Offers Streamlined Approach to Top Medical Tourism Destinations has created a streamlined methodology to its top healthcare destinations. The company is on track in 2014 to expand its extensive network of exclusive providers and successfully reach more communities around the globe.

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Improving Your Life With Exclusive Doctors Worldwide
Our goal is to continually explore ways to improve value for patients by restructuring patient-doctor relationships, improving processes, reducing costs without sacrificing outcomes.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 15, 2014

As a leading provider in the medical tourism industry, has created a streamlined methodology to top healthcare destinations around the globe. The approach includes educational information on medical branches, treatments, costs, and destinations.

“Now more than ever it is imperative to have an effective online medical resource. Our goal is to continually explore ways to improve value for patients by restructuring patient-doctor relationships, improving processes, reducing costs without sacrificing outcomes, and implementing providers in new locations who are leaders in their respective industries,” stated Tolga Umar, CEO and Founder of

As one of the largest medical tourism companies in the world, has an extensive network of providers and community partners to help successfully reach more communities. The company is helping patients feel less astounded by offering voluminous healthcare options — and no fees to get a medical quote. Top Branches for Medical Tourism —

Infertility (IVF) and Surrogacy | Top Infertility (IVF) clinics around the globe are devoted to treating infertility and helping couples achieve their dreams, with the answers patients need and the kindness they deserve. Partnered fertility specialists take pride in providing the most compassionate and personalized reproductive care available today.

Plastic Surgery | Committed to safety and superior results, experienced plastic surgeons care about patient's individual needs. Partnered experts of are leading the medical tourism industry in cosmetic surgical procedures of the face, breasts and body.

Cosmetic Dentistry | Highly-experienced teams of cosmetic dentistry specialists can provide services to make one's smile perfect. Partnered dentists are using the latest in advanced dental technology to create dazzling smiles that are brightening lives around the world.

Laser Eye Surgery | Interested in having laser eye surgery to correct poor vision? Laser eye surgery is simple, fast, and effective. Partnered innovators and leaders in the laser eye field are providing affordable experiences and are committed to providing the best vision correction results possible today.

Orthopedic Surgery | Surrounded by the most patient-centered, compassionate orthopedic departments in the world, partnered orthopedic surgeons offer leading treatments for the full spectrum of musculoskeletal conditions — from sprains to strains.

Hair Transplant Surgery | Premier hair restoration surgeons are offering hair transplantation solutions to the 80 million men and women experiencing hair loss. Distinguished experts and leaders in the field of hair transplantation help patients achieve a natural and more youthful appearance with hair loss treatments.

Weight Loss Surgery | Struggling with endless weight loss programs that have shown no results, exhaustion from everyday tasks and the increase of various health risks due to being overweight? Partnered bariatric surgeons transform lives on a daily basis.

Heart Surgery | Elite cardiac surgeons are evaluating new technologies and devices to treat heart disease, which allows them to bring patients promising new treatments as quickly as possible. An exclusive platform of cardiac specialists across the globe are creating personalized treatment plans and the highest level of compassion and patient care.

Cancer Care | With a mission to support the emotional well-being of all patients and their families, and to be the strongest ally in the fight against cancer, partnered cancer care specialists and leading oncologists are providing the most effective treatments in order to diagnose and successfully treat cancer.

Organ Transplant | More than 103,000 people in the United States alone are currently waiting for a lifesaving transplant. Because of advances in surgical techniques, post-transplant medications and careful follow-up, partnered organ transplant specialists in Turkey continue to revolutionize transplant medicine around the globe.

The Most Dynamic Industry in the World —

Healthcare is the most dynamic industry in the world. provides affordability and conveniences to set patients on a prolific journey to improve and maintain one's health.

The company was founded with the belief that affordable healthcare is available for everyone — everywhere.

While striving to make it easy for patients seeking treatments, offers earnest guidance finding a doctor and reachable destinations across the globe for managing one's health.

The doctors, clinics, and hospitals inside the network save patients anywhere between 40-80 percent off the cost of medical treatments — whether uninsured, under-insured, or simply seeking elective care. The company values resilient communication and consists of internationally accredited, state-of-the-art facilities that utilize the most advanced medical technologies in the world.

About was created to give individuals worldwide valued direction locating a doctor, obtain free medical treatment quotes, and uncover affordable medical treatments at destinations of their choice. Improving Patients Lives |The company provides access to exclusive doctors and hospitals who specialize in infertility, plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, laser eye surgery, orthopedic surgery, hair transplantation, weight loss surgery, heart surgery and cancer care. Patients are matched with devoted multilingual patient facilitators and provided tangible connections to doctors worldwide.

Promoting Your Healthcare Brand | For the ultimate connection between the healthcare industry and patients worldwide, the company delivers an unrivaled commitment to create sustained value for medical partners. Contact to see if you are eligible to become a partner of the exclusive network.