National Polling Data Just Released Shows That Obamacare Is More Popular Than Recently Reported

Share Article, a national survey and marketing company, was contracted to conduct a national poll that is 3 times larger than the latest Pew polling report. The data has a higher level of demographic information, and the raw data files are being made freely available for any interested parties.

In our opinion there are some serious problems with the method by which organizations such as Pew conduct their surveys and more troubling is how there is an absolute void in the amount of transparency offered to both the media and American public., an nSphere company, was recently contracted by two independent, non-partisan websites that publish factual information regarding the ACA, more commonly referred to as ObamaCare. The reason for the poll was to challenge Pew Research Center polling data that was recently released and subsequently used as political ammunition.

According to Pew, their survey of approximately 1,000 individuals deduced that the American approval rating of ObamaCare is at an all time low.

Leading informational websites and have teamed up in order to provide Americans with a more detailed glimpse into the national opinion of this hot button issue, ObamaCare. The two websites also split the considerable cost associated with conducting the poll. Additionally, unlike other polling data providers, the sites have decided to make the raw demographic data files, along with the complete polling report, available to download for free to any person, media agency or political party to examine and refute. spokesperson, Brad Hayes, said the following about the very revealing poll:

“In our opinion, there are some serious problems with the method by which organizations such as the Pew Research Center conduct their surveys and more troubling still is the fact that there is an absolute void in the amount of transparency offered to both the media and the American public regarding the demographic information of the individuals within the poll. If we are expected to take these results as being credible and a true barometer of national opinion, we need to know more about the individuals that were surveyed.”

One key difference between other national polls and the poll conducted by and released by and is that the poll gave respondents more response options. For example, the Pew Research poll simply asked whether someone did or did not support ObamaCare. The poll, however, permitted an Approve, Disapprove, Indifferent or Unsure response.

This new survey asked 2,818 Americans of different, ages, incomes, ethnicities, and geographic locations their thoughts on ObamaCare and the results were quite different than what has been reported by other organizations, such as Pew.

Approve:         852 Votes (30.23%)

Disapprove:     909 Votes (32.25%)

Indifferent:     293 Votes (10.39%)

Unsure:            756 Votes (26.82%) and believes that these results do not support the conclusions published in other national surveys and that one glaring error that many other polling companies are making, which can account for the differences, is that other polls are not providing Americans with more response options.

Brad Hayes had that to say regarding why they gave respondents more response options in their poll:

“The one area where we are in agreement with and have similar results as the recent Pew Research Center poll is that the majority of Americans have very little to no understanding of how ObamaCare works. Our data says approximately 65% or more need more information on ObamaCare. Pew has similar numbers. That said, it seems illogical to ask someone who does not understand how something works, to decide whether they are for it or against it. If a person does not understand something, they will be more inclined to be fearful of it, and in this case, vote against it by default.”

The findings certainly support this theory as well. The survey results, which are published on, indicate that of individuals within the highly sought after 18 to 34 demographic and who have a basic understanding of the ACA, the majority of them are actually in favor of ObamaCare.

Taking things a step further, if the individual is between ages 25 and 34, currently does not have insurance and is a low income earner (eligible for a subsidy), more than 71% were not only in favor of ObamaCare but expressed interest in receiving information about the health marketplace in their state.

With regard to the validity of this data, CEO, Panos Bethanis, had the following to say:

"Regarding the authenticity of this data and our polling methods, we take great measures to ensure that we not only provide our clients with all of the tools they need to obtain the best data possible, but we have technology in place to make sure the polling results cannot be gamed or manipulated. Because each member is connected to a unique APP install and phone number, we feel that we obtain highly accurate results from a verified and authentic audience. We stand by the data that has been presented in these reports as being 100% authentic and we support our client’s decision to make the data openly accessible to any news agency or consumer. It is their data, they can do with it what they like. We have no opinion on the ACA, ObamaCare or anyone’s personal politics. We just collect data and turn it over to our clients." is based out of Boston, MA. The full data report and source files on the poll that was conducted at the behest of and can be found at the following link below.

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