Holiday Buying Guide 2013 - Fragrance Sets Presented by Beauty Research

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Beauty Research, a beauty blogging web site, published an article today discussing fragrance gift sets for the holidays.

Each year, roughly $8 billion to $10 billion is spent on fragrance products around the world, and a large portion of these sales take place during the holiday season. To meet the needs of holiday shoppers, many fragrance collections unveil special sets for the season and present them in attractive packaging for gift giving. The latest article by, Holiday Buying Guide 2013 - Fragrance Sets, discusses 10 fragrance gift set ideas for the holiday season.

Many men wear scent products like cologne and after shave on a daily basis, and as a result fragrance gifts are very popular for holiday gift giving. Which men's fragrance sets made the Beauty Research list of the best? What makes them stand out among the others on the market? For which types of men are they most likely to appeal? To find out, visit or click

Finding ways to enjoy favorite scents when traveling can be difficult for both men and women, as airline restrictions and limited packing space can make it challenging or impossible to bring traditional perfume and cologne. Are there fragrance sets that are geared toward travelers? What types of products do they contain? To whom are they most likely to appeal? To find out, visit or click

While there are many brands that make high quality fragrances, some are especially well known for their men's and women's scents. Which brands are among the most popular in the fragrance industry? Are they offering gift sets this year? If so, which are the best for holiday shoppers to choose as gifts? To find out, visit or click

Fragrance products go beyond traditional sprays and can include a variety of other scent options. What other types of products can fragrance gift sets contain? Which sets that feature spray alternatives are best for the 2013 Holiday Season? Why are they unique? To find out, visit or click

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