Wolf Facts Website Launched to Shine a Light on This Often Misunderstood Creature

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The Wolf Facts website was created to help those interested in wolves find relevant facts covering to this creature.

wolf facts

The new Wolf Facts website has been created to help those researching the different types of wolves from around the world. The site is divided into a number of sections, each containing accurate wolf facts. The site doesn’t just feature lists of facts, but incorporates those details into articles covering each of the different topics.

On the website, wolf enthusiasts can expect to find each of the different breeds of wolf covered in detail, including the regional breeds such as the Ethiopian Wolf and the Artic Wolf. There are also profiles of the different colored wolves including the Red and Gray Wolf.

In addition to the profiles of the different species of wolf, there are discussions of the issues commonly associated with his creature. This information relates to topics of mythology, reputation, and lifestyle. These pages on the site touch on areas such as their often troubled relationship with humans, and their portrayal in precautionary folkloric stories, such as the wolves in Grimm’s fairy tales and Aesop’s fables.

“We launched the wolf facts site to help spread the word about this often misunderstood and maligned creature,” the website’s founder shared. “By presenting as many wolf facts as possible in one place, it is hoped that some of the unfair and negative associations made with this great beast can be put to rest,” he continued.

The creators of the site have had previous success with other projects in the past, such as other fact based websites featuring different animals, including elephants and zebras. “We all have a strong interest in animals and believe that creating these websites can help raise awareness of these often endangered species,” the founder explained. “Most of these animals are benign and by learning about them, it can be easier to treat them with greater respect,” he divulged.

A controversial topic related to wolves is the theme of wolf hybrids. These creatures can be produced by crossbreeding a wolf, such as the Red Wolf, with a dog. Many different examples of these hybrid, or wolf dogs exist, and the website explores the exact definition of the term, as well as looking at which popular breeds have been created through this type of animal crossbreeding.

A popular section of the new Wolf Facts website is the photo page. Here users can find many visual images of this type of animal, including a large selection of high resolution photographs. The photos include a range of poses, including the ubiquitous image of a wolf howling in silhouette in front of a full moon.

The new website concludes with some information on the potential future of this majestic animal. The discussion is based around the topic of whether these creatures are endangered or not and what factors might’ve contributed to their evident decline, as well as efforts that have been made to reverse the downward trend that is affecting some, but not all areas populated with wolves.

For those seeking information about this animal, the wolffacts.org website aims to be the best resource on the internet.

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