Rodent Guys Gopher Extermination for Woodland Hills, CA Now Uses Trapping and Gassing in Place of Poison to Control Ground Squirrels

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Rodent Guys switched to traps and carbon monoxide in Woodland Hills to control the squirrel population after poison options become scarce.

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Woodland Hills gopher control done by Rodent Guys.

The Rodent Guys Gopher Extermination Company who specialize in gophers, moles and squirrels, are the local gopher control company for Woodland Hills, CA. Rodent Guys promotes methods that use very little poison for controlling burrowing animals in Woodland Hills, such as ground squirrels and pocket gophers.

Rodent Guys does offer poison methods for pests, but normally only uses them when requested by a customer. Ground Squirrels are normally trapped by Rodent Guys for initial clean-outs and then squirrel control is maintained with bait boxes that have bait in the stations.

As of May 2013 the bait which was used by Rodent Guys for squirrels is no longer available. This squirrel bait was twice as strong as other baits and less than half the cost. This makes the currently available bait 4-5 times more costly to use. It is unclear if a replacement bait will be manufactured, and if a new bait is manufactured it will have to go through an approval process with the state.

Because Rodent Guys advertises low usage of poisons for gophers, moles and squirrels, they are recommending that customers should consider the use of traps as a primary method to treat their property instead of poison. Traps are safer for pets and non-target wildlife. They are also efficient at thinning out the rodent population.

Rodent Guys Gopher Control Service traps squirrels with both live and lethal traps. Both options have their pros and cons with the same goal of reducing the ground squirrel populations. Because monthly control with trapping squirrels can be costly, they have come up with an alternative method in which the initial clean-out is done with traps and the monthly control is done with gassing the tunnels.

The gassing of the tunnels also has its pros and cons. Some positive aspects of gassing are that it leaves no residue behind and is safe for pets and non-target wildlife. The animals also stay in the tunnel so the customer does not have any dead rodents above ground to deal with, versus when poisons are used. Over time this method helps to reduce populations. The only downside to this method is if the ground squirrels are not in the tunnel system at time of treatment they will not be affected by the gas.

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