Private Detectives Nottingham Respond to 'The Cheaters High' Survey with 10 Signs of a Cheating Partner

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Private Detectives Nottingham responds to recent multinational study by Nicole E. Ruedy, University of Washington, Celia Moore, London Business School, Francesca Gino, Harvard University, and Maurice E. Schweitzer, University of Pennsylvania on the benefits of unethical behaviour ‘The Cheaters High’ with 10 signs of a cheating partner

“I’ve seen it time and again in my work. People will not think twice if they think they are beating the larger anonymous system rather than hurting somebody with a name and face.

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, ‘American Psychological Association’, 22/11/2013 - Leon Jacklin of Private Detectives Nottingham ( responds to a study that seemed to show that people aren’t quite as wracked with guilt as one might think when they do something wrong. The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology recently published an article that basically reveals people may not feel quite as bad as we assume when they do when committing unethical behavior. In fact, they might feel quite good about getting away with something. According to the article, it depends on whether the person is in touch with the harm its doing to an individual or whether the harm is being done in an impersonal way. Skimming off the top of the corporate profits can be exhilarating, but taking from our co-workers wallet can bring feelings of remorse. It doesn’t matter that both are stealing.

“The study’s not surprising,” says Kessler. “I’ve seen it time and again in my work. People will not think twice if they think they are beating the larger anonymous system rather than hurting somebody with a name and face. In fact, it can be rather exciting getting away with it. Even in infidelity cases, the cheater can turn a betrayal into a source of excitement. The cheater may regard the spouse as not being hurt by what he or she doesn’t know. “

Kessler points out that there are some tell-tale signs that can alert a spouse that their partner might be cheating. For those who aren’t quite ready to let their spouses off the hook, he offers ten:

1. Cell phone secrets – Suddenly the cell phone is a very private thing with passwords and calls being taken in other rooms.

2. Internet privacy – Where once everything on the house’s PC was shared, now some things are off-limits and passwords are set. Inordinate amount of time is spent on the computer.

3. Longer working hours – Mostly having to stay later for work or maybe gaining sudden weekend duties. Occasionally, having to go in early.

4. Change in sex life – Sometimes during an affair, the sex life at home will decrease. Other times, it will increase if the partner is feeling stronger about his or her sexuality. Look for any marked change without an obvious reason.

5. Financial irregularities – Charges on the credit card that aren’t accounted for or discovering the spouse has his or her separate and new credit card.

6. Make-over – If the spouse suddenly is putting a new level of effort into his or her appearance – hairstyle, clothes, eating right and working out all may take on new importance and indicate an outside interest.

7. Name dropping – If your spouse is obsessive or a bit of a thrill seeker, he or she may begin repeatedly referring to somebody who might be an object of interest.

8. Cruel behavior and talk – A spouse may behave or talk in a way that is guaranteed to begin to put distance between them and the one they’re cheating on. It may be cruel or insulting behavior and talk.

9. Taking separate holidays – Sudden separate holidays can indicate a need to be alone with the other person.

10. Being Over-defensive – If a simple question like “Why were you so late last night?”, is responded to with inflated intensity, then your spouse could be protecting a secret.

A private investigator can help you confirm or dispel your suspicions. It’s better to know than not know. Using the many services offered by Leon Jacklin and his colleagues at Private Detectives Nottingham, such as surveillance and private investigations Private Detectives Nottingham can help you find out the truth. Call Leon on 0115 772 2197.

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