Diet Doc Weight Loss Diets Reveal the Best Times to Eat Healthy Dinner Recipes to Make Losing Belly Fat Easier

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Diet Doc’s weight loss diets now include cookbooks with over fifty pages of healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes that target unwanted and embarrassing weight in hard to reach places and make losing belly fat fast and easy.

Once a person decides to begin losing belly fat with Diet Doc’s weight loss diets, they only need to fill out a confidential, online health questionnaire and schedule a consultation with a Diet Doc physician.

For those people struggling with losing belly fat, and excess fat in other hard to reach places, learning which nutritious, low calorie foods to eat and what a healthy dinner recipe consists of is essential for reaching weight management goals. But, a new study just published in the journal of The Obesity Society points instead to the importance of the timing of meals and the intake of calories for weight loss diets to be successful in helping those working at losing belly fat. Fortunately, Diet Doc’s weight loss diets not only address the types of foods their patients are eating by offering healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, they also provide clients with unlimited access, six days per week, to Diet Doc’s team of weight management professionals so that patients can be comfortably guided toward proper meal timing as well. Diet Doc is committed to helping their patients quickly and easily shed excess weight with the nation’s leading medical weight loss diets that have already assisted thousands of patients in reaching their goals.

As reported on this week by Medical News Today, researcher and Senior Dietician Victoria Taylor sought to determine whether the timing of meals affected fat loss more than simply changing calorie intake with healthier dinner recipes. Taylor, along with her colleagues, followed a group of women for a period of twelve weeks and monitored their 1,400 calorie per day diet by providing calorie requirements during their breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. The group was divided between those eating most of their calories early in the day and those whose dinner recipes contained the higher amounts of calories. Researchers found that losing belly fat was more likely when subjects ate high calorie breakfasts and followed with low calorie dinner recipes. According to Taylor, "We've all heard the saying 'breakfast like a king', but this study shows that eating more in the morning may actually help weight loss. The research suggests that the timing of our meals may be as important as what's on the menu.” Diet Doc considers this principle when finding a weight loss diet plan that works for each individual client and, because each program is designed around the client’s own personal needs, varying the timing of meals and the points where patients consume the most calories is possible to ensure that the patient is losing belly fat and fat from other hard to reach areas.

Once a person decides to begin losing belly fat with Diet Doc’s weight loss diets, they only need to fill out a confidential, online health questionnaire and schedule a consultation with a Diet Doc physician. To ensure confidentiality, this initial consultation can take place over the phone or the internet and in the privacy of the patient’s own home. The patient and physician will discuss current eating habits, problems with weight gain, medical issues that could be inhibiting fat loss, other weight loss diets that have been unsuccessful and the patient’s goals for losing belly fat quickly and safely.

Following this initial consultation, Diet Doc patients will receive their cookbook, natural supplements, shakes and weight control bars and can immediately begin their weight loss diet. Should any questions or concerns arise during this important, life-changing journey, patients will be able to contact a Diet Doc physician, nurse or certified nutritionist to obtain answers about their weight loss diet, make adjustments to allow for faster fat burning results and receive unlimited encouragement and support from the Diet Doc team.

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