Chiropractor Chris McNeil, Detroit Auto Accident Chiropractic Clinic Director, Reveals Top 10 Auto Accident Injury Mistakes

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Many people do not take the proper steps, beginning immediately after the accident, to insure physical, emotional and monetary recovery after the accident. "If not handled properly, lifelong permanent injuries could develop leaving one with disabilities and a heap of debt" says Chiropractor and Auto Accident Chiropractic Clinic Director, Dr. Chris McNeil.

In 2012 there were over 94,000 injuries related to automobile accidents in the state of Michigan. Chiropractor Chris McNeil is chiropractic clinic director for After suffering extensive injuries in an auto accident as a teenager, he attributes his recovery to chiropractic care and other physical medicines, as one of the reasons he became a chiropractor. Because of his prior experience with his rehabilitation he is devoted to assisting others in his community to receive the same types of care so he specializes in auto accident injuries in his clinic. In addition, Dr. McNeil wants to make sure the members of the community don’t make the mistakes that can leave you permanent injuries and massive debt. To help in this mission Dr. McNeil revealed the following “Top 10 Auto Accident Injury Mistakes”:

1. Patients not seeking a second opinion from a physical medicine provider (such as a chiropractor). Typically, the patient who gets into an auto accident will go to the ER or their general practitioner afterwards where they will be tested for fractures, dislocations and brain trauma. The patient may be prescribed anti-inflammatories, pain relievers, and x-rays. If the x-rays show no fractures or dislocation, the doctor may not diagnose any problems. Even without fractures, dislocations or brain trauma there are likely muscle, ligament or disc injuries that are often missed by the ER or general doctor. Without seeing a physical medicine doctor, like a chiropractor, these common injuries may go undiagnosed, untreated and lead to chronic long term pain.

2. Not filing a police report after the accident (usually for fear of an insurance rate increase).
It’s very important to file a report because it documents that there definitely was an accident. The police report can be obtained by medical facilities or yourself to verify that you and anyone else in the car were definitely in an accident. Without a police report, insurance companies can deny your claim.

3. Not hiring or consulting with a personal injury attorney.
Auto accident insurance companies have many expensive lawyers to defend them in not paying out claims. Most people don’t know their rights or understand that they need to hire or (at least consult with) a personal injury attorney to make sure they get the care they need and complete all necessary steps for insurance companies.

4. Not seeking treatment from a physical medicine doctor.
There are three phases of healing. The first is the Inflammatory Phase. As you enter the second phase (the repair phase), it is important to receive chiropractic physical medicine to allow your body’s tissues to lay down and heal strongly, more elastic, and less sensitive.

5. Missing doctor appointments.
Missing doctor appointments inhibits your body’s ability to heal and repair itself. It’s very important to follow the doctor’s instructions and make appointments because each visit builds on the one before to maximize healing. Moreover missed doctor’s appointments can prompt insurance company adjusters to schedule the patient for an independent medical examination, which often ends in the patient’s care being cut off.

6. Not being aware that medications can inhibit the healing process.
When going through the Repair Phase of healing, a physical medicine practitioner is needed to ensure that your body’s collagen is laid down properly. This allows tissues to heal stronger and not be as sensitive. Certain medication, like NSAID’s (Motrin & Aspirin), can prevent collagen production and inhibit the healing process.

7. Signing an early settlement with the insurance company before being released by all medical care providers. Once a settlement is signed with the insurance company, the insurance company will no longer be responsible for future medical care which may be necessary. Make sure that all medical providers have signed off of your care before signing any settlement with your insurance company.

8. Not going to the hospital or seeking doctor’s care shortly after the accident.
You need medical care to (1) officially document the injuries you received after the accident and (2) provide any necessary documentation to the insurance companies that you indeed were injured. If you try to do this later, you may be denied by the insurance company for waiting too long.

9. Not following the doctor’s instructions.
If you aren’t following the doctor’s instructions clinically, you won’t heal properly, setting yourself up for long-term chronic pain or other conditions. Also, if an insurance company or adjuster sees that you aren’t following the doctor’s instructions and taking care seriously, the company will cut you off of care.

10. Not following through with diagnostic testing from doctors because you’re feeling better.
Medical tests can show if you have a problem and what type of improvements you have had. They also help the insurance company to determine your condition, how long you should be receiving care and the settlement.

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