WineWeaver Aerators Share Fall Season Party Ideas for Children & Parents

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WineWeaver shares party ideas on how to throw a themed party and enjoy fine wine.

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Creative Manager, WineWeaver

Really get into the spirit of the party.

With the return of the Fall Season, lots of parents will be thinking about unique party ideas to impress the other parents and children from the local schools. WineWeaver is here to help with some great new party ideas for both adults and their children.

One such idea is to host an affordable, themed party at home. There are many themes to choose from, including ‘holidays’, ‘Royalty’ or ‘school sports day’.

Ms. Robertson of WineWeaver advises, “Choose a theme that allows those who are more creative to really get into the spirit and mood of the party. A great example is the costume designed by our creative manager in the attached photograph: Summer Picnic outfit. Those guests with less time on their hands can still be creative by adding a simple accessory, such as a hat, glasses or face paint.”

By way of illustration, consider the party theme of ‘holidays’. It might have some guests arriving dressed as airline crew or someone going on holiday with a suitcase in hand. For a more exotic holiday theme a guest might also consider wearing a Hawaiian shirt accessorized with a home-made cardboard cut-out of a mini surfboard. The photos show some home-made ideas ranging from ‘Doc Holliday’ (see the photo) or beach babes from a ‘holidays in the past’ theme. For something more modern, consider a holiday theme based upon Madonna from her ‘80s era musical hit ‘Holiday’. As can be seen from these examples, any theme can be explored for a more unusual interpretation.

The British Royal family has recently been enjoying the wonderful wedding, Jubilee and new baby celebrations. With this in mind, a fancy dress theme such as ‘Royalty’ would give people the chance to dress up as members of the Royal Family, perhaps by way of a simple, fun face mask. One party idea based upon a ‘royal’ theme could have the adults dressed up in ‘wedding’ clothes, with the children dressed as princes and princesses from fairytale stories.

Decorations for a royal theme could be red, white and blue bunting. These can easily be made at home from colored paper triangles attached to lengths of ribbon or string. This color theme would make the bunting suitable for re-use on July 4th or Labor Day celebrations. For something more glamorous, try gold and silver bunting. Making the decorations at home has the added advantage during these long winter nights of including the children in the preparations for the party.

The 'royal' party theme concept could also involve the making of crowns by each of the guests. Guests of all ages can join in the fun by making a crown from a colored card with a few jewels, stars and feathers glued on to the card. Perhaps a King and Queen of the party can be chosen based upon the most unusual and delightful crown made on the day.

Seeing as America is now a leading producer of fine wines, there is no excuse for not having good quality red and white wines available for the adults. However, it is often impossible to guess how much wine will be consumed as some guests will walk to the party and others will drive. The WineWeaver wine aerator WineWeaver wine aerator ensures that no wine is wasted; bottles now need only be opened when immediately necessary. The WineWeaver aerates each glass of wine instantly, thus removing the need to open bottles in advance in order to let them breathe.

A glass topped with a WineWeaver will also ensure a spectacular visual show while the wine is served, so remember to serve it in front of your guests to maximize the visual impact. The host can also serve the wine in the knowledge that, through aeration, the full taste of the wine has been released.

One small secret that has been shared with us is the delight children experience when the WineWeaver is used for pouring milk. Now that would be a healthy addition to the party food.

On the subject of food, why not consider serving buffet-style food as it caters well for both young and older guests. Buffet food also has the added advantage of being totally flexible because dishes can be served throughout the day, thereby enabling guests to arrive at any time.

In these times of tighter budgets, buffet food also makes it easy to control costs. Each adult guest can bring a favorite or signature dish of their choice. One top party idea is to split the guests into two groups - savory or sweet- as this will ensure a good variety of food types. Everyone is sure to find something they love to eat at a buffet-style party.

WineWeaver is always keen to share advice and tips on entertaining at home or in a restaurant. Ideas for wine and food pairings that can be viewed in the WineWeaver Blog online. The latest blog entry details how to make a picnic fancy dress outfit.

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