Thrift Town Announces 2013 Best Dressed at the Prom Contest Winners

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Thrift Town recently awarded three teens for being both economically and environmentally conscious when it came to their prom attire this year in their 6th annual Best Dressed at the Prom Contest.

Thrift Town's 2013 Prom Contest Winners

Thrift Town's 2013 Prom Contest Winners

I’m pretty sure no one else this prom season had a one shoulder flower dress like mine. It was a one of a kind masterpiece for not much more than the cost of a $15 thrift store dress. I love you Thrift Town. ~Annika, Albuquerque, NM

Thrift Town recently awarded three teens for being both economically and environmentally conscious when it came to their prom attire this year.

Abby from Fort Worth, TX, Annika from Albuquerque, NM, and Jacob from Salt Lake City, UT, all received news early last week that their entries into Thrift Town’s 6th annual Best Dressed at the Prom Contest, were winners. Abby won the grand prize: a new iPad2 and $100 Thrift Town Gift Card, and was awarded her prizes at her favorite Texas Thrift Town store location in North Richland Hills. Abby, who was not only crowned Thrift Town's big winner but was also coronated her high school's Prom Queen, made Thrift Town contest judge's hearts melt with her unique and creative essay submission. Here's a peak at her lovely prose:

"Twas a week before prom when all through Thrift Town, I searched to find the most beautiful gown. The dresses hung elegantly with the shoes nearby. In hopes that a bargain would soon catch my eye.

A pair of gold slippers twinkled ahead. While visions of prom now danced in my head. I snatched up those shoes for $13.99, and no stress, task number two was to secure a dress!

I could have bought new, but it didn’t seem right. To pay $300 for only one night. Department stores charge so much it’s a crime, for a fancy frock worn only one time.

My cousin is wise, and a thrift shopper too, so I sought her advice about what to do. To my luck her prom was just two years before, and she purchased her dress from a Thrift Town store.

The dress was covered in sequins and teal, the perfect dress for an incredible deal. My cousin paid seven dollars, a price far from large. And kindly loaned it to me, free of charge!

She lent me a bracelet to complete the look, and two golden earrings she insisted I took. My matching clutch was purchased secondhand, from Thrift Town…the most enchanting store in the land.

When I arrived at prom it was a magical night. Above the dance floor hung twinkling lights. I smiled as I knew this prom would be fun. But to my surprise the night had just begun.

At prom it was clear, my dress was a smash, it was elegant and classy for so little cash. For that dress, in all its glorious sheen, was now being worn by the new Haltom prom queen!" ~Abby, Fort Worth, TX

Second place winner Annika, who was awarded a Kindle Fire HD and a $100 Thrift Town gift card, was equally creative, transforming her thrifted dress into a thing of beauty to fit her prom's Masquerade theme.

"The theme for my prom was Masquerqade and I knew I wanted to do something special and decorate a dress. I decided to go with a 'woodland flower fairy' idea and use flowers and leaves to decorate the dress instead of my original thought of covering a dress in feathers (which would have been pretty expensive).

Saving money is important and thrift stores had always been where my mom would take me for casual clothes and items for Halloween costumes, so I went to Thrift Town to find a prom dress, and found the dress in the perfect woodland green color. It looked brand new, fit like it was made for me and was even 50% off.

I loved the finished results and I’m pretty sure no one else this prom season had a one-shoulder flower dress like mine. It was a one of a kind masterpiece for not much more than the cost of a $15 thrift store dress. I love you Thrift Town – I couldn’t have done it without you!" ~Annika, Albuquerque, NM

Third place winner, Jacob, won himself a Go Pro Hero Camera and $100 gift card with his thrifty style.

"I began thrifting when the recession hit, and I was in eighth grade. My family could not spend money on expensive or name brand clothing, but I still wanted to look good. My first time to Thrift Town, I had a difficult time finding Aeropostale and Abercrombie. As I walked out unsuccessful that day, I saw a confident man wearing crazy retro clothing walking in. I followed him back into the store thinking I might just give his funky style a try. I bought a neon paisley shirt. When I wore it to school on Friday the reaction was great! Soon, it seemed nearly all my clothing came from Thrift Town and other thrift stores. Even as my family regained financial footing, I continued to shop at thrift stores. I am able to embrace a unique, fresh style, and save money.

In March I took two of my best friends thrifting (I make Thrift Town Thursday a social affair, including wearing my I love Thrift Town shirt to school). I found the funkiest, most amazing suit I have ever seen in my life - a tan three-piece corduroy suit. Better yet, it fit as though it was tailored for me. Though I had no specific use for it at the time, I knew I would not regret buying it. I only had five dollars, and the suit cost $19.99, so I asked the cashier to hold it for me until the next day. I purchased the suit and found uses for its resplendent beauty almost immediately.

"I wore the suit in my Student Body Officer election video (watch it HERE!) and to a debate captains’ dinner. Best of all was wearing the suit to my best friend’s Senior Prom. I needed to be cost effective, so I didn’t rent a tuxedo, but rather wore my beloved corduroy suit. I borrowed a black shirt from one of my friends on the Ensemble team, a bow tie from another friend, and shoes and a watch from my dad. My outfit was one-hundred percent secondhand. I will never stop thrifting." ~Jacob, Salt Lake City, UT

Thrift Town is proud to host such a prestigious, economic, and environmentally responsible contest, and publicly thank all participants.

Thrift Town has 14 stores locations in three different states which are open Monday-Saturday, 9am-9pm, and on Sunday from 10am-6pm. Thrift Town is social and welcomes the opportunity to engage with customers online on Facebook/ThriftTown, Pinterest/PinThriftTown, Twitter, Tubmlr, and Instagram @ThriftTown or #ThriftTown, and even has a free app that can be found in the Apple Store. Thrift Town’s robust VIP customer rewards program, dedicated weekly blog, and amazing consumer contests all raise awareness of the benefits of thrift in a fun and enriching environment. Thrift Town lives its vision statement of being committed to making a difference every day, and is proud to have raised more than $250 million dollars for their charity partners. Each of their clean, bright, and organized stores put out 4,000 new products daily, setting them apart in the thrift world as the premier thrift destination. Thrift Town is owned and operated by Norquist Salvage Corporation, which has spent over four decades dedicated to socially responsible recycling.

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