Aesop Says a Cat Pretended To Be a Doctor, But the Sick Birds Rejected Him; Dr. Betsy Kruger Believes ObamaCare Is Causing Small Businesses to Be Sick

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According to Kruger, ObamaCare pretends to be a doctor and small businesses are like sick birds. She expects her marketing tips to spark their recovery.

Dr. Betsy Kruger

A villain in disguise will not deceive the wise.

According to Aesop, a cat hears that the birds in an aviary are sick. Disguised as a doctor, the cat inquires about their health. The birds reply, "We shall do very well when we've seen the last of you." Aesop reminds us, "A villain in disguise will not deceive the wise."

Dr. Betsy Kruger believes that ObamaCare threatens the health of small businesses by causing them to cut their full-time staff and to discontinue their healthcare coverage. She advises small businesses to recover their health with Aesop's Rules. Aesop's fables inspired her 12 rules for owners and managers of small businesses.

For example, an Aesop Fable about a lioness and a vixen conveys that "quality, not quantity counts." This fable inspires the first Aesop Rule: Focus on quality. This rule coaches small businesses to target high-quality customers, rather a quantity of less profitable customers.

Her tips coach small businesses to describe, delight, and duplicate the top 20% of their customers. They advise entrepreneurs to delight them with products and services, promote to them with empathy, and to reward key customers, rather than complainers. Small businesses can duplicate their key customers by targeting similar prospects. Dr. Kruger advises, "When they become highly profitable new customers and replace less profitable customers, your profits will increase."

Each of her marketing tips is a rule for profiting from the 80/20 rule. According to scientists, the 80/20 rule predicts that the top 20% of customers will generate 80% of the profits. Scientists confirmed that key customers will be 16 times more profitable than other customers. Dr. Kruger believes that Aesop's Rules will spark the profits of a small business.

The 80/20 rule is the foundation of Dr. Kruger's upcoming book, "Aesop’s Rules: Timeless Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs." All 12 of Aesop’s Rules are posted on her website. "Aesop's Rules" inspire entrepreneurs to use profitable marketing strategies in their businesses. These marketing tips guide entrepreneurs to grow their profits with the 80/20 rule.

Business Expert Press published her first book, "Top Market Strategy: Applying the 80/20 Rule" in 2011. Marketing professors around the world are adopting her book for their marketing classes. Barry Silverstein praises her college supplement as a "profit-generating tool."

In summary, provides marketing tips to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Her upcoming book, "Aesop’s Rules: Timeless Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs" coaches them to create action plans that will spark their profits.

Dr. Betsy Kruger is a professional speaker, business coach, and published author. She founded Strategic Power, an A+ rated company with the Better Business Bureau. Dr. Kruger has over fifteen years of experience in leading marketing research projects for a variety of corporate clients. She has taught marketing for over ten years at the Thunderbird School of Global Management and other business schools and has coached thousands of start-up entrepreneurs to be successful. Her coaching, writing, and speaking are helping entrepreneurs around the world.

Betsy has been a guest on many syndicated radio shows. She will gladly customize her ideas for your audience. Please contact Betsy Kruger directly for media interviews, speeches, and articles.

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