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A new article named “how to stop vertigo” released on the site offers 33useful tips that help people deal with this health issue.

33 tips on how to stop vertigo

how to stop vertigo

A brand new article on the website mentions 33 tips on how to stop vertigo fast. Is it believable?

The article on the site offers 33 tips on how to stop vertigo fast. “How to stop vertigo” is a useful article for people who want to prevent and treat this health problem at home. Lien Nguyen – the writer of this article – indicates that smoking tobacco has been proven to reduce the efficiency of some remedies for vertigo. Therefore, people should cut back on smoking to have fewer episodes of vertigo and reduce serious symptoms of this health issue. Lien Nguyen also points out that every sudden movement that forces the head to move can lead to vertigo. Therefore, people should avoid activities that make their head move around fast and suddenly. The movement people implement when they extend the neck, such as reaching for something, can also cause their crystals to get dislodged. Therefore, people should try not to stretch the neck upward. People should also learn useful ways to manage stress because tress is one of the factors that can lead to vertigo and dizziness.

Secondly, author Lien Nguyen guides people through some good tips that they should apply to prevent vertigo. The writer indicates that people should not lower their head beneath the shoulders because this motion can dislodge the crystals in their inner ear and lead to vertigo. It can help to become more aware of your body movements and take measures to avoid bending over. Lien Nguyen also encourages people to learn useful exercises to stop vertigo and dizziness because doing exercises is always good for dealing with health problems. Even just moving the eyeballs or rotating the neck in all directions can help people a lot in the vertigo treating process.

Thomas from the site comments: “this article is really useful for me and people who want to learn how to get rid of vertigo without using drug, pill, and medication. Previously, I just wanted to find ways to stop a headache fast. However, after reading this article, I think that I should also learn to avoid vertigo. Author Lien Nguyen indicates that people can totally prevent and treat vertigo at home if they follow exactly the tips she offers. In fact, all of these tips are very simple to follow, so people can apply easily and instantly. I believe that this article will be useful for people worldwide.”

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