Ninefold Helps SwipeAds Make a Game of Security and Keep Online Visitors Engaged

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Disruptor to spam solutions industry chooses Ninefold for global cloud computing, seeks to improve accessibility

An innovative Brisbane-based company that uses free online games to fight spam has chosen Ninefold's multiple availability zones in North America and Australia to host its 24x7 business critical global operations, and support its rapidly expanding business.

Until now, websites requiring authentication have had no secure alternative for users other than to type the CAPTCHA twisty letters, which takes too long, frustrates users and in studies has been shown to reduce user conversion rates by up to 33%, resulting in lost web sales.

The company is also currently investigating solutions for equally effective accessibility alternatives for the visually impaired. Despite efforts by Google and others, there is still no secure, convenient audio challenge available.

FunCaptcha is free for site publishers, fast to implement and already in use by more than 4100 websites across 119 countries with 80% of customers in the US. Having already stopped 31 million pieces of spam since launch six months ago, FunCaptcha presents a mini-game that blocks the bots while giving users a few moments of fun and keeping users online as they navigate the site. It’s a real security solution hardened by experts and automatically updated to provide the best protection.

“You know you've got a disruptive technology when you make some enemies – in our case, the spammers are out to bypass our system, but despite the 200,000 attacks every day, we've developed a robust dual security system for websites that's super simple and fun for users. The location and build of our supporting infrastructure is critical to us because it's critical to our users,” said Matthew Ford, Co-Founder at SwipeAds, creator of FunCaptcha. “We've resolved the frustration of visual twisty-letter CAPTCHAs in just a few months. As the company grows and we focus on audio accessibility, just imagine how much better we can make it.”

‪FunCaptcha works on all browsers and mobile devices and can be adapted for nearly every website, including WordPress, PHP, Wix and more.

Its founders include one of Atari's first dedicated game designers, interactive entertainment experts from Queensland University of Technology and advisors from large web networks which combine to ensure the technology is simple, effective and smart.

“Ninefold's built-in global load balancing allowed us to scale our operations while keeping our costs low. It has led to faster speeds and response times for our users, increasing our brand quality and user experience. It also gives us the ability to be confident that if any problem arises, we have several backup servers across multiple locations to ensure our service is always running well,” said Kevin Gosschalk, Co-Founder and Programmer of FunCaptcha.

“We love the vision of SwipeAds, and the fact that something so secure, powerful and useful is also fun– that's very central to our own proposition here at Ninefold,” said Peter James, Chairman and Co-Founder at Ninefold. “Our customers are increasingly global and want to use our services wherever they are for faster, scaleable performance.”

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About SwipeAds
FunCaptcha is made by a pair of good friends in sunny Brisbane, Australia who love making simple solutions to the web’s worst problems.

They made a little game that stops spambots, but gives web users a bit of fun. The solution has been inspected by experts, and it’s automatically updated to keep providing the best spam protection. Users finish the games faster than other popular CAPTCHAs, with no typing, and no aggravating failures. FunCaptcha works on every browser and mobile device.

About Ninefold
Ninefold is a Ruby on Rails hosting and cloud hosting provider with servers in the US and Asia-Pacific, free support, self-service flexibility and low latency. This allows you to deploy apps and provision servers, quickly and easily, scaling up or down as needed and only paying for the resources you use.

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