VinLuxe Wine Aerator Announces New Wine Aerator Demonstration Video to Be Released Tomorrow

Andre Lorent set to release new video showing how to use the VinLuxe Wine Aerator.

Victor, NY (PRWEB) February 04, 2014

Last month, the luxury accessories company Andre Lorent Lifestyles released its new VinLuxe Wine Aerator, available exclusively through Amazon. Initial reviews of the new wine aerator have been excellent and the wine community has widely applauded the results of using the VinLuxe Wine Aerator to enhance the flavor of wine. However, not everyone is familiar with the concept of using a wine aerator.

This prompted Andre Lorent founder Ben Cummings to produce a new wine aerator video explaining the purpose of a wine aerator and why the VinLuxe is superior in several ways.

“Although we’ve gotten a great reception from the wine community thus far,” says Cummings, “we knew there were plenty of people who were unfamiliar with wine aerators, so we created the video to introduce them.”

The video, premiering tomorrow on, will explain what a wine aerator and how they work, as well as how the VinLuxe operates in a unique way with its globally-patented 3 Step Aeration System.

“In the video, we’ll also share some of the great feedback we’ve gotten from some of the many customers that have purchased the VinLuxe Wine Aerator,” adds Cummings.

That feedback has been extremely positive, with customers stating that even inexpensive or moderately-priced wines have much more depth and texture after being aerated with the VinLuxe Wine Aerator.

“The VinLuxe Wine Aerator has a dramatic impact on the quality of wines,” says Cummings. “Our customers are using the VinLuxe to aerate very costly wines as well as less-expensive bottles, all with great results. We’re very excited about premiering the video tomorrow and showing wine lovers what the VinLuxe Wine Aerator is all about.”

Viewers will also be able to take advantage of a special 25% discount code shared at the end of the video. This special code is only available through the video and for a limited time, to mark the video’s premiere.