68 Percent of U.S. Women Think Obamacare Is Bad for the Country

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Insurance Purchase Mandate Single Biggest Problem; Insurance for Pre-existing Conditions Cited as #1 Benefit; Plus Other Findings in the SheByShe Debut Study

SheByShe™, a new flash survey site dedicated to giving women a voice, today announced the results of its debut survey, “What Women Think About Obamacare.” The survey finds that a majority of women, 68 percent, do not think Obamacare is good for the country. There were numerous reasons cited, but the dominant issue is the insurance purchase mandate.

Thirty percent of women said the single, biggest problem with Obamacare is that the government is infringing on individual rights by forcing the purchase of health insurance. Eighteen percent believe Obamacare is costing the country too much money and will further hurt the economy, and 15 percent say it is increasing the cost of health care for too many people.

One respondent said about Obamacare, “I don't believe in forcing people to purchase something they do not necessarily need. I think that’s the root of all the problems that go along with Obamacare. It's simply unconstitutional.” Another said, “This will not fix a broken healthcare system. It will break America.”

Not All Women Are Negative

According to the survey, 25 percent of women don’t see any significant problems that make Obamacare bad for the country. A supporter said, “Health care should be a right not a privilege. Everyone should have equal access,” and another commented, “Too many people without health insurance. Over time it will bring healthcare costs down.”

Twenty percent of respondents said the leading benefit is providing insurance coverage to those with pre-existing conditions while 19 percent think the number one benefit is that it provides coverage to those who have not been able to afford it.

The survey showed that the women who support Obamacare are more likely to benefit or have a close family member benefit from the program. Fifty percent of those supporting Obamacare will directly benefit from the program and 70 percent of the supporters say they have a close family member who will benefit. This contrasts sharply with those who think Obamacare will not help the country. Only 5 percent of those women say it will provide a benefit to them and only 13 percent say it will directly benefit a close family member.

Feeling Current Impact

Of women with an individual coverage policy, 24 percent fear they will receive a notice from their insurance provider either cancelling their policy or enrolling them in a new policy, 17 percent have already received such a notification and 15 percent have been forced into a different policy, many with higher premiums and deductibles. One respondent noted, “I think Obamacare takes away my previous health plan which I loved but can no longer afford due to the increasing cost to pay for others.”

SheByShe is Providing Women a Voice

The survey collected hundreds of comments from women on both sides of the issue. Many are personal anecdotes, expressed with colorful emotion and passion. All can be found by clicking here.

The Obamacare survey was conducted in November 2013 and elicited responses from 602 U.S. women age 25 and over, at a 95% confidence level, ± 4%.

SheByShe Launches with More to Come

The Obamacare survey is the debut effort by SheByShe, a new flash survey site dedicated to giving women a voice and making sure that voice is heard. Launching today at http://www.shebyshe.com, SheByShe will field ongoing topical surveys and amplify those results across mainstream media outlets and social media. Participating women will feel satisfied as they see their opinions shared and their point of views being heard as part of the wider conversation.

“Women exert a huge impact across our society and economy but are often under-represented in opinion polls, commentary and mainstream conversation. SheByShe is a way to change that by giving women a voice and providing amplification of that voice,” said Anne French, SheByShe participant and guest blogger. “It is fascinating to read all the comments and see what women really think about Obamacare and other topics.”

“2014: What Do You Think” 2014 Outlook ” Survey Launches

In follow-up to the Obamacare survey, SheByShe is now fielding a 2014 outlook survey entitled “2014: What Do You Think?

“The beginning of a new year is when we take stock of our current lives and begin to think ahead to what might be in the year ahead. It’s a natural time for assessment and reflection.,” said Tanya Roberts, co-founder of SheByShe. “We are curious about what women are predicting for 2014, about their own personal situations, their communities, their states and the U.S. in general.    

The SheByShe 2014: What Do You Think survey is now open. Women can click here to participate in the survey. Use this link to help us tell women about this survey https://shebyshe.squarespace.com/surveys/2013/12/5/obamacare-survey-results.

About SheByShe

SheByShe is a flash survey site dedicated to sharing what women think about important issues. SheByShe is committed to being objective and transparent. SheByShe is not affiliated with any political party, religion or other group. Surveys are fielded to cover current social, lifestyle, economic, and political issues. Results are posted on SheByShe.com and are shared with key influencers and publicized through major media and information dissemination sources. Participating women feel satisfied that they are speaking up and sharing their point-of-view. For more information or to contact SheByShe please go to http://www.shebyshe.com.


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