ZoOm® 3D Face Authenticator Secures IAV Future Passenger Module at CES 2019

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FaceTec’s certified face biometric uses AI to prevent fraud, theft, damage and harm

ZoOm provides a highly secure access method that can dramatically reduce vehicle access and operation compromises. It is very easy for nearly anyone to use daily, one of the most important and practical aspects of any security measure.

FaceTec, Inc. and IAV Automotive Engineering announced today that they will again team up to demonstrate their integrated technologies at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. The showcase features connected transportation systems that will be available to the public in the near-future. IAV, whose customers include Audi, BMW, Ford, GM, Honda, Porsche and VW, chose FaceTec’s 3D face authentication software ZoOm® to positively secure connected/smart vehicle access and provide the basis for comprehensive smart vehicle personalization for their optimized passenger compartment presentation.

Self-driving and fully connected cars and trucks will soon be common on our roads, but for mass adoption, a critical problem had to be solved. Unauthorized access to vehicles must be prevented to protect vehicle owners, passengers, other drivers and the vast interconnected “network of networks” that will make up the intelligent IoT transportation control system.

With FaceTec, IAV will present a much more secure alternative to biometric access systems that use fingerprint or 2D face recognition. To overcome security gaps introduced through the use of fake fingerprints and photos, which plague these legacy security methods, IAV and FaceTec’s passenger detection utilizes AI-driven mobile and mounted-camera based solutions. FaceTec’s ZoOm 3D Face Authentication uses a patented face scanning process to create a 3D model of the face using a standard 2D camera. The ZoOm process ensures that the authorized user is present in person and not a spoof. Once the authorized user’s identity and presence is successfully verified, the vehicle automatically adjusts to their personal preferences including preferred music channels, temperature and seating position. This approach ensures only authorized drivers can operate the vehicle, prevents fraudulent use and theft and limits the risk of damage to other vehicles and physical harm.

“We’re very excited to partner with IAV for a second year on their advanced transportation engineering project at CES. As our vehicles move towards complete digital access and operation, it is increasingly important that only authorized drivers are allowed to access the vehicle,” said Kevin Alan Tussy, CEO of FaceTec. “ZoOm’s excellent outdoor performance and unmatched security confirm the authorized user has access to the vehicle. This is done using 3D depth detection and Level 1 certified liveness detection, proving the user is present in person and not a photo or video spoof.”

FaceTec is the leader in mobile 3D face authentication and ZoOm is the only Level 1 Certified iBeta ISO/NIST face biometric authentication solution. The convenient interface works on nearly all iOS and Android mobile devices as well as webcams providing a highly-secure biometric login for access to transportation, banking, insurance, healthcare and other confidential personal account data.

“It is extremely important for IAV to provide a complete solution that addresses the real world issues we will encounter as our transportation becomes more intelligent and efficient. We feel secure access, which has been an afterthought in the past, must be addressed as an integral part of any connected vehicle solution,” added Danny Thiel, Project Manager at IAV. He continued, “ZoOm provides a highly secure access method that can dramatically reduce vehicle access and operation compromises. It is very easy for nearly anyone to use daily, one of the most important and practical aspects of any security measure. Truly secure access opens the door to a personalized, richer and much more comfortable overall driving experience that includes driver settings, seamless upgrades and intelligent repair.”

The CES 2019 exhibition takes place on January 8th-11th in Las Vegas, with press days on the 6th and 7th. IAV and partnering companies will be at booth 721/821 in Tech East at the Westgate Paradise Center. For more information on IAV’s participation at CES 2019, visit http://www.iav.com/en/ces. Please contact FaceTec and IAV for appointments at the event (see contacts below).

Developers can download the ZoOm demo app for iOS, Android and webcams from ZoOmLogin.com. ZoOm SDKs are free for all educational and nonprofit apps globally, as well for startups, developers and small businesses with less than 10M USD in annual revenue.


About IAV in North America

IAV Group is an engineering and technical consultancy servicing the global automotive industry with approximately 6,500 employees worldwide and more than 30 years of experience. As a recognized leader in the specification, design, development, validation and production launch of advanced vehicle and powertrain systems, IAV Automotive Engineering deploys a leading team of technical experts, engineering tools and program processes from its North American Headquarters in Northville, Michigan.


About FaceTec

FaceTec builds human trust by improving security for businesses and consumers with intelligent, ultra-secure face biometric mobile and webcam software for app developers, principals and IT integrators. Leveraging decades of Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning experience, FaceTec improves access security by replacing passwords on nearly all smart mobile devices and webcams with ZoOm®, the world’s first and most powerful, intelligent, universal biometric 3D facial recognition and authentication software. ZoOm’s patented technology ensures not only positive identification, but verifies three-dimensionality and delivers world-class liveness detection, the key to true authentication. For more information, please visit http://www.ZoOmLogin.com.

For press materials or to schedule an interview, please contact John Wojewidka at JohnW@FaceTec.com.

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