New Formaldehyde Eliminator - Portable Tabletop Unit

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MicroSweep Corp. announces introduction of its Model-65 formaldehyde eliminator for consumers and businesses.

Eraldehyde® eliminates toxic formaldehyde gas coming from household furnishings, construction materials, and occupational exposure.

“Eraldehyde®-65” --- Formaldehyde is a toxic organic compound with a pungent, irritating odor. Highly toxic to all animals, it is a known human carcinogen that causes cancer of the throat, nose, and blood. It can enter the body by breathing or absorption through the skin. People can be exposed to it by breathing tobacco smoke, smoke from gas cookers and open fireplaces, and from using household products such as construction materials, latex paints, fingernail polish, cosmetics, disinfectants, glues, lacquers, manufactured pressed wood products, fiberglass, new carpets, permanent press fabrics, paper products, and some cleaners. Workers can be exposed to even higher amounts of formaldehyde if they are a doctor, nurse, dentist, veterinarian, pharmacist, pathologist, embalmer, clothing or furniture factory worker, or teacher or student working in a laboratory because formaldehyde is used in those occupations to preserve biological specimen and for post mortem embalming.

The tabletop Eraldehyde®-65 removes formaldehyde gas from the air by chemically eradicating it. During 2009 the Center for Disease Control and NASA tested Eraldehyde® with 16 other devices for effectiveness and safety in reducing indoor formaldehyde concentrations. The Eraldehyde® unit was the most efficient in percentage reduction of formaldehyde vapors, did not generate other toxic contaminants, and was proven to be safe and more effective than all the other technologies and devices tested. (The full government report is on the CDC website

Eraldehyde®-65 uses specially coated cartridges that safely neutralize toxic formaldehyde that is suspended in room air passing through the cartridge, even while you are in the room. The Model-65 comes with a cartridge that traps dust particles too. An optional HEPA-type cartridge is also available that removes dust mites, mold spores, and smoke particles as well.

“Eraldehyde® eliminates toxic formaldehyde gas coming from household furnishings, construction materials, and occupational exposure,” said John Edwards, President of MicroSweep Corp.

MicroSweep Corp. develops, manufactures and sells equipment that removes contaminating gases, odors, and pathogens from air and personal property.

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