Introducing New Chief Investigator, Lee Hughes, Who Offers 5 Surprising Facts about Infidelity in light of introduction of ‘She’s A Homewrecker’ website

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Private Investigator Coventry is proud to introduce their new chief investigator, Lee Hughes. This great news coincides with the introduction, in The Telegraph, of ‘She’s A Homewrecker website’ that names and shames women who become involved with someone else’s man.

sites like She’s A Homewrecker could lead to seeking revenge on the wrong person – the other woman - and not the man who cheats on his wife and leaves his family.

‘The Telegraph – She’s A Homewrecker: the website where women post pictures of supposed adulteresses’ by Rebecca Holman 15 November 2013 – New recruit at Private Investigator Coventry (, Mr Hughes, has developed the following list of five surprising facts about infidelity.

1.    When woman cheat it is often more dangerous to a marriage than when men cheat. Men tend to commit adultery for sexual experiences. Women tend to search for emotional satisfaction in their affairs. Women report a greater tendency to become more emotionally invested in the person with whom they are having the affair. Because of the more casual nature of their affairs, men are more likely than woman to be serial adulterers. Women’s emotional connection can easily lift the affair beyond a casual sexual meeting to something greater. This is more likely to destroy a marriage than light dalliances on the side.
2.    A major portion of cheating is the product of office closeness. Comedy shows have made much of the idea of work husbands and wives. A boss having affairs with his secretary is a well-worn stereotype. But there may something to it. Most people who work full-time spend as much time with their work colleagues as they do with their families – perhaps more. It’s easy to see how this much closeness would make it easy to blur the lines between professional and adulterous. There is often emotional and intellectual intimacy shared in the workplace. Is it so odd to think of that extending to a physical intimacy?
3.    Many cheaters feel that they are helping their marriage. In each case one has to decide if this fact is a reality or a rationalization for someone caught having an affair. Many who have been unfaithful describe a single need that is not being fulfilled at home as the driving force for their affair. They don’t know how to get that need met within marriage. When presented with a choice of divorce or an extramarital relationship to meet this need, many want to stay married. Some feel that if they compartmentalize the affair from the marriage, they can successfully have both. While they get certain needs met outside the home, they keep their household and their marriage.
4.    People who cheat are not always from unhappy marriages. While some may approach an affair claiming their spouse doesn’t understand them, a great many adulterous people are, in fact, happy in their marriages. Infidelity is not the leading cause of divorce. Again, it’s often a matter of not getting needs met at home and not about destroying the family. Adulterers will work hard to hold his or her home together despite an extramarital liaison.
5.    About half of all married people have had some type of an affair. While the statistics in studies vary, many of them find that up to half of all married people admit to having been unfaithful at some point in their marriage.

It is better to know than not to know when a spouse has strayed according to Hughes.

”There is always a danger that discovering infidelity can lead to a divorce. However, there’s also the possibility that such a discovery can lead a couple to repair their marriage. Suspicion, on the other hand, can be an insidious force that slowly eats away at a marriage and revenge is not always sweet and sites like She’s A Homewrecker could lead to seeking revenge on the wrong person – the other woman - and not the man who cheats on his wife and leaves his family.”

Hughes and his colleagues as Private Investigator Coventry ( are adept at discovering if there is infidelity in a relationship. They are confident that their services can end suspicion one way or the other. Through many methods such as surveillance and PC forensics, their team can bring the truth to the surface. Contact Lee Hughes on 024 7662 9765 for matrimonial, corporate or private investigations.

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