XPLOCIAL NEWS - The MLM Superhero Turns a $154 Xplocial Business Into $100,000 in 9 Months

Darren Little, also known online as the MLM Superhero has done it again. In a marketing case study showing average everyday people how to use the power of social media sites like Facebook and Youtube. Little started a $154 Xplocial business and turned it into $100,000 in 9 months.

Burnaby, BC (PRWEB) March 06, 2014

Faster than a speeding bullet, able to recruit new reps in as fast as 3 minutes, Darren Little, also known online as The MLM Superhero has done it yet again. Little started a $154 online business with Xplocial and turned it into $100.000 in 9 months.

Little says that once a person understands the distinction between conventional selling using features and benefits VS. connecting with people, asking questions and helping them solve their problem with a simple video, everything changes in the arena of affiliate marketing.

"It's the biggest challenge that most people face in this industry," says Little. "They think that the business is about pitching and closing and it's not. As a good networker, you have to be good at asking the right questions to peak a person's curiosity and then get out of the way. In networking, something or someone other than you does the presentation. In our case, it's a video - NOT YOU."

Xplocial has been recently featured by MLMRankings.com as the most popular program in the world with a 1500% gain in popularity.

Xplocial's $29 GOLD Membership provides people with over $4500 in yearly discounts and savings from name brands like Subway, McDonalds, Reebok, Sears, Target, Costco, Disneyland, Avis Rental Car and so many more. Also, Xplocial has 28 different promotional incentives that help companies increase their sales by 30% or more.

Xplocial's $100 Platinum Membership provides a fully customizable lead capture system to help businesses generate unlimited leads using the power of the internet. In addition, the company provides access to Xplocial's Educational University with a host of ebooks, training, personal development, fully customizable lead capture system, website builder, hosting and sales training.

"What makes Xplocial so unique is that they provide a unique array of tools that help the small to medium sized business owner take their businesses to the next level of profitability," says Little.

Xplocial also offer a discount travel club membership that helps travellers from all around the world enjoy the benefits of discounted travel of up to 75% off - including vacations, all-inclusive resorts, exotic trips, restaurants, car rentals, excursions and more.

"In today's economy, any time a business executive or family can save money, it's like putting that cash right back into their wallet," said Darren Little in a recent interview. "Xplocial's Dream Life Vacation Club is the answer to help put hard earned dollars back into the pockets of the Club members, while giving affiliates huge income potential for marketing the program."

With a total of 5 different income streams, Little says Xplocial is his top affiliate marketing pick for 2014.

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Xplocial Helps Business Owners Add 5 Streams Of Income

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The MLM Superhero Picks Xplocial and Dream Life Vacation Club As His #1 Top Affiliate Pick For 2014

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Xplocial's Tools Help Business Owners Increase Their Sales By 30% or More.