Dance Pizazz’s Top 3 Ways Dancing Can Help Prevent a Stroke

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Dance Pizazz is aware of the many benefits of dance as a form of exercise and wants to share how dancing can diminish the risk for a stroke.

Ballroom dance is a proven way to exercise the entire body...and lower the risk for a stroke.

The benefits of exercise are many and have been touted often, but now there’s even more evidence showing that it can prevent a life-altering event: a stroke. A recent study by University of South Australia ( shows that there’s a definite link between regular exercise and a considerably lowered risk for a stroke, up to 20% less for men who exercised regularly.

Dance Pizazz, the St. Louis area funnest, friendliest dance studio (, keeps a close eye on the latest developments in health and fitness in order to better serve all dancers. That’s why Dance Pizazz is sharing its top three ways that dancing as a form of exercise can help dancers of any level (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) prevent one of the most dreaded health events: a stroke.

1. Dancing definitely counts as exercise: Ballroom dance is considered one of the best types of weight-bearing exercises, which help strengthen key muscle-groups. Dancing also engages the body all around -not just the legs - in comprehensive movement that promotes healthy cell growth, muscle and bone health, and posture and flexibility. Few forms of exercise offer all these benefits at once.

2. Dancing regularly can help anybody loose/maintain weight: Obesity is one of the contributing factors to increased heart disease, diabetes, and other life-altering diseases. Because ballroom dance is an excellent form of aerobic exercise, it’s also a stellar calorie burner. The results from continued dancing are always palpable as an obese body loses weight and a toned body keeps it off.

3. Dancing can lower blood pressure in many ways: From a physical standpoint, improved circulation through a cardio workout means better blood flow to the muscles and more oxygenation to all organ groups. From a more holistic approach, dancing is a proven stress-buster, as time in the studio can also mean “me time.” In most cases, dancing in a studio regularly also expands the dancer’s social circle, another proven stress-reliever with long-term positive consequences for the dancer’s mind-body connection.

Dance Pizazz is always eager to help its dancers reach their healthy body goals. Because ballroom dance is a proven way to exercise the entire body, help with weight management, and lower blood pressure and stress, it can also help lower the risk for a stroke. Why not start working on a healthier, happier body today? Go to to see how instructors and students alike have reached and maintained their fitness goals thanks to ballroom dance.

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