World Famous Jim Warren Nude Paintings "Eternal Youth" vs. "Sexual Explosion" vs. "Re-Birth" Make Art History

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In 2014, the big Art news story was "Sexual Explosion" vs. "Re-Birth," the two Jim Warren nude paintings in a battle for the title of "World's Most Famous Nude Painting" in modern contemporary art, based on official ranking from Google Images with nearly one trillion images in its Internet database. This year the nude paintings battle roars ahead with new surprises as Jim Warren's groundbreaking other-worldly male nude painting "Eternal Youth" catapults into the fray while making Art history.



Today its Obama and Clinton vs Romney and Bush. Wall Street has Google vs Apple vs Amazon for investors. Hollywood has its Oscar vs its Golden Globe. But Art has its world-famous nude paintings "Eternal Youth" vs "Sexual Explosion" vs "Re-Birth" to cheer.

The Art battle for the "World's Most Famous Nude Painting" in modern contemporary art is now roaring into high gear, but with startling new surprise twists. Art history is being made at the Art Collector's Website as you read all about it. Jim Warren's groundbreaking other-worldly male nude painting "Eternal Youth" (1977) has catapulted into the fray with new momentum and a vengeance to steal the limelight from Google Images top ranked modern nude paintings "Sexual Explosion" and "Re-Birth," also from the brush of artist Jim Warren.

Last year, the big Art news story was the flesh-to-flesh battle between Warren's controversial "Sexual Explosion," once banned from public exhibition and his 'other' world-famous nude portrait, "Re-Birth" for the title of the "World's Most Famous Nude Painting," based on Google Images official rankings. The # 1 Internet company, the preferred source for information and research, is also referred to as "the gospel according to Google" by investment industry insiders. They know that Google is being watched these days along with the NYSE and the NASDAQ by billionaires, richest businessmen, investment bankers, money managers, financial advisers and astute art investors.

It has been many life times since Michelangelo sculpted his marvelous marble statue of David, the world-famous crown jewel of the Italian Renaissance. And it seems centuries since a charismatic male nude painting has come along to capture and enrapture the imagination of the public --- until now with Jim Warren's groundbreaking salute to "Eternal Youth."

Furthermore, the nude painting in Art has always been recognized as the epitome or the "trophy" of a valuable art collection and generally commands the highest prices in the art marketplace as any shrewd billionaire art collector will tell you. Though the nude painting genre has been dominated by female nudes, every hundred years or so, a new male nude portrait comes along that makes waves in the art establishment and arouses the one-upmanship buying spree among the richest art collectors.

The successful track record of investing in nude art pieces has continued to lure the wealthiest "passion" collectors who have been snapping up the last available high-priced high-demand nude paintings by Picasso, Modigliani and Dali between visits to the World Economic Forums in Davos, Switzerland. There, they rub elbows with the other 1% of the population who control half of the world's wealth.

The politically explosive news from Davos on the new world order is portrayed in the Oxfam report, "Having It All and Wanting More," that was published in the New York Times on January 19, 2015 and other newspapers globally and is arguably the biggest revelation about the true wealth distribution among the movers and shakers of the world ever allowed to be made public.

This "staggering" knowledge helps explain why the priceless nudes from centuries past by Renoir, Degas, Manet, Rousseau, Goya, Gauguin, Toulouse-Lautrec, Duchamp and Caravaggio have disappeared from the marketplace.

In his "Eternal Youth" portrait, Warren's innovative mind is fully involved. He not only created a new approach to the modern male nude, but explored the mystical meaning of the term Eternal Youth by uniting the spirit and soul and science in an other-worldly cosmic realm by combining Old World classical grandeur with his own 20th century surrealism vision of the future --- something breath-taking and unseen in paintings before.

In an exclusive interview with the members of the private Art Investment Consortium that bought "Eternal Youth," some new information was finally revealed. The investment team purchased the artwork early on by applying billionaire Warren Buffet's value investment strategy to "buy and hold" for the long term that he used in purchasing stocks and bonds. And that they did.

According to Stan Zipperman, spokesman for the investors, "the team believed that one day the paintings they had bought and held would eventually be hailed as monumental and extremely valuable." On top of this, it is whispered privately that the cosmic "Eternal Youth" painting itself possesses occult powers. Aside from that revelation, it was also reported that "Eternal Youth" started to become an icon from a simple photo from last century. It has now been re-photographed by a professional digital camera that captures the breathtaking qualities of Warren's minute details and magical brushstrokes.

Arguably, the male nude in Art, has seldom been merely about frontal nudity, but rather a celebration or glorification of the human body or physique as an object of art, not as an erotic sex symbol. Then along came "Nude Descending A Staircase" in 1912, the mind-boggling male or female cubist painting by Marcel Duchamp that literally stunned the new world art scene.

During this century, British artist Lucien Freud's nude canvases have sold for millions of dollars, but only his female nude (not exactly a replica of Goya's "The Naked Maja"), "Benefits Supervisor Sleeping," which sold for $33.6 million at Christie's in 2008, has attained top rankings in Google Images. Otherwise, there is no single standout male nude painting until now with the discovery of Warren's eye-feasting concept expressed in "Eternal Youth."

American artist Jim Warren shot to world-wide prominence in 1981 when he won the Grammy Award for his album cover artwork on Bob Seger's 6 million selling record, "Against the Wind." Warren continues his winning streak by making Art history. He is one of less than a handful of living artists dominating Google Images, YouTube, Yahoo and Baidu and he is the only living painter with four of the newest paintings in major rankings ---"Sexual Explosion," "Re-Birth," "Eternal Youth," and "Running Wild," which is the prototype for "Against the Wind."

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