First 3 Books of Minister Huphrey O. Akparah's New ‘Amazing Book Series’ Will Indeed Inspire and Amaze

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Humphrey O. Akparah is a spiritual counselor and teacher, a motivational speaker, author and deliverance minister. He founded two churches in Africa and was instrumental in other church planting and equipping and is also a consultant in creative writing projects and facilitates book writing workshops; his books are sure to enlighten and motivate.

Humphrey O. Akparah's "The Amazing Power of Faith", "Amazing Power of Grace" and "Authority of the Excellent Name of Jesus"

FAITH is an inspirational and motivational word, and not just religious jargon. Faith is the compass of the soul.

The author has written three powerful inspirational books in The Amazing Book Series and more are yet to come. The books are "The Amazing Power of Grace", "The Amazing power of Faith", and "Authority of the Excellent Name of Jesus".

Although "The Amazing Power of Faith" contains biblical principles, it is not a religious book. It contains tested principles by which anyone can succeed depending on one’s own definition of success. Faith is an inspirational and motivational word, and not just religious jargon. Faith is such an amazing gift, but so many neglect it out of ignorance. Faith is the compass of the soul. As the airplane cannot go far without a compass, so we are not able to effectively and successfully navigate the troubled waters of life without a well-developed understanding and application of our faith-power. A strong faith is an antidote against stress, fear, sickness, and failure. Faith is the mother of all achievements. It is your seventh sense! After reading this book, you will discover the amazing power of faith, which can destroy fears, generate miracles, and change situations. You are richer than you think through faith and poorer than you can imagine without it.

"The Amazing Power of Grace" is all about living by grace, a way of life that most people cannot understand. When people go through tough times and have to deal with multiple issues, they do not know there is abundance of grace to help them. There is grace for every situation under the sun. Anyone who would like to receive the full richness of God’s grace should read this book and find out how easily it can be discovered.

“He defines grace, provides many examples of grace, looks at grace from many angles, shows that grace is ever present, and backs it up with many Bible quotations so that anyone who doubts its presence has the opportunity to look into the Scriptures and find those quotations for him/herself. He makes grace a very simple and uncomplicated source of power which can be obtained by each and every person who desires it. He/she only has to believe in God and ask for His grace through Jesus Christ. He explains thoroughly why you cannot earn grace. You must ask for it, but only God can provide it.” – Rod Woolridge “My grace is sufficient for you for my strength is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:9)

“Authority of The Excellent Name of Jesus" is a powerful motivational book showing the tremendous power found in the name of Jesus. The name contains amazing and superior authority that nothing else can be compared with. The name is alive, active, and full of potency. It is the “Power of Attorney” and access-code to the Almighty given to humanity. This book is a quick reference and reminder of the absolute sovereignty in the name of Jesus. It will help dispel your doubts, strengthen your faith in the name of Jesus, and help you walk in God’s purpose for your life. Walking with God in our Christian lives offers a life full of challenges and trials.

“As you read this book, it is my prayer that you are blessed and that God continues to grant you grace in your Christian life.” – Dr. Charles Osime

“This book will increase your faith, power, and knowledge of the authority in the name of Jesus. It is a well-researched book that is intended by the author to highlight one of the fundamental truths of the word of God and our Christian belief, that is, the authority we have in the name of Jesus and the healing/miracles that are possible through that name. Christians who do not understand and use the power and the authority in the name of Jesus shortchange themselves in every way, especially in Christian warfare and daily victorious Christian living. May God give you wisdom and revelation concerning this name.” – Toby A. Bol

THE AMAZING POWER OF FAITH (ISBN: 978-1-62871-206-3) is now available for $16.99.
THE AMAZING POWER OF GRACE (ISBN: 978-1-624-19481-8) is now available for $14.99.
AUTHORITY OF THE EXCELLENT NAME OF JESUS (ISBN: 978-1-625-09062-1) is now available for $12.99.
All can be ordered through the publisher’s website: or at www(dot)amazon(dot)com or www(dot)barnesandnoble(dot)com.

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