McCann Investigations Offering Vulnerability Assessments in San Antonio

Firm now providing digital security services to new market

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San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) November 25, 2013

McCann Investigations, a firm based in Texas that provides digital security and private investigations services, recently announced that it will now provide its vulnerability assessment services to clients in the San Antonio area.

Vulnerability assessments are meant to pinpoint weak spots within networks that hackers could exploit to gain access to private and often critical information. This type of attack could lead to a major company-wide security breach. The digital security experts from McCann Investigations analyze networks to find those vulnerabilities and provide options for bolstering security at those locations.

"We believe that every company should do all that it can to identify and strengthen vulnerabilities," said Daniel Weiss, Managing Partner of McCann Investigations. "This allows companies to have a greater sense of control and peace of mind over their critical information."

The San Antonio digital security experts from McCann take a number of steps to arrange for heightened network security. These steps could include setting up scanning tools, gathering network data, planning scans that will be performed in the networks and more. After all scans are complete, the analysts ensure that they have uncovered all vulnerabilities and determine whether those vulnerabilities could potentially be exploited by hackers. If the answer is yes, they arrange for remediation efforts in those locations.

McCann Investigations makes it clear that vulnerability assessments are an excellent means of preventing data breaches from occurring.

"Data breaches can be extremely messy affairs, particularly when the existence of the breach goes public," said Weiss. "We believe it's best to do everything possible to avoid those breaches in the first place, and part of doing that is by undergoing a vulnerability assessment."

For more information about the services provided by McCann Investigations in the San Antonio area, visit the company’s website at and follow the company on Twitter at @mccangi.

About McCann Investigations
McCann Investigations is a Texas-based private investigations practice focused on comprehensive investigations incorporating digital forensics, surveillance, undercover work and background checks for clients in various case types. Service areas include intellectual property theft, non-compete enforcement, fraud, embezzlement and family law. McCann Investigators are experts in the latest computer forensics tools and are licensed with the state of Texas. McCann examiners have provided expert testimony and reporting in hundreds of cases across the state.