New Shipments of IRC Tires Sized for the Segway i Series Now Available from Segway of Oakland

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Segway of Oakland has imported a new shipment of IRC tires now sized for any Segway i series.

The new IRC tires are a mud and snow tire that has heavy duty traction. This long lasting tire is suited for outdoor use and it is sized to fit the Segway PT self balancing vehicle. The IRC tire has better outdoor traction in comparison to the stock i series Segway tire, but unlike the stock Segway PT tire, this tire will more easily mark surfaces so it is not as good for indoor use or where the risk of tires marking a surface is high. However for outdoor use, the IRC tire is really better than anything ever available for an i series due to its deep traction. This allows your Segway i to go over dirt and grass more easily.

Especially popular with Segway polo players for grass use, the IRC tire has the great advantage of better and deeper traction. Only the IRC tire offers super long wear with deeper tread designed especially for use on grass. "I love these tires for riding around the beach area at Lake Alamanor," said Segway of Oakland co-owner Darren Romar.

The Segway IRC tire does not have the same lift as the x2 tire, so on sand the IRC tire is not significantly more easy to ride than the Segway i series tire and does not provide the same lift as the Segway x2 tire. But the IRC tire is a narrow tire that has deep traction which is especially suited to a wide range of uses. "I love using the IRC tire for my commute because I ride on grass and dirt sometimes," said Rich Espinoza Jr., General Manager of Segway of Oakland.

Whether using it for fun or to get around, the Segway PT is the world's most unique vehicle. That's because the Segway PT is the world's first self-balancing machine. No other vehicle is this small and efficient. It has a super-small footprint to boot. "The Segway is the ultimate green machine," said Romar.

Segway of Oakland and Bay Area Segway have special rates for bulk purchases, so for those that need a specialty tire, check out what Segway of Oakland has to offer, not only IRC tires, but a lot of other customized options. These tires are used by both businesses and consumers.

A lot of Segway owners actually keep an extra set of IRC tires ready and available so that they can use the IRC tire as well as their standard Segway i series tire. This tire is suitable for outdoor use and may not be suitable a replacement for the standard tire because it will wire mark and scuff surfaces like a typical bike tire. Therefore, the standard Segway tire is better suited for universal use. But for those that want something extra, or that really need this type of traction, the Segway IRC tire is the way to go.

"Although a lot of Segway polo users use the x2, now a lot of them have gone to the Segway i2 series with the IRC tires because the IRC tire is less restrictive for swinging the mallet," added Romar. The i series Segway has a narrower rim, and the IRC tire is fitted to this narrower rim.

This unique IRC tire fits both Gen 1 i series units and Gen 2 i series units. This means that the tires can be mounted on a i167, i170, i180, or i2.The tire requires a tube.

The tire also comes for both wholesale and retail customers, with discounts available for qualified resellers and tour and rental business. Inquire today about this unique tire at or call now at 1-888-8SEGWAY or 510-832-2429 today!

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