Worst Foods For Digestive Health Detailed In New Report

A new report and video from BetterDigestion.org titled Worst Foods for Digestive Health details how certain foods and food combinations can increase digestive issues. Constipation, bloating, reflux, and heartburn can be reduced by following these healthy lifestyle changes.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) March 12, 2014

A new report and video from BetterDigestion.org titled Worst Foods for Digestive Health shows how eliminating certain foods from the diet increases overall health and digestive tract issues. Adding certain foods can also help to increase digestion. Some of these foods include whole grains, bananas, kimchi, fruit alone, sweet potatoes, ginger, and yogurt. Foods with high levels of probiotics often result in better digestion.

The major digestive issues such as heartburn, reflux, constipation, bloating, and cramping can all be related to certain foods and food combinations. Increasing fiber and decreasing fatty foods are just two of the many ways to improve digestive health.

Combining the correct foods can also keep the digestive tract regular. Combining carbohydrates and vegetables, lean meats and non-starchy vegetables, and fruits alone can increase the potential for a healthy digestive system and overall better health.

According to Sarah Webster of BetterDigestion.org, “Eliminating certain foods from your diet can increase your overall health and eliminate digestive issues.”

The complete Worst Foods for Digestive Health article and video are available at http://betterdigestion.org/worst-foods-digestion/.

A second free report sharing new information about the health benefits associated with probiotics, titled The Top 10 Gut Cleansing Foods, is recommended for immediate download at http://betterdigestion.org/Probiotics-Report/.

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