Latest Research Announced Connecting The Trump Presidency and the French Reign of Terror By Vedic Scholar and Author Sam Geppi

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Verifiable and undeniable connection through ancient technologies and teachings shed new light on unprecedented times.

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Planetary Configurations of the Reign of Terror Eclipse and August 2017 Eclipse

In both dates we see 7 of the nine visible planets in the exact same signs, an occurrence so rare as to boggle the mind

Author and Vedic scholar Sam Geppi of Vedic Art and Science Inc released his latest research into the undeniable connection between the Presidency of Donald Trump and the Reign of Terror, which occurred during the French Revolution.
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There are remarkable similarities to the current political climate in the US and the Reign of Terror.

From Wikipedia:
"During 1794, revolutionary France was beset with conspiracies by internal and foreign enemies. Within France, the revolution was opposed by the French nobility, which had lost its inherited privileges."

"In addition, the French First Republic was engaged in a series of wars with neighboring powers, and parts of France were engaging in civil war against the loyalist regime."

"The French government established the Committee of Public Safety, which took its final form on 6 September 1793, in order to suppress internal counter-revolutionary activities and raise additional French military forces."

Mr. Geppi notes the similarities to the current political climate in the US and the political climate in France that led to the French Revolution. Conspiracy theories and interference from foreign governments, distrust of the media and Intelligence agencies, charges of hacking and "fake news" are all-pervasive in US politics and the world.

Additionally, there are overt and covert wars being fought all around the world by the US and its allies. In a recent speech President Trump declared the establishment of VOICE the Victims of Immigrant Crime Engagement, which sounds eerily similar to the Committee of Public Safety.

Mr Geppi's article and video report carefully examines the crucial dates of September 5, 1793 and August 21, 2017. September 5 is the beginning date of the French "Reign of Terror" (the day before the Committee of Public Safety was established) and August 21, 2017, an important date with nearly identical energy.

Using the ancient technologies of Astrology and cosmology, the undeniable planetary patterns are illustrated. The visual, comparative analysis of the planetary configurations is clear to see and rather stunning.

In the article Mr. Geppi explains, "on both dates we see a Solar eclipse in the constellation of Leo and 7 of the nine visible planets in the exact same signs, an occurrence so rare as to boggle the mind. Also, in each example, the shadow of the eclipse passes within a few hundred miles of each nation's capitol".

Mr. Geppi also describes the remarkable similarities to the chart and planetary configurations of the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, to both of these charts. Mr. Trump was also born on an eclipse, at a time when the Sign of Leo was rising, remarkable coincidences perhaps?

Mr. Geppi realizes that to many in his Western audiences, vedic astrology is hocus pocus, unscientific and mindless. But to most of the world, that is not the case. The medical systems and spiritual traditions of many cultures reliably use vedic astrology and other holistic, cosmological patterns into their daily life.

Mr Geppi says:
As the ancient greeks advised, "as above so below." The patterns of nature repeat elegantly and are shown in Fibonacci patterns, cells and solar systems. We comes from stars. Everything that is going to happen will take place under the canopy of planets and stars. What else is there but the universe?

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