Announces Zombie Predictions as they Eagerly Look Forward to the New Season of “Walking Dead”

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An article posted on MTV posits that all of the characters of the “Walking Dead” cast are already “infected” with another nasty something that could wipe out everyone. The Editor of Sunset Finance believes MTV could be on to something and makes a couple of zombie picks for the season.

The story, written by Josh Wigler on 10/20/2013, provides some interesting theories regarding the new disease that may be infecting the characters of the show. As anyone who watches the show knows, once a person dies, they quickly become a zombie. In this stark and deadly world, funeral eulogies are infrequent and even if someone had burial insurance, it wouldn’t matter as most zombies are burned at little or no cost. supports and offers a few zombie picks for the season.

Past seasons have seen the death of major characters and no dearth of brain-eating zombies. Remember Lori’s sad death at the hands of her own son and the gruesome aftermath? Yet, through it all, viewers have been privy to some outstanding acting work by the cast. Frequently the production offers moments that stun and provides a glimpse into a new humanity. The show is based on a graphic novel series by the same name. There’s no promise that the producers will stick strictly to the script and have been known in the past, to veer from the storyline of the novels.

The season premier (debuted October 13th on AMC) introduced some new characters. One of which was a young man named Patrick who was dead by the end of the episode. We see Patrick exposed to a LOT of people before saying that he wasn’t feeling well. By the end of the episode, he has coughed into a water basin, shaken hands with perennial favorite Daryl, and participated in the children’s story time. And let’s not forget the dead pig, Violet… The Editors of SF believes that Glen may be one of the major characters that get zombie-fied this season. The show’s producers hint that no one is safe and the love affair between he and Maggie is getting a little too easy. If not Glen, then one of the sisters, Maggie or Beth will undoubtedly turn. Also, wouldn’t it be creepy cool if baby Judith were turned into a zombie? Alright, maybe not… Rick and Daryl are most likely safe from walker-dom but are certainly not going to have an easy time of anything. Just about everyone else is literally up for grabs.

Questions and theories abound about what this new scourge may be; is it some kind of air-bourn virus? Will it affect everyone, including animals? Who will be the next to go? Of course, there are still the unanswered questions left over from past seasons, like, what actually began the zombie apocalypse and is there a cure? The Editor of Sunset Finance will happily seek the answers to those questions and more. For now, hunker down with the popcorn and keep the family close, there could be zombies or worse at the door… supported’s hypothesis as well as celebrated the life, death and non-death of many of the characters of AMC’s the “Walking Dead” show. After reading this, if people are questioning their plans for when they die, recommends that readers study the death preparation information on the site Burial Insurance Insider.

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