DuodenalSwitchinMexico.com Introduces New Duodenal Switch With Single Anastomosis And Improves Type 2 Diabetes

Duodenal Switch with Single Anastomosis is a NEW weight loss surgery procedure that improves the lives of patients with type 2 diabetes. DuodenalSwitchinMexico.com lead by Dr Castaneda explains.

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Doctor Castaneda is a pioneer in this field and one of the first bariatric surgeons in Mexico to perform both, traditional duodenal switch surgery, and duodenal switch with laparoscopic single anastomosis.

Guadalajara, Jalisco (PRWEB) December 04, 2013

DuodenalSwitchinMexico.com is the leading website for patients looking for weight loss surgery in Mexico, and the latest website published by leading bariatric surgeon Doctor Jose Antonio Castaneda. From December 2013, Dr Castaneda and his medical team at DuodenalSwitchinMexico.com are introducing a new weight loss surgery procedure known as duodenal switch with single anastomosis, aimed at people suffering with type 2 diabetes. The procedure will be available at private hospital CMQ Premiere in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

This new bariatric procedure is performed with minimally invasive surgery, also described as laparoscopic duodenal switch surgery. Doctor Castaneda is a pioneer in this field and one of the first bariatric surgeons in Mexico to perform both, traditional duodenal switch surgery, and duodenal switch with laparoscopic single anastomosis.
Asked about the introduction of this new surgery Dr Castaneda says: "We are very proud to be at the cutting edge of bariatric surgery, improving the lives of our patients. There's been a lot of interest from international patients, particularly those arriving from the USA and Canada, where the cost of weight loss surgery can be very high. There is also great interest from US companies as they're researching obesity solutions for their employees".

Dr Castaneda continues: "The single anastomosis duodenal bypass with sleeve gastrectomy is a simplified duodenal switch procedure that is safe and quicker to perform, it offers good results for the treatment of morbid obesity and its metabolic complications. On the other hand, the theoretical advantages of the technique are a shorter operative time, the reduction to only one anastomosis, and the non-opening of the mesentery or division of bowel".

Duodenal switch is a very unique and specialized surgery that only a handful of bariatric surgeons are able to perform, with surgery costs that can be as much as $50,000 USD in some countries. However, undergoing duodenal switch in Mexico with Dr Castaneda and his medical team will save international patients thousands of dollars. The long term benefits generally outweigh the cost of duodenal switch surgery.

DuodenalSwitchinMexico.com is the leading medical tourism website for patients seeking not only duodenal switch surgery, but other bariatric procedures such as gastric bypass surgery, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric banding and metabolic surgery. Medical tourism in Mexico has grown exponentially over the years, particularly bariatric surgery in Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara, the two locations where Dr Castaneda and his medical team perform surgery. Beautiful beaches and a relaxing environment will help patients in recuperating post-surgery.

For residents of the United States it´s a short and fairly inexpensive trip across. Doctor Jose A. Castaneda says: "Practitioners in Mexico are certified and government regulated as well, so the risks associated with this kind of invasive surgery are minimised".


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