Founder of Nominet states that he is against the current Nominet .uk proposal and encourages others to respond to the consultation before it is too late

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Published early feedback at website on Nominet's .uk proposal is very much against .uk being introduced. Alex Bligh who via displays his feedback in full, which expresses his view that Nominet have failed to demonstrate that the proposals are in the interest of all stakeholders; Alex Bligh is a founder of Nominet and served as non-executive director of Nominet for 11 years.

Former Nominet Director Against its .uk Proposal

The feedback to the current proposal to introduce .uk domain names next year will only be published in November, when the Nominet Directors provide their decision on how they are going to proceed with .uk domain names.

Some are publishing their .uk feedback now at and are encouraging others to get involved in the Nominet .uk consultation.

Alex Bligh’s response comes just days after published a report showing potential flaws in the Nominet .uk proposal. The report highlights that the .uk proposal will adversely affect millions of current holders of domains and UK consumers, and encourages people to get involved or lose their .uk domains.

Alex Bligh’s well written response to the .uk consultation should be read in full and can be found here on the website.

Extracts from the feedback highlight some areas of concern for all holders:

“The proposals pay insufficient attention to the rights and legitimate expectations of existing registrants.”

“In general, no persuasive case has been made to open up second level domain registrations at all, and the less than persuasive case that has been put fails to adequately weigh the perceived advantages of opening up second level domain registrations against the damage caused to existing registrants. In simple terms, the collateral damage outweighs the benefits.”

“Nominet’s initial consultation document only told side one of the story; it presented the advantages of opening registrations at the second level without putting forward any of the disadvantages. It is therefore completely unsurprising that it found favour with some respondents particularly those unfamiliar with domain names who would not be able to intuit the disadvantages themselves, rather like a politician asking voters whether they would like lower taxes without pointing out the consequences. The second consultation is little better – nowhere does it set out the disadvantages of the proposal as a whole to existing registrants.”

“Existing registrants would be disadvantaged. By presenting (probably falsely) registrations in the second level as more trustworthy, this implies registrations at the third level (i.e. all existing registrations) are somehow less trustworthy, or in some way ‘dodgy.'”

“These proposals risk introducing excess complexity. The most equitable path would be not to open up registrations at the second level at all.”

“There is simply no reason why those ejected from should have preferential treatment over domain name holders in .uk...” "...I am afraid this proposal smells like Nominet pandering for support from government for its otherwise unpopular proposal.”

“To reiterate the point I have made before, this consultation and its ill-fated predecessor fail to put their points across in an even handed manner. That is they expound the advantages of Nominet’s proposal, without considering its disadvantages. That is Nominet’s prerogative, but if that is the course Nominet takes then it should not attempt to present the results of such a ‘consultation’ as representative, as their consultees will have heard only one side of the story.”

Please note the Nominet .uk consultation closes on 23rd September 2013 and YourUK encourages all to get involved and complete the .uk consultation form at as soon as possible.

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