Bible Scholars Predict a Nuclear Terrorist Attack on Manhattan and Another on London Between Sunset November 28 and Sunset December 2, 2013

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Manhattan will be attacked from the Hudson river and London will be attacked from the Thames river near Dartford. The Lords' Witnesses deduce that these nuclear attacks are the 3rd and 4th fire signs of 1Kings18 and the stone hitting the 2 feet of the giant man of Daniel2 and the start of the greater pillars of cloud and fire that lead Israel out of Egypt.

Did God forget to put the key dates in his book? Or are they encoded in seemingly irrelevant numerical information?

The Lords' Witnesses are a Christian Church and a Bible Research group with members in the UK, the US, Germany and Austria. They focus more on bible research than they do on evangelism. They have made significant progress with the Christian symbolic code of the bible. They use bible symbolism to turn scriptural numbers into dates. They point out that Jesus said at Mark 8:19-21.

When I broke the 5 loaves for the 5,000 [men], how many baskets full of fragments you took up? They said to him: 12.
When I broke the 7 for the 4,000 [men], how many provision baskets full of fragments did you take up? And they said to him: 7.
With that he said to them: Do you not yet get the meaning? (Mark 8)

The Lords' Witnesses see this as Jesus explaining that the numbers of the baskets taken up in each case are important. So they asked the question: Did God forget to put the key dates in his book? Or are they encoded in seemingly irrelevant numerical information?

This question has lead Lords' Witness bible research for over 20 years. Their president explains the conclusions of this research as follows...

"The numbers of baskets of left overs from the feeding miracles have a greater meaning that Jesus' back then and even his disciples today do not yet understand. For the chief of the bakers had a dream about 3 baskets of bread in Genesis 40 and Joseph interpreted that dream as day for a basket. He also interpreted 7 cows as 7 years. Well a dream is an inspired vision from ones subconscious mind whereas a bible account is inspired by God also through the subconscious mind of his prophet, the bible writer according to St. Paul. He informs us in 2Timothy that all scripture is inspired and no one is conscious of how or when he is being inspired. So the meaning of an inspired dream gives us the meaning of the inspired scriptures. Part of the symbolic code is that a basket of bread or a cow can be a day or a year. And now we have transformed a lot of seemingly irrelevant numerical detail into the hidden timetable of God.

The greater meaning of the physical feeding of the 5,000 relates to a spiritual feeding by a true church which had only 5,000 people in it at the time of the first loaf. That church was the Watchtower which had 5,000 adherents in the day of its first president Charles Taze Russell. The 5th president of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, the 5th loaf, was Milton Henschel who died on 2002VeAdar13 (2003March22). The 12 baskets of fragments left over from the feeding of the 5,000 with 5 loaves and 2 fishes are 12 years from the death of the 5th President. These are Biblical Lunar Calendar years from 2003Nisan1 to 2014Adar24 which is 2015March20/21. 2014Adar25 is actually 2015Nisan1 - that is how lunar calendars work.

The Watchtower stop feeding the faithful at the end of the 12 baskets because 2015March21/22 is the last day of boarding into the greater ark of Noah into which people must go if they are to escape the final extinction level lava flood. That is why Jesus put such emphasis on the number of baskets. It gives us the date that every man of faith wants to know. It is the last possible day to run into the greater ark and avoid getting burnt by the greater volcanic destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The 2 fishes are the food of the Lords' Witnesses under the presidency of Gordon Ritchie and the food the Laodicean congregation of bible decoders under their president. The 5 loaves and the 2 fishes are the food of the 7 congregations of Revelation 2 and 3 in the present day fulfilment of that book."

The Lords' Witnesses further understand that 50% of mankind is to be saved at the end and 50% left behind. Their research shows that you do not have to be a Jehovah's Witness to be saved or a Catholic or even a Christian. "To be saved you either need to love God or to love your brother - for the final test upon mankind is the love test of Matthew25 - that is it," says their president.

What is God's role in these terrorist attacks you may ask? Their president would answer as follows...

"When Moses lead Israel out of Egypt, God went ahead of him in a pillar of fire and cloud. This prefigures the final exit of God's people from the Egypt of this world. The pillar of fire and cloud today is plainly a nuclear detonation. A nuclear bomb is an intrinsically unrighteous weapon as it results in almost 100% collateral damage. One cannot achieve an eye for an eye with a weapon like that! Mankind should destroy them all now as CND and Gorbachov propose. Because if we had any grasp of morality we would understand that a nuclear bomb is the very definition of immorality. So God is not behind these bombs. Satan on the other hand is.

For Daniel 2 speaks of a stone hitting the feet of a giant man. This stone is the stumbling block of mankind and is nuclear terrorism. The stone that hits the giant man was cut out of a mountain not by hands. This is bible symbolism for being taken from the administration of mankind by demon possession. Jesus spent a lot of his first century ministry expelling demons. His ministry is an archetype for the end of this system. If this prediction is right then it is demon possessed people who will commit these crimes against humanity - not we ourselves. They will be doing it for the purposes of engineering a power grab for themselves from the political response to the attacks.

So God is in these attacks only in the sense that he gives mankind the dates of them in advance as a sign. So that he can be seen through them. For the scripture says that Jesus is coming upon the clouds. Jesus is the greater Moses and he comes upon greater pillars of cloud than the one that lead and then followed Moses."

The Lords' Witnesses have made 401 attempts to predict the precise timing and location of these 2 nuclear atrocities. They have got it wrong 400x. But in 1Kings18 there are 400 false prophets of the sacred pole who did not show up at the fire sign contest. The Lords witnesses interpret these as standing for 400 false prophecies, 400 no shows. That is one reason why they believe that their 401st prediction is correct. They advertised the first few but then ceased advertising until now. That is because they now think they have it. "The jigsaw has never fitted together this well before" said Gordon Ritchie, the president of the church.

For the details of their extensive calculations for the date of the attacks resulting from 23 years of research please visit their fire sign page. For details of the location of these attacks please visit their Home page.

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