Battling Fear and Resistance: The Binary Options Experts Offers Trading Motivation in Latest Blog Entry

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Fear and resistance are common experiences for traders from all walks of life, but they don't have to hold anyone back from achieving their true financial potential. The newest blog post from The Binary Options Experts guides readers in battling these crippling traits.

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If you decide that fear will be your motivator to overcome everything that may hold you back, then you will be on top in a short amount of time.

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“Are you in the same place now you were in three months ago? Six months ago? One year ago?” Duane Cunningham, Vice President for Global Operations of renowned trading consultancy The Binary Options Experts, recently posed this question to readers of their trading blog to tackle the issue of behaviors that can hamper a person's financial development.

Remaining in the same situation, despite regularly expressing a desire to make a change or take a step up to improve one's circumstances, is a clear sign that a person is "resisting successful living," according to the trading specialist. Having found financial freedom in smart binary options trading strategies and making it his life's work to help others find their true financial potential, Cunningham strives to make this latest blog entry a genuine wake-up call for people who fall prey — knowingly or unknowingly — to behaviors such as procrastination and negative thinking in general.

"Why would anyone want to resist successful living? People are too comfortable to change," he pointed out. And, in addition, he said that people, on a non-conscious level, have an absolute terror of success — sometimes paired with the fear of failure. Resistance and fear, according to Cunningham, are two things that can wreak the greatest amount of havoc on a person's life — but only if people allow them to do so.

Binary options trading can be considered by many as a challenging investment strategy. Simply put, a trader would need to speculate on the direction that an asset will take instead of actually purchasing the asset. While there are only two possible outcomes (the asset will either rise or drop in value by the specified expiry time), many people are still quite reluctant to get into this trading platform — often, because of excessively mulling over the risks involved, or because of the trader's current lack of extensive knowledge and experience in trading stock, commodities or forex. Binary options brokers, however, can tell beginner traders that all kinds of trading will require substantial levels of commitment, risk-taking, perseverance, and positivity — success will depend ultimately on the person's attitude towards trading.

"Fear can be the most crippling, unrelenting, paralyzing, scary emotion you will ever experience — if you let it," Cunningham emphasized. To overcome and banish resistance as well as fear, he advised meeting fear head-on. People should sign up for Toastmasters if they fear public speaking, or strike up a conversation if they are anxious about ever meeting a special someone, or climb a mountain if they have a fear of heights. The key is to determine whether fear should be a person's end or a beginning.

"If you decide that fear will be your motivator to overcome everything that may hold you back, then you will be on top in a short amount of time," Cunningham said, rounding up his blog entry. "Here’s a secret: It’s not as far to the top as people think it is... not anymore!"

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