"Return of the Absorber" – the Absorption Chiller Paradigm Shift – Empowering Distributed Energy Generation

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Shuangliang Eco-Energy has changed the paradigm of absorption chiller performance, substantially enhancing the efficiency and the application of CoGeneration systems.

You won't confuse a Mercedes with a Yugo. The same goes for the Shuangliang Eco-Energy Absorption Chillers vs. others. There is no comparison. Murray Millander, CEO - ENRGISTX

The US chiller market has been dominated by electric chillers over the past 75 years, with a fraction of a percent going to absorption chilling. The primary reasons have been low electric rates, a growing electric grid, and limited and high natural gas cost.

This dynamic has reversed due to the introduction of renewable energy, which raises the cost of electricity, and the availability of inexpensive natural gas due to fracking and horizontal drilling. Low natural gas pricing is forecasted for the next 30 plus years, as electric rates continue to skyrocket.

Hence, natural gas fueled absorption cooling and absorption chillers used in Combined Cooling Heating and Power (CCHP) systems have compelling Return on Investment.

In addition, use of absorption chillers results in a significant reduction of CO2 emission when compared to electric chillers.

Example: utility power efficiency ranges from 35% to 64%. CoGeneration systems have traditionally averaged between 60% to 75% efficiency. With the Shuangliang Eco-Energy absorption paradigm shift, Combined Cooling Heating and Power (CCHP) systems now deliver 70% to 99% efficiencies in converting input energy to useful energy.

So, why isn't everybody jumping on the bandwagon?

Solar power is not the answer. The Energy Information Administration “Annual Energy Outlook” forecasts Natural Gas fueling more than 60% of the new electric generation from 2025 through 2040!

Solar and wind power have an expanding role, and costs should continue to come down. Today, Solar (PV) systems cost almost 3 times per kilowatt hour when compared to natural gas power plants. Hence, natural gas cooling and CCHP systems have positive economic and environmental benefits for the coming decades.

These CCHP systems are dependent upon absorption chillers.

All absorption chillers are not alike.

The Paradigm Shift is to design the absorption chiller specifically for the generator source characteristics to optimize the reclamation of waste heat from the generators. Shuangliang Eco-Energy Serial Flow design, allows the absorption chiller to be customized for the specific application, where varying parameters can be taken into consideration. These include heat source, temperature and pressure drops, chilled water and cooling water temperature variations and range, ie. the evaporator, generators, condensers, and absorbers are sized specifically for the heat source and parameters as required for the project. Traditionally, a manufacturer would pick a standard unit and adapt it to the most critical parameter. This tends to oversize and overprice a chiller solution, and not recover all the available waste energy.

Shuangliang Eco-Energy absorption chillers are structurally different from other manufacturers’. This enables the chiller to extend total system efficiencies to previously unattainable levels, above 99% in some cases.

Awareness of this paradigm shift needs to be disseminated to engineers, contractors, and end users.

The old paradigm: absorption chillers are considered all equal, undesirable when compared to electric centrifugal chillers, and problematic due to concerns over crystallization, and insufficient, untrained and inconsistent service support.

Click HERE for our previous press release detailing the design and materials utilized in the Shuangliang absorption chillers, enabling the paradigm shift and addressing the old paradigm concerns.

Shuangliang Eco-Energy entering the US market with their unique and patented absorption chillers and heat pumps, leads this paradigm shift and dramatically expands the value and application of absorption chillers.

Field performance short falls are no longer a concern, as Shuangliang guarantees performance utilizing ASHRAE field test code standards.

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