are included in the warranty coverage policies. Buyers interested in completing a purchase for gearbox units can use the toll-free number in place at 1-866-320-1182 for order processing.


The company supports second hand purchasers of transmission assemblies online through its resource center. This company has created a simple to research gearbox inventory online. The used units that are featured online include some of the top brands in the U.S. auto market. The company supports all purchasers of its inventory with a warranty program that features up to 24 months of coverage. This warranty plan is in addition to the current policies for freight this company promotes to all U.S. buyers.