WatzOn.TV Announces Online Television Channel for Duran Duran Fans

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WatzOn.TV launched a Duran Duran video channel, arming worldwide fans and fan site curators with hundreds of video clips for 24/7 access to the stars’ archives.

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It’s so quick and easy to use. Our channels can be created on the fly in about 60 seconds. That makes any social media manager, fan or fan website curator happy

Today, WatzOn.TV announced immediate availability of a Free Online On-Demand 24/7 Duran Duran video channel found at http://www.watzontv.com/Duran-Duran. Mixing content from multiple sources like YouTube.com, VEVO and other content providers, viewers can use the automated WatzOn.TV Butler to watch video clips featuring Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, Roger Taylor, John Taylor, Andy Taylor, Warren Cuccurullo, Dom Brown and other past members of the band. Visitors can even create their own custom channels in less than 60 seconds. For Duran Duran Fans, click-to-watch is no longer necessary – the WatzOn.TV butler automatically finds videos on your favorite celebrity and serves up those videos 24 hours a day!

“It’s so quick and easy to use. Our channels can be created on the fly in about 60 seconds. That makes any social media manager, fan or fan website curator happy – they are creating streaming content and it helps to keep their readers and followers engaged. We are playing content straight from YouTube and VEVO and the bands still get their views counted on the original platforms. It's a win-win for the band and the fans!” said Kimberly Penney, VP, Corporate Communications at WatzOn.TV.

On-Demand Content Streams 24/7, No Clicking Needed!

Many fan clubs and online magazines have already benefited from deploying the WatzOn.TV free online On-Demand and CREATE YOUR OWN Television channels and smart phone apps. Rachael "Rhodiva" Story, curator and administrator for 35 Duran Duran Facebook fan pages recently committed to deploying WatzOn.TV to all of her websites and fan pages in her worldwide network of followers. Her plan is to tweet and share it to other fans of Duran Duran so that other content providers can do the same and send it to their readers. WatzOn.TV will enable Rachael to easily produce and disseminate content that her followers and readers enjoy.

Her list of fan sites is extensive and reaches thousands of readers daily:

  •     Into Medazzaland: The Land of Duranies facebook.com/groups/235697875103/
  •     Passion For The Controller: Nick Rhodes facebook.com/groups/11960183785/
  •     Team Nick Rhodes facebook.com/groups/166372386764737/
  •     Team Simon Le Bon facebook.com/groups/170329946366798/
  •     Team John Taylor facebook.com/groups/189487881110114/
  •     Team Roger Taylor facebook.com/groups/161190240619299/
  •     Team Andy Taylor facebook.com/groups/177602728975018/
  •     Team Warren Cuccurullo facebook.com/groups/103323369813304/
  •     Team Dom Brown facebook.com/groups/494006513946077/
  •     Team Duran Duran facebook.com/groups/254298094585399/
  •     <3 Andy Taylor Lovers <3 facebook.com/groups/135371896604257/
  •     All You Need Is Nick Rhodes .facebook.com/groups/450446558319392/
  •     All You Need Is Simon Le Bon facebook.com/groups/342057819209758/
  •     All You Need Is John Taylor facebook.com/groups/163250673811157/
  •     All You Need Is Duran Duran facebook.com/groups/453857151315305/
  •     All You Need Is Roger Taylor facebook.com/groups/243664265754889/
  •     Totally Addicted To Nick Rhodes facebook.com/groups/268152626622070/
  •     Rhodivas/Rhodesians Unite: Fans of Nick Rhodes
  •     facebook.com/groups/FansofNickRhodes/
  •     Our Sunshine: Nick Rhodes Appreciation Group facebook.com/groups/OurSunshine.NickRhodes/
  •     TV Mania (Featuring Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo) facebook.com/groups/2237400185/
  •     Nick Rhodes and John Taylor Forever facebook.com/groups/NickRhodes.JohnTaylorForever/
  •     Nick Rhodes and Andy Taylor facebook.com/groups/NickRhodes.AndyTaylor/
  •     Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor facebook.com/groups/NickRhodes.RogerTaylor/
  •     Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon facebook.com/groups/NickRhodes.SimonLeBon/
  •     My Flame: Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon Appreciation Group facebook.com/groups/MyFlame.Nick.Simon/
  •     Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Simon Le Bon facebook.com/groups/NickRhodes.JohnTaylor/
  •     Roger Taylor (Duran Duran) facebook.com/groups/RogerTaylorDuranDuran/
  •     Dom Brown - Duran Duran facebook.com/groups/DomBrown.DuranDuran/
  •     We <3 Duran Duran facebook.com/groups/255861981131696/
  •     Tiger Tiger-Duran Duran facebook.com/groups/TigerTigerDuranDuran/
  •     Hungry Like the Wolf For Duran Duran facebook.com/groups/HungryLikeTheWolfForDuranDuran/
  •     Thank You: Duran Duran Appreciation Group facebook.com/groups/ThankYou.DuranDuran/
  •     Medazzaland Fantasies and Dreams: Fan Page for Nick Rhodes facebook.com/pages/Medazzaland-Fantasies-and-Dreams-Fan-Page-for-Nick-Rhodes/281374331921802
  •     All For Nick Rhodes, The Heart and Soul of Duran Duran facebook.com/AllForNickRhodesTheHeartAndSoulOfDuranDuran

“WatzOn.TV helps me to do what I love faster and to get more content to the fans. Then, fans can star their favorite channels and they can create their own channels. “These are the musicians that my readers want to see on video ~ photos aren’t enough,” said Ms. Story. "I don’t have to hunt for my favorite clips – they are on demand for us 24/7 on our Phones, iPads, Androids and computers. It’s a dream come true for Duranie and it helps keep the guys that I love in the news and promoting their new products and events. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

WatzOn.TV Availability – All Interactive Mediums

WatzOn.TV is an application driven by end-user channel creation – it takes 60 seconds to make a channel for your favorite band or singer and watch them 24 hours a day or mix them with others you like, maybe throw in some comedy or a news update. When a user is on WatzOn.TV, he can decide what kind of television experience he wants every day! It’s also perfect for businesses that are making their own TV shows, tutorial articles, reviews, clips, funny commentary or any other video vehicles. Another key feature is the ability to pick up where you left off – there’s nothing better than having the system remember where you left off on a show and continue from that point without having to search. WatzOn.TV is available for immediate download at iTunes and on Google Play and can be found online at http://www.WatzOn.TV.

Founded in 2013, WatzOn.TV is a worldwide innovator in on-demand video content streaming. The company offers a suite of applications designed to push video content out to any user who uses an iPhone, iPad, Android or computer and enjoys on-demand streaming content and content curating. The ease of use and integration with video mediums make it easy to use and accessible anywhere there is Wi-Fi or internet connectivity. WatzOn.TV will be presenting their new technology at CES and SXSW Interactive, top interactive trade shows in 2014.


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