NutBurgers Meets Consumer’s Demands at Whole Foods Tustin, CA; To Lose Weight and Enjoy Healthy “Flexitarian” Eating

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OneTeam Humanity Foods Inc. announced that Carla Lee’s NutBurgers, NutBalls and Thai Coconut NutBurgers will be doing another tasting event at Whole Foods Tustin, CA.

Carla Lee’s NutBurgers, NutBalls and Thai Coconut NutBurgers will be doing another tasting event at Whole Foods Tustin, CA. Whole Foods and NutBurgers both realize the growing needs of Flexitarians (Carnivores who want to eat cleaner, but are unwilling to sacrifice flavor, texture or palate to do so), Gluten-Free eaters, Vegans, Little Ones and Vegetarians alike.

The American Dialect Society voted “flexitarian” as the 2013 most useful word and defined it as “a vegetarian who occasionally eats meat.”

On Sunday, December 15, 2013 at Whole Foods Tustin Marketplace, the NutBurger team will be sharing “The Love BUZZZ…” by serving Coconut Thai Lettuce Wraps and NutBalls. Health conscious consumers are invited to try this non-meat alternative by simply stopping at Whole Foods anytime between the hours of 11A.M. and 3 P.M.

NutBurgers has a strong following, catching the attention of Whole Foods local forager, Dwight Detter. Detter affirmed his decision because of his own enjoyment of the product, “I am excited that we have a great new local vegan burger to introduce. The NutBurger is very tasty and the mission of the company is important. This is truly a win-win relationship for all of us.”

NutBurgers first show in 2013 was at the biggest Natural Products Show in the US. OneTeam Humanity Foods introduced “craveable” plant-based soy-free, gluten-free, NON-GMO, Vegan wholesome line-up that satisfies even the most discriminate of palates. NutBurgers line-up is loaded with macronutrients and coconut amino acids, making NutBurgers nearly a 100% complete food source that keeps even the hungry man satiated for hours.

There is plenty of scientific research that supports making a flexitarian diet and non-meat alternatives such as NutBugers part of your top food picks. Dawn Blatner, RD and Nutrition Expert estimates the average person could shed up to 30 pounds by sticking to the flexitarian diet for 6-12 months. Additionally Blatner states that Flexitarians weigh 15% less, have a lower rate of heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and live 3.6 years longer than their carnivorous counterparts.

NutBurgers has created a line of award-winning “craveable” meals; NutBurgers, Thai Burgers, NutBalls and NutTacos. NutBurgers demonstrate that you can enjoy feeding your body while giving it the food energy it loves, and craves, without sacrificing flavor, texture. These nut-based meat alternatives and online recipes make it easy to maintain a healthier lifestyle while making dining a family pastime that many cherish and love.

Carla Lee Johnston, CEO and Founder of NutBurgers ( states, “We are committed to bridging the gap for the carnivore, little one, vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian alike by creating “craveable” non-meat cuisine without losing “The YUMMM Factor.” NutBurgers is known for using the highest quality natural, Gluten-Free, NON-GMO, nutrient-dense plant-based ingredients with no artificial anything.

NutBurgers product line is being added to diet protocols by Doctors, Nutritionists and conscious eaters that become aware of the product. Dr. Robert Moore, MD, a Dallas, TX surgeon and with Fit Families Forever which works toward ending the Pandemic on Obesity has recently subscribed to the NutBurgers philosophy. “I am so excited about incorporating the entire NutBurger line-up into my diet prescription protocol for our Fit Family Forever Program. It is difficult when dieting to find a product that fits everyone in the family's needs. Thank you Carla Lee for being committed to helping people lose weight and get healthy with such awesome products... I'm a huge fan!”

Johnston further explains that the Carla Lee’s NutBurger brand has the essential amino and macro nutrients for healthy living and can be found in a convenient frozen packaged product.

Through a twist of fate, a friend of Johnston who was making organic school lunches watched his 1 ½ year old son gobble up NutBurgers as the young man repeated “ YUMMM!” Johnston’s friend then asked her if she had considered bringing NutBurgers to the marketplace for more people to enjoy. Meetings were set in motion and two months later, NutBurgers was featured at the Natural Products Expo West, receiving “TOP PICK”by Veg World and top Vegetarian Bloggers who only chose 10 winners out of over 3,300 manufacturers.

Johnston started with humble beginnings and explains here, “One of my favorite ways to express love is through cooking. While I never thought I’d end up in the food manufacturing business, when friends set up meetings for me, I realized life passions and my service in the world is a gift unfolded for you…I’m grateful I listened.”

Demonstrations of NutBugers will be at Whole Foods, 2847 Park Ave, Tustin, CA 92782 on December 15th and health professionals, trainers, and chefs along with the general public are welcome. There is no fee for this sampling.

OneTeam Humanity Foods Inc. dba NutBurgers is a CA based corporation with packaging and distribution facilities located in Brea, CA. OneTeam Humanity Foods is headquartered at 2618 San Miguel Drive, Suite 411, Newport Beach, CA 92660. They can be reached at (888) 989-6889 (NUTZ) or info(at)NutBurgers(dot)com.

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