Black Friday Shopping Injuries Blacken The Holidays

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With throngs of people descending on shopping centers Thursday night and on into Black Friday itself, there’s going to be plenty of opportunity for personal injury situations to erupt. In order to prevent potential tragedies, the Ochs Law Firm has put together a series of safety tips centered on the shopping extravaganza.

Nowadays, people prep for Black Friday the same way they would prepare for a fight...Given the climate, injuries become all too common

With the onset of Black Friday getting pushed closer and closer to Halloween, people are no doubt formulating plans about how they’re going to descend upon shopping centers come Thanksgiving night. Unfortunately, a potent mix of alcohol consumption, post-holiday malaise, and general distaste for the endless pushing and shoving that goes along with crowds can lead to some fairly serious personal injury situations.

The Ochs Law Firm is concerned about such incidents taking place on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and they want to do something about it. Jason E. Ochs explains how the best intentions can go awry on such a stressful day:

“Nowadays, people prep for Black Friday the same way they would prepare for a fight,” said Mr. Ochs, “and sometimes, that’s exactly what these sales events become. Fathers and mothers who just want to get a good deal on their children’s holiday gifts may feel like fight night contenders by the end of the ordeal. Given the climate, injuries become all too common.”

Things have gotten bad enough that OSHA recently had to come out with a set of guidelines that retailers can follow to minimize potential injury risks.

No one should have to spend Friday in the hospital or a jail cell on the heels of spending Thursday with family. If you’re going to be heading out on Black Friday (or Thursday), let the following safety tips compiled by the Ochs Law Firm act as your guide:

•Don’t Let Fatigue Dictate Your Fate- Many people drift to sleep after consuming a turkey dinner but then rouse themselves to join the masses of shoppers. Unfortunately, this can compromise an individual’s reaction time at the wheel of a vehicle. Those who have slaved over a stove all day or those who feel that they’re in a food coma should refrain from piloting a vehicle until they’ve been able to catch up on sleep.

•Drinking? Then No Driving- Thanksgiving has become one of the most dangerous holidays in terms of drunk driving, helped in no small part by the fact that more and more people are leaving on Thursday rather than shopping on Friday.

There are no doubt going to be shoppers with more than a few drinks in them come Black Friday sales, but don’t let yourself be one of them. You have two choices: consume alcohol but refrain from going shopping at night, or refrain from drinking and shop to your heart’s content.

•Park And Parcel- The parking lot is where the chaos begins. Take your time to find a spot, and don’t wedge a vehicle in where it doesn’t belong. Park down the street and then walk to the store if you have to, always making sure that your vehicle is stationed somewhere legal and that there are available lighted sidewalks to lead you to the destination safely and out of the way of traffic.

•Cast Your Lot- The danger continues while you’re walking through the parking lot, as there are going to be people who drive too fast and let their anger get the better of them before they even exit the vehicle.

Watch out for inattentive drivers at this time, paying particular attention to the flash of brake lights that indicates a vehicle is about to back up. Don’t assume you can be seen by a driver who has shopping deals on the brain.

•Leave The Kids At Home- As odd as it seems, toy stores during Black Friday are no place for children. Adults are busy losing their minds, and you don’t want a child to tangle with an older adult who has his or her sights set on ripping a Playstation 4 out of their hands. Have someone who can watch the kids while you go out.

•Consider on-line shopping - Alternatively, avoid the whole mess of competing for toy purchases and do it leisurely at home before the computer while munching on turkey leftovers.

“Don’t stoop to the level of behavior that many people are sure to exhibit on Black Friday,” said Mr. Ochs. “Keep your cool, realizing that personal safety trumps saving a couple bucks every time. Just because other people are behaving like cretins and leaving themselves open to personal injury liability doesn’t mean that you should.”

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