Recipients of 2016 Environmental Landscape Awards Announced by the Washington Association of Landscape Professionals (WALP)

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Distinguished awards were presented which highlighted the skill and professionalism of top landscape contractors, architects, designers, and suppliers who have produced projects of notable merit. Scholarships to up-and-coming members of the industry were awarded to support the talent of the next generation of landscape providers.

Back (L to R): Linda Zimmer, Leo Bate, Mary Peterson, Jay Curcio, Robert Hobart, Peter Dervin
Middle (L to R): Tina Nyce, Jay Nyce, Wade Bartlett, Robert Boyker, Louise Fair
Front (L to R) Kneeling: Saul Castaneda, Alberto Carillo

WALP 2016 Environmental Landscape Awards Recipients

Clients that hire award winning companies can be sure they are getting the best of the best in our industry.

Twenty awards were recently announced by the Washington Association of Landscape Professionals (WALP), showcasing the talent and skill of landscape professionals from around Washington State.

The purpose of the awards is to recognize exceptional performance and "foster personal and company pride in superior workmanship" within the landscape industry. The distinction as an award winner lends a large measure of credibility, reliability, and a high level of confidence to customers looking to hire a professional for a landscape project.

Larry Zimmer, 2017 WALP State President feels that, "Our Environmental Landscape Awards program recognizes our members for some of the extraordinary work they design, install and maintain. It is a testament to the professionalism, talent, and skill of our member companies. Clients that hire award winning companies can be sure they are getting the best of the best in our industry. I always enjoy viewing these award winning projects and appreciate the high quality of work our members produce."

Landscape companies submitted photographs and descriptions showcasing their skills in areas like landscape lighting, landscaping on a slope, creating an inviting residential outdoor space, as well as unique projects such as renovating an atrium, building a tree house, and installing a green roof.

Entries were judged by a panel of experts on difficulty, craftsmanship, relative contribution to environmental quality, and overall excellence. "Of the various awards and recognition we receive throughout the year, the WALP Environmental Landscape Award provides our greatest satisfaction," said Rob Boyker of Avid Landscape Design and Development. "These awards are judged and presented by a blind panel of our peers; well-respected pillars of our local landscape industry. Their expertise allows them the ability to appreciate our workmanship on a level beyond the obvious beauty; a level only familiar to those within the industry. When they judge a project they incorporate the challenges associated with site conditions and materials used. They see beyond the cover page and interpret the entire story behind each project. The awards presented reflect the process of landscaping and not just the final result."

In addition, the WALP Education Foundation awarded two scholarships to students, Caleb Garland of Spokane Community College and Hilary Turner of Edmonds Community College. Caleb and Hilary are enrolled in a horticulture or landscape-related college program and were selected by the foundation as future leaders in the industry. With plans to use their education to meet future challenges of the landscape industry, they have demonstrated a high level of professionalism and competence and may someday themselves be award-winning landscape contractors, designers, architects, or suppliers.

The 2016 Environmental Landscape Award recipients are as follows:

2016 Contractor of the Year: Leo Bate, Northwest Landscape Services
Contact: 425-481-0919 ▪ P.O. Box 864, Woodinville, Washington 98072
Photo: Leo Bate

2016 Supplier of the Year: Peter Dervin, CLP, VPC Sales
Contact:(425) 879-1033 ▪ pdervin(at)vpcsales(dot)com ▪ 101 9th Ave SE Everett, WA 98298
Photo: Peter Dervin, CLP

Grand Award Recipients:

Britescape, LLC: Lighting
Contact: 206-523-7366 ▪ info(at)britescape(dot)com
Britescape knows how to create beauty and function, which is evident in the way they provided this landscape with warm, white lighting around the entire property. Not only does it provide safety and security to the homeowners, but also creates a space that is inviting and highlights the focal areas of the yard.

Britescape, LLC: Residential Construction Over $50,000, Grand and Judges’ Award
Contact: 206-523-7366 ▪ info(at)britescape(dot)com
Britescape earned two awards for this landscape, in which they removed an unused driveway and expanded the outdoor living space by adding a sunken covered patio. Britescape also added a walkway, a gabion retaining wall, lighting, and beautiful drought-tolerant plantings, turning unused space into a desirable area to relax and enjoy.

Nyce Gardens: Unique Project, Slope Retention
Contact: Jay and Tina Nyce ▪ 425-260-4646 ▪ info(at)nycegardens(dot)com
After removing 6-8 feet of blackberry covering a hillside, which is not an easy task, Nyce Gardens added new walls which were made of a mix of block, gabion, and steel and created a sitting area where the homeowner can relax and enjoy views of the lake.

Pacific Earth Works, Inc.: Commercial Construction Over $150,000
Contact: 206-625-1749 ▪ 12515 Wagner Road, Monroe, WA
Pacific Earth Works covered more than 11,000 square feet with a green roof on the fifth floor of the Bellevue City Hall parking garage. This was a complex project which involved adding approximately 450 cubic yards of growing medium and 1500 bags of Mexican Beach Pebbles weighing 50 pounds each that were hand placed onto the roof, resulting in an environmentally-friendly and beautiful space.

Plantscapes, Inc.: Commercial Interior Design & Installation
Contact: 206-623-7100 ▪ 1127 Poplar Place S, Seattle, WA 98144
With the nearly 40-year-old atrium at Physio Control in Redmond, WA needing an overhaul, Plantscapes removed and replaced old trees, deteriorating hardscape, and 12 inches of soil. They completed the project by adding irrigation, new plants, a fountain, and lighting, which resulted in a bright, inviting space for employees to gather.

Award of Distinction Recipients:

Avid Landscape Design and Development, LLC: Residential Construction Over $50,000
Contact: 206-310-1345 ▪ 1413 N. 136th Street, Seattle, WA 98133
When the homeowners of this landscape were looking for security, privacy and a yard that provided both child and adult spaces they hired Avid Landscape Design and Development. Using a combination of architectural slabbing, formed concrete, wood, and metal in its design, Avid Landscape Design and Development was able to provide a safe and comfortable space for the whole family.

Avid Landscape Design and Development, LLC: Residential Construction, $25,001 - $50,000
Contact: 206-310-1345 ▪ 1413 N. 136th Street, Seattle, WA 98133
Avid Landscape Design and Development came to the rescue to give this small, multi-tiered backyard an updated look. This was achieved by redesigning the space using architectural slabs and river rock and installing a custom metal gate and new staircase to the upper yard, giving the yard an updated, contemporary look.

Environmental Construction, Inc.: Residential Construction Over $50,000
Contact: 425-803-9881 ▪ 2038 9th St W Kirkland, WA 98033
Environmental Construction, Inc. completed an extensive hillside project in the Woodway area, connecting the areas together through the use of gabion basket walls and granite rock outcroppings. Black basalt steps weave through the hillside, leading to a batting cage, fireplace, lawn, planting beds, and steps to outdoor living areas. Their skill and cohesiveness in carrying out this design demonstrate that we should not ignore the potential of what a hillside can become.

Northwest Outdoor Lighting: Lighting
Contact: 425-633-6074 ▪ Sales(at)NWOutdoorLighting(dot)com
Safety first! Northwest Outdoor Lighting provided a Lake Stevens home with safer visibility across a front deck walkway and better lighting for entertainment on a back deck. Northwest Outdoor Lighting was able to achieve the complicated task of highlighting focal points while keeping light beams out of the viewer's eyes.

Nyce Gardens: Design/Build
Contact: Jay and Tina Nyce ▪ 425-260-4646 ▪ info(at)nycegardens(dot)com
Nyce Gardens gave this Kirkland home an updated landscape that truly sets it apart from its neighbors. The block walls were replaced with steel, an element that was creatively carried throughout the landscape through the use of steel containers, wall hangings, and trellises. The use of a common element created a cohesive, signature look for the property.

Pacific Earthworks, Inc.: Commercial Construction Over $150,000
Contact: 206-625-1749 ▪ 12515 Wagner Road, Monroe, WA
Pacific Earth Works, Inc. took on a large endeavor in completing a landscape and green roof installation as part of a new building construction. The rooftop required installation of a green roof tray system and sedum tile planting as well as plantings within free-standing rooftop planters, mixing environmental-friendly function with an interesting and beautiful display!

Pacific Landscape Management, Inc.: Residential Construction Over $50,000
Contact: 425-885-2905 ▪ admin(at)paclandman(dot)com
This award-winning project by Pacific Landscape Management, Inc. included just about every element involved in a landscape project, such as lighting, drainage, grading, hardscape, irrigation, and planting. Using Tufftrack to provide space for RV parking, Pacific Landscape Management, Inc. succeeded in using different elements together to give the homeowners an efficient, visually pleasing space.

Rock Solid Landscapes, LLC: Hardscaping
Contact: 206-523-ROCK (7625) ▪ info(at)rocksolidlandscapes(dot)com ▪ 3300 NE 55th Street Seattle, Washington 98105
Rock Solid Landscapes, LLC created a hardscape project worthy of envy with French doors leading out to spacious dining area, a gathering space with a fireplace and overhead pergola, and beautiful, stamped, colorized concrete. They were successful in giving the family an outdoor space that is inviting and connects seamlessly to their indoor living space.

Award of Merit Recipients

Jefferson Landscaping: Residential Construction, 2 awards
Contact: 206-992-9117 ▪ lindacarroll(at)comcast(dot)net ▪ 17119 232nd Avenue NE, Woodinville, WA 98077
Jefferson Landscaping won two awards in the category of Residential Construction. One project involved creating a more inspiring and inviting outdoor space for a family with young kids. Jefferson Landscaping provided a water feature to add relaxation for adults and a tree house for the kids to enjoy and create memories together.

The other award-winning project was improving a tired and unusable landscape due to poor drainage conditions. Jefferson Landscaping added extensive drainage, amended soil, and added an irrigation system. A new custom ledgestone wall, new plantings, and lighting now give this home a more inviting view from their newly-installed deck and spa.

Pacific Landscape Management, Inc.: Hardscaping
When it comes to challenging conditions, Pacific Landscape Management, Inc. doesn't shy away. This project at a residence involved a slope and subgrade, as well as a majority of the project being on top of a large area of rockery surrounding the site. Despite the challenges, Pacific Landscape Management installed an irrigation system, a paver patio and walkway, and steps that will add value and safety to their home and last for many years to come.
Contact: 425-885-2905 ▪ admin(at)paclandman(dot)com

Rock Solid Landscapes, LLC: Unique Project
Contact: 206-523-ROCK (7625) ▪ info(at)rocksolidlandscapes(dot)com ▪ 3300 NE 55th Street Seattle, Washington 98105
Rock Solid Landscapes, LLC was tasked with the goal of providing an environment of year-round creativity and exploration for a family and their young kids. Complicated by a steep slope and heavy shade, Rock Solid Landscapes, LLC created a series of inviting, curving pathways, a dry creek bed, and a sandbox for hours of imaginative play.

Rock Solid Landscapes, LLC: Residential Construction Over $50,000
Contact: 206-523-ROCK (7625) ▪ info(at)rocksolidlandscapes(dot)com ▪ 3300 NE 55th Street Seattle, Washington 98105
Years of frustration with poorly draining soil led the homeowners of this project to call Rock Solid Landscapes for help. They were able to provide the family a space to entertain family and friends beside a water feature or play some games in their informal bocce court. Now instead of frustration with their yard, they can relax and have fun instead.

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